Magic Johnson, one of the most successful basketball players in history, is teaming up with director/producer/sports journalist Kenny Smith to make a doc series about the making of his MJ: Undisputed documentary. The series will follow Johnson and Smith’s journey to a national television network to pitch their idea, which details MJ’s life and career. The doc will premiere on Showtime in the fall of 2018.

Magic Johnson has a big plan: he wants to make a documentary series about Michael Jordan and his life as a basketball player. The planned title of the documentary series is “Michael Jordan’s Last Dance” and it will be broadcast on ESPN.

According to, Magic Johnson is developing a new docu-series about his life as a basketball player. Named “Shaq Takes All” after Shaq’s most famous nickname, the series will examine the Los Angeles Lakers legend’s childhood, how he became a basketball player and his relationship with Jerry Buss, who owned the Lakers at the time. The Johnson-produced series will also focus on Magic’s early years as an entrepreneur, even detailing how he became the first African American billionaire in the world. In addition, Johnson will include the birth of his first two children, as well as details about his complicated relationships with his ex-wife, Cookie, and his son, EJ.. Read more about michael jordan and magic johnson and let us know what you think.

Other streaming services are vying for a piece of the pie after the Emmy-winning 2020 ESPN documentary series The Last Dance, which follows Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls. According to reports, a comparable series starring Hall of Famer Magic Johnson is in high demand.

Johnson’s background is well-known. However, since it has never been seen in one location before, the NBA star-turned-business mogul’s story is sure to find an audience.  

According to Deadline, The Last Dance, which aired during the epidemic, became ESPN’s most-watched documentary series ever. The lack of live sports programming undoubtedly helped to raise those record numbers. Other famous stars, on the other hand, have fascinating tales to share.

Magic Johnson shot to stardom like a rocket, but he stayed in the sky for almost a decade.

Magic Johnson first made a name for himself as a 6-foot-9 point guard who led Michigan State to the 1979 NCAA title. At the point guard position, his stature was unrivaled. Aside from that, Larry Bird’s championship game versus an undefeated Indiana State squad is still the highest-rated collegiate basketball game in television history.

The rivalry between the Magic and the Birds ultimately resulted to three NBA Finals meetings between the two clubs. Bird and the Boston Celtics were champions in 1984, while Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers were champions in 1985 and 1987.

In the 1991–92 season, Magic was still in his peak. The previous season, Johnson had led the Lakers back to the NBA Finals, where they were defeated by Michael Jordan’s Bulls. The three-time NBA MVP has been named to the All-NBA First Team nine times in a row. Johnson also holds the record for most assists in the NBA, passing Oscar Robertson in April 1991.

It was over in an instant. Johnson shocked the world (not just the sports world) when he announced on Nov. 7, 1991, that he had acquired HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. He walked away right away.

Following that, he made a sensational comeback for the 1992 All-Star Game, winning MVP honors after shaking off months of rust. At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Johnson was a member of the legendary Dream Team. According to The Los Angeles Times, a comeback for the 1992-93 season was canceled when players voiced concerns, including Dream Team member Karl Malone.

Magic returned to the court at the conclusion of the 1995–96 season. After that, he had a brief spell as the Lakers’ coach to end the 1993–94 season.

Magic Johnson’s story is being pursued by Peacock.

A documentary series about Magic Johnson is being shopped around Hollywood. It is in the same vein as Michael Jordan's

A documentary series about Magic Johnson is being shopped around Hollywood. It is in the same vein as Michael Jordan's On Feb. 8, 1997, Magic Johnson (L) and Michael Jordan (R), two of the NBA’s 50 best players, pose for a group photo behind a former Boston Celtics player at the Gund Arena in Cleveland. | AFP/JEFF HAYNES/Getty Images

A documentary series from Submarine Entertainment is on the market, according to Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw. The Magic Johnson project, dubbed Magic’s version of Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance, has generated a lot of buzz.

According to reports, Peacock, Comcast’s streaming service that debuted in July 2020, offered $25 million for the rights to Johnson’s documentary. Peacock offers a wide range of sports programs. Peacock also broadcasts soccer’s English Premier League and IndyCar racing, in addition to the current Tokyo Olympics. Peacock will also play in the 2021 NFL season, which will culminate in Super Bowl LVI.

Johnson’s journey as a basketball player is fascinating in and of itself. It’s even more intriguing when you consider the health setback he’s had for over 30 years. When you combine his $600 million financial worth with the corporate empire he’s created, you’ve got a trifecta of attention-getting stuff.

Michael Jordan’s enchantment in “The Last Dance”

Michael Jordan has become a household name in both athletics and pop culture. The audience still craves more tales about His Airness almost two decades after his final NBA game. Jordan’s Bulls became the first team in 27 years to win three consecutive titles in 1993. They achieved a second three-peat in 1998.

Jordan’s time with the Bulls came to an end that season. The 1998–99 season was postponed due to a labor dispute, and Chicago management chose to disband the band. Jordan stepped down once again (he left the NBA for 18 months in 1993-95).

Jordan’s last season was captured by NBA Entertainment. Jordan was given ultimate say over the use of the video by the league. As a result, The Last Dance was conceived.

The epidemic gave ESPN with a chance to reach out to a sports-hungry audience that was cooped up indoors. It was the ideal storm for the show: an icon, a gripping narrative about the end of a dynasty, and a lockdown.

The Last Dance was a huge hit for Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson is about to travel where only one other guy has gone before him.

Magic Johnson’s HIV diagnosis almost inspired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to return to the NBA: ‘Basketball Is What I Do Best’

Magic Johnson may have one of the most recognizable faces in sports today, but he’s got a lot left to learn about the entertainment business. After he was accused of “stealing” Michael Jordan’s life story to star in his own film, Johnson decided to write a series of books that would “tell the truth about his life.” The first book, Magic: The Autobiography, was released in September of 2008 and sold more than 10,000 copies. Now, the retired basketball great is attempting to raise upwards of $25 million by selling TV and film rights to the story.. Read more about magic johnson height and let us know what you think.

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