Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time and a winner of six NBA championships, has revealed why he respects losing. In an interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm, Jordan said that winning is not everything and that “it’s more about how you play.”

Michael Jordan is the ultimate winner but recently revealed why he respects losing. In a recent interview, Jordan said that the greatest players are those who can win and lose. Read more in detail here: michael jordan on hornets.

Michael Jordan was renowned for one thing throughout his Hall of Fame career with the Chicago Bulls: winning. Jordan was victorious, and he was victorious in a big way. He also went to whatever length to win, and he has continued to do so outside of basketball.

In a recent interview, though, the guy generally regarded as the NBA GOAT acknowledged that he respects losing and explained why.

With the Bulls, Michael Jordan was the NBA’s ultimate winner.

NBA and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan watching the 2014 US Open.

NBA and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan watching the 2014 US Open. On August 26, 2014, Michael Jordan watches Roger Federer play against Marinko Matosevic at the 2014 US Open. | Getty Images/Elsa

When people think about Michael Jordan’s time with the Bulls, the team’s success comes to mind almost instantly.

Jordan made his first NBA Finals appearance with Chicago in 1991, after rapidly becoming the league’s top scorer. After defeating Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers in five games, he led the Bulls to their first-ever title and was named Finals MVP.

The Bulls went on to win three straight championships during the 1990-91 and 1992-93 seasons, making it one of the most remarkable streaks in sports history. Jordan subsequently took a year off from basketball to pursue a career in baseball, but returned to win three more championships with Chicago during the 1995-96 and 1997-98 seasons.

The Bulls won six titles in eight seasons, and Jordan won six Finals MVP awards. In addition, MJ ended his Hall of Fame career with an undefeated 6-0 Finals record, never having to participate in a Game 7 of a series.

As a basketball player — and even as a person in general — the greatest word to define Jordan is “winner.” However, the guy, who previously won a national title in college at the University of North Carolina, recently explained why he admires defeat.

MJ said that he understands the pain of losing.

Michael Jordan, an ardent golfer and lover of the sport, got down with Stephen Curry, another hoops great who enjoys hitting the links, to commemorate the Ryder Cup, which the United States won handily over Europe 19-9.

Curry brought up the age-old argument between hating to lose and liking to win more during their discussion, and the Golden State Warriors star stated, “Losing is the worst emotion in life.”

Of course, MJ acknowledges that he, too, despises losing. He did, however, explain why he admires it.

“I despise losing; it’s not even a question,” Jordan added, “but I [have to] accept losing because it’s a part of winning.” “You never win by accident. To win, you have to lose.”

It may come as a surprise to hear a guy renowned for his winning ways declare that he appreciates losing, but when you consider his career path and how he became the NBA icon he is today, it makes perfect sense.

To win an NBA championship with the Bulls, Michael Jordan had to lose.

We may talk about the myth of Jordan being cut from his high school team when we look back at how he had to lose to become a winner. According to Bleacher Report, he was instead assigned to the Junior Varsity team. So let’s focus on his NBA career.

It wasn’t easy for Michael Jordan to reach the NBA Finals. It took him and the Bulls until his sixth season in the league to reach the playoffs. Instead, they lost, and then lost some more, particularly against the Detroit Pistons.

Each of Jordan’s first three seasons in Chicago, the Bulls were eliminated in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. However, in 1988, the club advanced to the Eastern Conference semifinals, when they faced the Detroit Pistons for the first time in the playoffs. In each of the following two years, the Bulls lost in the conference finals to Detroit after losing the series in five games. During those three seasons, the Pistons went to the NBA Finals three times in a row and won two championships.

After all of that defeat, Jordan and the Bulls eventually defeated their archrival in 1991, sweeping the Pistons to reach their first NBA Finals, where they won their first of six titles, as previously stated.

So, although Jordan is the ultimate winner, he had to lose in order to become the great player he was, which is why he still appreciates losing. 

MJ is an all-time great winner, yet he started off as a loser.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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Michael Jordan is the Ultimate Winner but Recently Revealed Why He Respects Losing. Michael Jordan has made it to the top of his game and has won multiple championships. However, he recently revealed why he respects losing. Reference: where was michael jordan born.

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