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The “twisted remains mh rise” is a rare item that can only be obtained by defeating the final boss in Monster Hunter: World. The item is used to craft armor and weapons.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Twisted Remains were utilized to enhance a variety of low-rank weapons. It isn’t the rarest commodity in Rise’s early game, and it’s simple to get on your own in Village missions or as a group in Hub Expeditions.

This tutorial will show you where to locate Twisted Remains and how to harvest them effectively.

In Monster Hunter Rise, how can you get Twisted Remains?

Twisted Remains may only be found in the Shrine Ruins and in Low Rank missions. Visit the Ruins at any time of day to find the six Bonepile collection spots strewn throughout the map.

Locations of Shrine Ruins and Bonepiles


  • The first is immediately as you reach Zone 3 and is just north of the first camp.
  • The second is in Zone 11, at the area’s northeasternmost corner. To reach there, you must go through the mountains.
  • Travel west to the river on the level’s lefthand side. The Bonepile is located in Zone 13’s southern section.
  • The middle Mountain area is home to the last of the Bonepiles.
    • One may be found at the summit of the southwestern mountain.
    • Another may be found on a landing on the island’s northwest edge.
    • The final is tucked away on a little protrusion in the eastern highlands.

Farming Twisted Remains

Start with the first Bonepile indicated above and work your way counter-clockwise around the level to effectively harvest Twisted Remains. The whole circuit should take around five minutes, and by the time you’ve finished, the initial Bonepile should have respawned, allowing you to repeat the process.

They aren’t available from every Bonepile. It’s a semi-rare resource, therefore you’ll probably get a lot of Small Monster Bones.

Expect one or two units of Twisted Remains for every three or four Bonepiles you collect, which means ten or so Twisted Remains will take approximately a half-hour of good farming. Make as many visits to the Low Rank Shrine Ruins as you need to, then spend around ten minutes collecting supplies from all over so you don’t run out.

Check out our Monster Hunter Rise guides site for additional material instructions, including how to obtain Meaty Hides, Lightcrystal, Flame Sac, and more.

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