After watching Colin Kaepernick perform in a preseason game with the Seahawks, Warren Moon had mixed feelings about whether his comeback will succeed.
Kaepernick showed flashes of what Moon calls “old-school” skills that he is not sure make it worth putting on a team. The former NFL player says Kaepernick’s last chance to impress comes against Houston and if things don’t work out then the quarterback may be forced into retirement again..

Warren Moon is a former quarterback for the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks. He is now an analyst for ESPN. Recently he told Colin Kaepernick that his comeback chances are slim. Read more in detail here: warren moon.

Legendary QB Warren Moon Is Skeptical of Colin Kaepernick’s Comeback Chances

Highlights of the article:

  • Warren Moon, a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, does not think Kaepernick will be signed by an NFL club.
  • Moon told TMZ Sports that he believes the owners have already decided on the former San Francisco 49ers star, who last played for the team in January 2017.
  • Despite Kaepernick’s unwavering desire to return to the NFL, the fact is that the odds have been stacked against him for years.

The quarterback carousel in the NFL offseason of 2022 has been a whirlwind of activity. Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has joined the Denver Broncos, the Cleveland Browns sacrificed the farm (and maybe their souls) for Houston Texans star Deshaun Watson, and Tom Brady returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a 40-day retirement.

At least for a subset of football fans, the omission of Colin Kaepernick’s name still hurts.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t played for a club since January 1, 2017, Kaepernick and his supporters have remained optimistic that one of the league’s 32 teams would give him another chance. Although Warren Moon, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is among the group, the Houston Oilers star recently highlighted a truth that Kaepernick, who turns 35 in November, will have to embrace at some point.

Warren Moon does not think Colin Kaepernick will be signed by an NFL club.

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To be clear, Moon believes Kaepernick has a chance to return. He also recommended to TMZ Sports on Friday, March 18, that the Seahawks bring him in after Wilson was traded to Denver.

The issue, according to Moon, is with the proprietors. Despite pressure from a few members of the media over the previous five years, no owner has buckled and signed Kaepernick, even as a camp arm. 

“Those owners have a really tight-knit unit, and once they make up their minds not to do anything, it doesn’t happen,” Moon said.

That’s why, according to Moon, he’s still pessimistic about Kaepernick’s prospects of making a recovery. Even if the veteran quarterback still has the necessary talents to thrive in the NFL, there is no reason to expect he will be given a chance by an owner or team.

Moon, alluding to Kaepernick’s background of activism and social justice, said, “I simply don’t believe the NFL wants that issue back into the league.”

For years, the odds have been stacked against Kaepernick, and there’s no reason to assume that will change anytime soon.

Former NFL quarterbacks Warren Moon (L) and Colin Kaepernick.

Former NFL quarterbacks Warren Moon (L) and Colin Kaepernick. Warren Moon (L) of the Pro Football Hall of Fame believes Colin Kaepernick will not be signed by a club | Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Leigh Steinberg; Kevin Winter/WireImage

Since Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers in the spring of 2017, supporters have flocked to social media to demand that the club sign him. When the 2012 NFC champion remains unsigned, media members have publicly questioned why weaker quarterbacks or inexperienced rookie signal-callers are used on Sundays.

The owners, as Moon said, are the truth.

Kaepernick may have dominated in Canada, the Alliance of American Football, or the Fan Controlled Football League, among other places. It wouldn’t have made a difference. Even if he registers with the new-look USFL this week and emerges as the league’s greatest quarterback when games begin in April, his NFL career will remain unaffected.

Years ago, the league’s owners concluded that Kaepernick was too risky to handle. During the 2016 season, his choice to kneel during the national anthem was weaponized by movements and political parties. When he lauded Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro, he basically destroyed his prospects of ever playing for the Miami Dolphins. This is the same quarterback that dressed police cops as pigs on his socks.

If a club intended to sign Kaepernick, they would have already done so. The fact that no team signed Kaepernick in the summer of 2020, despite NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell publicly apologizing to the veteran quarterback, should have revealed the reality that the vast majority of football fans have accepted: Kaepernick will never play in the NFL again because the owners refuse to approve such a signing.

Nonetheless, a group of football fans and journalists refuses to give up hope. A club may be criticized for hiring Colin Kaepernick to play quarterback if he was Colin Smith and hadn’t played professional football in over five years. Why, however, is there such a reluctance among those in the football world to accept that Kaepernick’s NFL days are very definitely over?

To his credit, Kaepernick has maintained to state that he is ready to play.

Kaepernick, to his credit, hasn’t given up hope of returning to the NFL. He recently worked out with a number of athletes, including Seahawks standout receiver Tyler Lockett, and shared the results on social media and YouTube.

But how far will he be able to go with those videos? In Week 18 of the 2021 season, Ourlads identified 97 quarterbacks who were on 53-man rosters. Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns and Daniel Jones of the New York Giants were among the 97 quarterbacks who were not on injured reserve.

Those 97 quarterbacks did not include Kaepernick.

In 2017, if a club wanted to sign Kaepernick, they would have done so regardless of the backlash. The same may be said for the years 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. What makes you think things will be different in 2022 or 2023?

Moon articulated the reality that Kaepernick’s most ardent supporters must embrace, and do so as quickly as possible. No franchise will sign him, even if he is capable of playing and deserves the chance. Ever.

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