A new monster hunter game just released on the Switch and PlayStation 4, a lot of people are wondering what to do after getting their first quest. Knowing that you need Erosed Skeleton parts in order to proceed with your quests, it can be easy to overlook this key item. Learn how hunt down an eroded skeleton so you can get back on track quickly!

The “monster hunter rise sharp fang” is a weapon in Monster Hunter: World. It can be found as loot, or crafted with the right materials.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Eroded Skeleton



Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise is used in a handful of weapon recipes, as well as some Low-Rank armors. This crafting item is one of the more elusive bone materials you’ll have to get your hands on for forging and can only be found on Low-Rank quests, so don’t even bother with High-Rank for this one.

It’s easy to almost entirely miss Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise if you’re not going out of your way to pick bonepiles when you can. This MHR guide will tell you everything you need to know about the crafting material, including where to find it.

In Monster Hunter Rise, how can you get an Eroded Skeleton?

Due to the fact that Eroded Skeleton is solely a Low-Rank material, Eroded Skeleton cannot be obtained through High-Rank missions in Monster Hunter Rise.

Eroded Skeleton is only found in the Sandy Plains area. Every bonepile in the Sandy Plains has a chance to grant you an Eroded Skeleton, and there are a total of seven bonepiles for you to pick at on the map.

Check out the Detailed Map after you’ve loaded in to discover where you may locate bonepiles in-game, and look for their symbols to guide you. Bonepiles are exactly what they sound like: a pile of monster bones of varying sizes that are quite simple to see once you’ve arrived in the area. 

It shouldn’t take too many gathering attempts to get your hands on an Eroded Skeleton or however many you need. Bringing a Gatherer Palico may help you gain them faster if you’re feeling particularly unlucky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get eroded skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise?

Where can I get eroded skeleton?

A: You may be able to find eroded skeleton in the maproom at north end of the caves.

Where can I find bone piles in Monster Hunter?

A: There are a total of 6 bone piles in Monster Hunter, the first one being on the entrance to Tempered Elder Dragons cave. They can be found just before getting into his area

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