Olin Kreutz, the former Chicago Bears All-Pro center and Pro Bowl player, has been fired from his position with Fox Sports after allegedly attacking a co-worker. The incident happened during a live broadcast in 2014 when Kreutz was playing for the New Orleans Saints.

Olin Kreutz was one of the top offensive linemen in the NFL for 14 years.

a unified front Kreutz, a first-team All-American at the University of Washington, was widely regarded as the finest center available in the 1998 NFL Draft, and the Chicago Bears selected him in the third round with the 64th overall choice.

After 13 seasons in Chicago, the Hawaiian native led the Bears to a Super Bowl trip in 2006, the same year he was selected to the First-Team All-Pro team. The previous season, Kreutz was named to the Second Team All-Pro team and appeared in the Pro Bowl six times in a row, a run that ended with the 2006 season.

Kreutz finished his career with the New Orleans Saints in 2011, but was dismissed after just four games due to an altercation with his position coach in which he slammed Drew Brees into a wall.

Well, it seems that Kreutz, who worked in the sports media after retiring as a player a few years ago, has lost another position owing to a disagreement with a coworker.

Olin Kreutz during a Chicago Bears-St. Louis Rams matchup in 2009

Olin Kreutz during a Chicago Bears-St. Louis Rams matchup in 2009 On December 6, 2009, during a game against the St. Louis Rams at Soldier Field, Chicago Bears’ Olin Kreutz complains to a referee | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Kreutz worked for the hugely famous 670 The Score radio station in Chicago for a few years after retiring from the NFL, assisting with Bears’ post-game broadcasts. He went on to work with former colleagues Matt Forte, Alex Brown, and Lance Briggs on NBC Sports Chicago’s Football Aftershow.

Kreutz just acquired a position with CHGO Sports, a fledgling Chicago sports media site, but their partnership has come to an end, according to CHGO.

CHGO did not provide any other information on the event, and Kreutz did not comment on the nature of the incident. However, in the aftermath of his termination, the former All-Pro reacted, albeit he didn’t seem particularly sorry.

In case the tweet is removed and this post is lost, Kreutz included a quotation from Mike Tyson that says, “Social media made y’all far too comfortable with insulting people without being punched in the face for it.”

The quote may be familiar to you. When Tyson violently reacted to a belligerent fan on an aircraft recently, several people, including us, called it up.

Kreutz allegedly gripped the neck of CHGO coworker Adam Hoge in reaction to a “flippant comment,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Hoge did not need medical care and did not file a police complaint, according to reports.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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