Mike Vrabel is the new head coach for the Tennessee Titans. Coming to a team that made it all of two years into his previous tenure as an NFL player, he’s already got one share of wins under his belt. That win came in December against the Oakland Raiders-the only victory they’ve had this year so far.

Mike Vrabel is the head coach of the Tennessee Titans, and he has been in charge for three games now. He has seen his team win all three games, but last week he told them to ‘not make this be some super bowl victory in the middle of the season’ as they continue to rack up wins.

Mike Vrabel, the head coach of the Tennessee Titans, isn’t one to mince words or let his players bask in victory. In his 14-year playing career, the hard-nosed former linebacker learned how to inspire winning teams from Bill Cowher, Bill Belichick, and Todd Haley. That’s why he cautions his players against getting too excited after victories, but a victory this week following a significant injury loss would be reason for celebration.

After a sluggish start, the Tennessee Titans have found their stride.

Through eight games, the 2021 Tennessee Titans’ narrative is divided into two discrete four-game phases.

With a 25-point defeat to the Arizona Cardinals, a precariously tight overtime field goal triumph over the Seattle Seahawks, and an inexcusable overtime loss to the – at the time — dismal New York Jets, the Titans were 2-2 through four games.

During that time period, the team recorded seven turnovers and two forced turnovers. Another difficulty was star receiver A.J. Brown, who missed nearly two complete games and only had seven receptions for 92 yards in those two-plus games.

The next four games were a completely different story. On each side of the KC game, the Titans blasted away the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Kansas City Chiefs, then won 34-31 against the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts.

Head coach Mike Vrabel’s team only gave the ball away four times during this timeframe, while taking it away nine times. Brown’s return to health made a major impact, too, with 28 receptions for 417 yards.

Despite the Titans’ recent success, Vrabel is striving to keep the club focused and grounded by giving a frank message after the team’s thrilling victory against the Chiefs and Bills.

Mike Vrabel, the head coach, ensures that his squad remains focused.

Head Coach Mike Vrabel of the Tennessee Titans on the sidelines during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Nissan Stadium on October 24, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Titans defeated the Chiefs 27-3.

Head Coach Mike Vrabel of the Tennessee Titans on the sidelines during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Nissan Stadium on October 24, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Titans defeated the Chiefs 27-3. Wesley Hitt/Getty Images photo of Mike Vrabel.

The Tennessee Titans’ two big victories against opponents from last year’s AFC Championship Game should be reason for celebration in Nashville.

In an NFL Today interview with Mike Vrabel, former head coach Bill Cowher stated that the former linebacker “seemed anything but thrilled” following the unexpected victory. “What was your message to the team,” Cowher said of Vrabel following those games.

I believe we all anticipated to win. We spend the whole week preparing, and my thoughts were already on the Colts. ‘Let’s celebrate it, but let’s concentrate on the Colts and what we have to accomplish,’ the message to the players was. ‘Don’t make this a Super Bowl triumph in the midst of the season.’

Mike Vrable’s post-win address to his squad

While the message is expected to remain the same following another victory over the Colts, Vrabel faces his toughest test yet in Week 9 both on and off the field.

He must not only prepare the club to face one of the finest teams in the NFL, the 7-1 Los Angeles Rams, but he must do it without his best player, Derrick Henry.

Due to Derrick Henry’s injury, Sunday’s already challenging game will be considerably more difficult.

#Titans RB #Titans RB #Titans RB #Titans RB #Tit Derrick Henry’s foot surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and he will be gone for 6-10 weeks. Six is a good speed, but eight is more probable. In any case, Henry is expected to return to Tennessee this season. pic.twitter.com/UzoJqNlcFF

November 1, 2021 — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

Despite the fact that the Tennessee Titans defeated the Indianapolis Colts on the scoreboard in Week 8, the Titans suffered a big loss.

During the game, Derrick Henry sustained a severe foot injury. According to Men’s Health, physicians discovered it was a Jones fracture after an MRI, and the MVP candidate required surgery right away. According to ESPN reporter Dianna Russini’s sources, Henry underwent surgery on Wednesday, and the operation “went well.”

All of this occurs as Mike Vrabel and the Titans prepare to play the Los Angeles Rams, one of the top teams in the NFL.

In addition to Henry’s absence, the club will be missing offseason acquisition Julio Jones, who will miss his fourth game of the season. They will, however, have Adrian Peterson, the newly-signed 2012 NFL MVP.

The 36-year-old running back practiced on Wednesday and is expected to play Sunday, but no one knows how much. Peterson last appeared on an NFL field in Week 17 of 2020, when he had seven carries for 63 yards for the Detroit Lions.

The Titans’ 22nd-ranked scoring defense is placed under further strain by their depleted offense. It also means that Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and Von Miller, the Rams’ newest acquisition, will be licking their tongues.

Despite what Coach Vrabel claims, if the Titans win this game, it will be like winning a mid-season Super Bowl.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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