Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are both in the NFL hot seat. Who will be the next great one?

The “patrick mahomes rookie year” is the upcoming season in which Patrick Mahomes will be playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has been compared to 2 future Hall of Famers, Randy Moss and Tom Brady.

Legendary WR Randy Moss Just Compared Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen to 2 Future Hall of Famers

The Divisional Round showdown between Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, which kicks off at 6:30 ET, is one of the most anticipated NFL games of the weekend. Mahomes and Allen are two of the league’s greatest quarterbacks, and the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills have two of the league’s finest rosters.

Many believe that the victor of the Chiefs-Bill game will advance to the AFC Championship Game. The Cincinnati Bengals, led by Joe Burrow, are no pushovers. The Chiefs and Bills, on the other hand, are on a different level on paper.

The battle between Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen is heating up.

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes | Icon Sportswire/Scott Winters

The parallels between Mahomes and Allen have been unmistakable since the two quarterbacks took over their respective organizations in 2018. They both have rocket arms and above-average mobility, making them ideal modern-day quarterbacks.

The NFL’s front offices are continually looking for the “next” Mahomes or Allen. It’s a genuine testimonial to each player’s exceptional ability.

So far, Mahomes has emerged as the undisputed leader in this burgeoning contest. In 2019, he made it to two Super Bowls and won one. Allen has never progressed beyond the Championship Round.

The AFC Championship Game last year, in especially, was a watershed event for Mahomes. While leading the Chiefs to a 38-24 victory over the Bills, he racked up 325 passing yards and three passing touchdowns. Allen only threw for 287 yards and threw an expensive interception.

Randy Moss, the legendary wide receiver, believes Mahomes-Allen is the next Brady-Manning.

As Mahomes and Allen continue to face off in the playoffs, more and more people are seeing parallels between this rivalry and a classic AFC quarterback duel from the past: Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning.

Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former teammate of Brady) Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former teammate of Brady) Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former teammate of Brady) Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former teammate of Brady) Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former teammate of Brady) Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former teammate of Brady) Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former teammate of Brady) Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former teammate of Brady) Hall of Fame wide receiver (and former team

Moss stated, “When you sit up here talking about the anticipation [around] a game.” “Could this be, really, and I’m not joking, the next Brady-Manning for the next ten years?” Is this the kind of matchup you’re looking for?”

It’s worth mentioning that throughout the program, none of Moss’ ESPN colleagues disagreed with him. Everyone seems to concur that Mahomes and Allen are headed in that direction.

In this situation, who will play Brady?

Interesting: @RandyMoss said on ESPN’s Postseason NFL Countdown that Josh Allen-Patrick Mahomes could be this generation’s Peyton Manning-Tom Brady.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 22, 2022

On multiple times, Manning got his licks in on Brady. The fact, though, is that it has always been a more one-sided competition. While playing in the AFC, Brady won six Super Bowl rings. Manning only had two catches.

Mahomes looks to be on a more Brady-like path at this stage, while Allen is falling behind. A victory in Kansas City this weekend would go a long way toward making the rivalry more similar.

In any case, if both players remain in the AFC for the next decade, this has the makings of an all-time great rivalry.

Joe Burrow, who is aiming to establish himself as the finest young quarterback in the AFC, is the only one who may destabilize this dynamic.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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