The Pittsburgh Steelers are in need of a new General Manager to lead their team as it enters the post-Roethlisberger era. One candidate with experience and talent is Louis Riddick, an experienced NFL public relations executive who could help revitalize what has been a lackluster franchise over the past couple years.

The “louis riddick gm raiders” is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan who has the experience and the smarts to lead the team.

Louis Riddick Has the Smarts and Experience to Lead the Pittsburgh Steelers as Their Potential New GM

The ordinary football fan may recognize Louis Riddick as an ESPN analyst and one of the voices on Monday Night Football, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are interested in him for his front office expertise rather than his broadcasting skills.

The Steelers are due to interview Riddick for the position of general manager, and he’d be an excellent option.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be a horrible thing if you just knew Riddick from his time on Monday Night Football.

Since the days of Al Michael and John Madden, the MNF broadcasting product has been sorely deficient. Even the days of Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden would be nicer than the drab fare ESPN has been dishing up recently. Steve Levy, the current play-by-play announcer, was fantastic on Sportscenter back in the day, but he’s nothing remarkable on MNF. Brian Griese does have some playing experience as a former NFL quarterback, but he’s a boring guy.

At the very least, we’re not dealing with Jason Witten and Booger McFarland, but if it weren’t for Riddick, fans would be calling for the “Boogermobile” to return.

Riddick is intelligent and eloquent, and he obviously understands both the game and the players involved. Tony Romo gets all the attention when it comes to football analysis, but Riddick is just as excellent, if not better.

Riddick has a lot of real-world NFL experience.

Louis Riddick is currently a Monday Night Football commenter

Louis Riddick is currently a Monday Night Football commenter Louis Riddick of ESPN Monday Night Football Studio Analysts during an NFL regular season football game. Could Riddick be the Steelers’ next general manager? | Getty Images/Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire

Riddick’s ability to seem as sophisticated as he does on Monday Night Football is due to his extensive experience in the NFL. He isn’t your typical broadcaster, and he isn’t your typical player-turned-commentator.

From 1992 to 1998, he was a member of the league for six years. He was picked in the ninth round of the 1991 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers, but his first professional experience came with the Atlanta Falcons. He played three seasons with the Cleveland Browns, one season with the Atlanta Falcons, and one season with the Oakland Raiders before retiring following the 1998 season.

Rather of selling used cars or insurance, Riddick worked his way up to the NFL’s front office, beginning his career as a pro scout for the Washington Redskins in 2001. He worked as a scout for a few seasons before being elevated to Director of Pro Personnel in 2007.

Riddick subsequently departed Washington and seemed to take a step back in the organization ladder, but he was now with the Philadelphia Eagles, a much better managed team.

Riddick steadily worked his way through the ranks of another company, from pro scout to Assistant Director of Pro Personnel to Director of Pro Personnel. He worked with the Eagles for three seasons as the Director of Pro Personnel before making a big career transition and joining ESPN as an NFL front office insider in 2013.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be a wonderful match for Riddick.

Louis Riddick, Monday Night Football

Louis Riddick, Monday Night Football Prior to the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, ESPN Monday Night Football broadcaster Louis Riddick looks on. Could Riddick be the Steelers’ next general manager? | Getty Images/Mitchell Leff

For the Steelers, it’s a fresh day. Sure, Mike Tomlin remains the head coach, and the Rooneys are regarded as some of the greatest owners in professional sports. On the other side of the ball, the Steelers will have standout running back Najee Harris entering his second season following a breakout rookie season, and they’ll have T.J. Watt, the probable defensive player of the year with 22.5 sacks.

The biggest change in Pittsburgh will be the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger, who will leave the team after 18 seasons and two Super Bowl victories. The Steelers will also be without general manager Kevin Colbert, who will step down after the NFL Draft in 2022. 

Colbert’s departure is a significant upheaval for the Steelers. He’s been in charge since 2000, and he’s been responsible for the organization’s whole success throughout that time. He’s been an integral part of the Roethlisberger-Tomlin-Colbert trio that has maintained the Steelers among the league’s best for the last two decades.

While replacing Colbert will be difficult, Riddick seems to be the ideal choice.

The Steelers are apparently questioning him for a reason. He definitely knows his way around the game, and he’ll be able to use both his playing and scouting knowledge to assist the Steelers make judgments. He’s also a local child, and that kind of ties to the community can’t be overstated.

Riddick grew up in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, attended high school there, and then proceeded to the University of Pittsburgh to play basketball. Heinz Field is around five miles away from campus.

The Steelers have an opportunity to bring Riddick back to Pittsburgh, and it’s not only for the sake of nostalgia. He has the necessary experience to take over the organization’s reins and lead it into the future.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provides contract information.

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Louis Riddick is a former NFL player who has the smarts and experience to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers as their potential new GM. Riddick played for the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Minnesota Vikings during his career. Reference: louis riddick vikings gm.

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