Peyton Manning has been a popular figure in the NFL for years, and is often seen as one of the league’s best quarterbacks. But when asked about becoming commissioner of the NFL on Wednesday night, he had an interesting response.

Peyton Manning was asked about becoming the NFL commissioner and he gave a coy answer. He said that this was not on his radar. Read more in detail here: nfl commissioners.

Peyton Manning, the all-time great quarterback, had a lot of options when he retired from the NFL. Almost any team would welcome him as a member of their coaching staff or front office, and any network would happily put him in the booth without hesitation. If you’ve seen him in ads or on Saturday Night Live, you know he might make a living as a pitchman when he retires from acting. During the 2021 season, he will be anchoring a first-of-its-kind Monday Night Football broadcast alongside his brother.

Many fans thought of another way Manning might assist the NFL when he delivered his Hall of Fame acceptance speech in August: he could become the commissioner. Manning addressed these rumblings in an interview with Bob Costas, and although he played them down, he never uttered the word “no.”

Many people thought Peyton Manning’s Hall of Fame speech made him seem like a wonderful NFL commissioner.


Manning, predictably, brought the house down during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech. He was humorous, touching, and passionate all at the same time. Manning seemed to be and will continue to be the face of the game for many years to come.

He spoke about not just honoring the past but also ensuring the game’s future. He delivered a passionate conclusion to his address, urging every Hall of Fame player, particularly his 2020/21 classmates, to do their bit for football:

This game isn’t over for me, and it never will be. I’m dedicated to maintaining its long-term viability, and I hope you will join me. As members of this illustrious class, we have a duty to improve our sport, from the neighborhood playground to the most prestigious stadiums… It is not about us when we leave this stage tonight. It’s all about nurturing the game that has given us so much.

During Peyton Manning’s Hall of Fame speech

Manning’s speech was amazing, and it demonstrated how passionate he is about football and the NFL’s role in it. Most people who heard Manning’s speech believe he has a good chance of becoming the NFL’s next commissioner.

Manning didn’t state outright that he doesn’t want to be the NFL’s commissioner someday.

Inductee Peyton Manning speaks during the Pro Football HOF Class of 2021 enshrinement ceremony on August 8, 2021 at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, in Canton, OH. MSA/Icon Sportswire photo of Peyton Manning

Manning appeared on Bob Costas’ HBO program, Back on the Record with Bob Costas, alongside the broadcaster. The presenter began the conversation by questioning the quarterback about his post-football career, asking, “What position do you envision yourself in?”

Peyton began his response by recognizing the commissioner’s excitement and providing a response that ruled it out without ever saying “no.”

A few individuals mistook me for a candidate for the post of commissioner. The was never on my mind while I was putting together that speech. To tell you the truth, I believe Roger Goodell would go another 20 years if the NFL was fortunate. But, since I quit playing, I’ve taken my job as a game ambassador extremely seriously.

Peyton Manning discusses the speculations about the NFL commissioner

Costas pressed Manning for an official response to the commissioner rumors. The two-time Super Bowl champion was quick to react. “I’m not sure where it came from, and it never came up in any of my conversations, but no, that was not on my radar at all.”

Maybe it’s just Manning’s tone, but stating “that was never on my radar” or “that was not on my radar” in the past tense isn’t the same as saying “that was not on my radar” in the present tense.

Roger Goodell’s time as commissioner has been up and down.

@Ian OConnor writes, “It’s time.” It’s past time for Roger Goodell to put Deflategate to rest.

15 October 2015, ESPN (@espn)

According to the Football Foundation, Roger Goodell, the son of a United States Senator, began his career with the NFL as an administrative intern in 1982. Goodell returned to the league office after spending the next season in the front office of the New York Jets and never left. He rose through the ranks to become the NFL’s eighth commissioner in 2006, succeeding Paul Tagliabue. 

His commissionership has been a resounding success on several levels. The New York native steered the game to its current status as the most popular and lucrative sport in the United States.

According to Reuters, the league’s total income in 2019 was $16 billion until the epidemic altered everything financially. Despite the fact that no fans harmed individual clubs’ finances, the league’s income remained stable in 2020, coming in at approximately $9.5 billion under Goodell.

Despite the clubs’ and league’s success, Goodell’s path hasn’t always been easy, particularly when it comes to players. His tendency to suspend immediately and ask questions afterwards has earned him the moniker “Law and Order Commissioner.”

He’s also been reluctant to address contemporary brain-injury concerns and make things right financially for former NFL players. The “Deflategate” incident involving Tom Brady and the New England Patriots was a terrible disaster that went on much too long. The league’s and Goodell’s reputations suffered as a result. 

As long as Goodell keeps the money rolling in for the owners, he might be in charge for another 20 years, according to Manning.

If not, don’t be shocked if Peyton Manning considers the commissioner position in the future. 

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After Dan Patrick questioned Peyton Manning’s $98 million contract, the quarterback didn’t speak to him for four years.

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