The most expensive card in Magic: The Gathering is the $12,000 Ghost Council of Orzhova.
There are a few cards that have gone for more than 10k (The Scarab God) but it’s not easy to find something going for 12 grand! On top of this, there were only 200 copies made and 40 remain in existence today.
Otherwise you can try your luck at the PucaTrade Marketplace or buy some digital currency on Coinbase if you want a shot at being one of these lucky owners.

The “streets of new capenna card list” is a list of the 11 most expensive streets in New Capenna.



The new Magic: The Gathering set Streets of New Capenna has a lot to unpack.

It features a brand-new Cycle of Tri-Color Lands that is both exciting and popular across all platforms. There are also a slew of new commanders, planeswalkers, and artifacts to contend with.

While the majority of them will ultimately lose value, some of the most costly cards will undoubtedly remain at the top of the MtG market. If you want to discover which cards from the Streets of New Capenna collection are actually worth looking at, read our guide for all the pricing and analyses.

Please note that the prices stated relate to the day this article was published, which is April 28, 2022.

Nexus of Revels, Jetmir

  • Regular pricing for art: $5.57
  • The cost of a showcase piece of art is $8.63.

Since it was introduced a month ago, the price of a new Jetmir commander has been progressively falling.

The beginning price was $15, but it has already dropped to only $5. The Naya archetype isn’t extremely popular among competitive MtG players, despite the fact that it seems to be a fun new lord commander to build around.

Nexus of Revels, Jetmir may stumble at the current price for a long time, but don’t expect it to go anywhere near its original asking price.

The Incinerator, Ziatora

  • $6.07 for regular art
  • The cost of a showcase piece of art is $6.41.

The new dragon commander from New Cepenna’s Streets follows Jetmir’s pattern. Ziatora’s original pricing per card was similarly $15, but it now quietly and gradually maintains a $6 price tag.

Some EDH players find it to be a slightly more powerful card than Jetmir. Taking into account the steep 6 mana cost and three colors in the casting cost, it becomes clear that The Incinerator, Ziatora will not be a big hit on the market.

Heretic Praetor Urabrask

  • $7.47 for regular art
  • $17.22 for Phyrexian art

This is the first card that has the potential to gain traction in the MtG community.

Urabrask was given a $40 price tag in the initial market appraisal! People had high hopes for the new Phyrexian Praetor’s abilities. It also plays a role in the Prosper, Tome Bound commander deck, and it’s possible that it’ll have its own Mono Red aggressive archetype.

This card has a possibility to reach a specific market milestone, but only time will tell whether it can maintain that position.

Vivien is on the prowl.

  • Regular price of art: $8.18
  • Price of borderless art: $20.76

The first planeswalker on our list is a contentious one.

It has a fantastic initial ability that enables players to enable their combinations in a variety of forms, but its high mana cost of 6 keeps its pricing low.

The first reactions to Vivien is on the prowl. were lukewarm, and the price went down from $25 to $8 in just a couple of weeks. This trend may continue but in a much slower pace.

Once again, it looks like Vivien is on the prowl. is meant just for commander, as that’s the only format where players can afford to churn out 6 mana for a combo ability.

Elspeth Glorious Elspeth Glorious Elspeth Glorious Els

  • Regular pricing for art: $8.65
  • The cost of a showcase piece of art is $20.51.

In the Streets of New Capenna set, the Angel tribe is one of the most powerful groups. Certainly, the new angel-focused planeswalker has gotten a little more attention than the new Vivien.

For some synergistic play, it might be paired with Giada, Font of Hope, another enormous white card in the set. However, this is hardly a sign of considerable market change.

Elspeth Glorious Elspeth Glorious Elspeth Glorious Els will most likely stay where it’s at right now, as there have already been two major price corrections in the past month.

Fountain of Halo

  • Regular pricing for art: $9.63
  • Price of borderless art: $18.72

Fountain of Halo is definitely a very interesting winning condition card, albeit the the condition itself would be rather difficult to execute.

Players would need to create a vast amount of tokens, attack with them, and then use Fountain of Halo to untap them and win the game. It asks a lot, but there may be some hope for it in specialized token decks.

It is very much possible that Fountain of Halo will jump in price once a bulletproof combo is found in the meta. Let’s hope that Wizards if the Coast don’t ban it right away.

Cycle of Tri-Color Lands

  • Regular art prices range from $8.38 to $9.63.
  • Prices for borderless paintings range from $14.19 to $16.45.

Esper, Bant, Jund, Naya, and Grixis are the five tri-color uncommon lands in Streets of New Capenna.

All five lands are gaining popularity across all competitive formats, and their current price tags are quite constant at this time.

If we’re talking about bullish movement, that may happen over the course of a year and very slowly.

Rare lands, on the other hand, have nearly always been a smart investment, independent of the set in which they were released.

The Collector, Lord Xander

  • $11.10 for a regular piece of art
  • Price of showcase art: $13.99

In Streets of New Capenna, Lord Xander is by far the most intriguing and powerful new leader.

It’s also attracting a lot of interest from both traditional and contemporary MtG players, who can play this card much earlier than turn seven.

At one point, The Collector, Lord Xander was evaluated at $60 per card, which is certainly unreasonable. The current price is much more real and it may even go further down, if players find it difficult to perform well in the EDH format.

Giada’s Gift, Luxior

  • Regular price of art: $18.66
  • Price of the extended art: $29.79

The synergy with Devoted Druid has made Giada’s Gift, Luxior very popular amongst modern and commander crowds. That’s why the price correction has been so smooth on the market.

The White Blue Stoneforge players are also quite interested in this card, since they have a number of planeswalkers that may profit significantly from this little artifact.

There seems to be some room for expansion here, but not a lot. So it’s best to hold off and see whether all of the buzz is warranted.

The Stockpile of Bootleggers

  • Regular price of art: $28.06
  • $32.75 for borderless art

Commander players are overjoyed to get a new toy that allows them to create even more Treasure tokens from their lands.

The Stockpile of Bootleggers is getting a ridiculous amount of hype in EDH community, and it may probably be the safest bet of all the new cards in Streets of New Capenna.

Although the physical market hasn’t seen much growth in price lately, the digital market has been literally exploding in the past few days. Right now The Stockpile of Bootleggers price has grown by 1200% in the last few days on MTGO, from 2 tix to 25 tix.

The Adversary, Ob Nixilis

  • Regular price of art: $35.34
  • Price of showcase art: $38.94

The new Ob Nixilis planeswalker is the only card from Streets of New Capenna that has remained almost unchanged in value since its release.

The Connive ability on the card is very strong, and players in all competitive formats desire to include it in their Rakdos Sacrifice decks.

The price on MTGO has been exploding as well, since the launch of the new set, so it looks like The Adversary, Ob Nixilis is another highly stable choice for investment.

These are the most costly cards in New Capenna’s Streets. Visit our MtG hub page for more Magic: The Gathering material, card lists, and guides.

The date of publication is April 28th, 2022.

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