Right now, there’s a lot of debate about the Legend of Mana Skills and how to unlock them, so this guide is designed to help you unlock them as quickly as possible.

Like most games, Legend of Mana has a secret you can discover if you take the time to learn it. In this guide, I will teach you what you need to know to unlock the achievement Welcome to the Jungle.

Today marks the launch of the newest game in Square Enix’s long-running Mana series, and it’s a much different experience than the previous two titles. The game is very story-driven, with huge and complex dungeons that require much more than simple combat to conquer. To help you get through the game, we have put together a complete unlock guide for all the different techniques in the game, allowing you to discover new ways to use each one.

Since Legend of Mana has a relatively simple combat system, you’ll want to learn special techniques as quickly as possible to keep the game interesting during your journey.

In Legend of Manaskills are learned with matching weapons, as well as the skills needed to unlock the skills. This may seem confusing, but the system is deceptively simple in its implementation. Once you know how it works and you do it right, you’re ready to go.

If you’re not sure how to unlock all the skills, first read our guide on unlocking skills in Legend of Mana .

How to unlock technologies in Legend of Mana

In the game Legend of Mana, you can try out 11 weapons, which are complemented by 26 different skills. You can see what they are in your Skills menu.

Each type of weapon has a list of special techniques it can learn, some as many as 20 techniques. However, you can only have four outfits at a time.

To master a technique, you must first learn the skills needed to perform it. After that, you should have equipped the necessary skills for the fight, and the same goes for the weapons.

For every skill and weapon type, there are hidden stats that accumulate as you win battles. If these stats reach a certain threshold, you learn a special technique after the fight.

Note that neither weapons nor skills should be equipped at the same time to learn techniques.

An example of this approach in action:

  1. You can use Leap with a knife equipped to learn Soaring Eagle, as Leap and Knife stats increase as you win battles. Your jump speed increases regardless of your weapon, and your blade speed increases regardless of your skill.
  2.  If you want, you can switch to a sword and win the fight to learn how to cut bamboo without jumping equipped. Indeed, your jump value has already been increased and you have now reached the necessary latency value for swords.

This also applies to higher level technology.

So let’s see what techniques you can learn for each type of weapon and what skills you need to use to unlock them.

The Legend of ManaKnife Techniques

Technology Rec. Skills
Soaring Eagle Continue to
Note Lunge
Steam vane salto
Sound wave Rear axle
Whirlwind of Death salto
Eclipse Backflip.
Dragon ascent High Jump
Half moon Moon flip
Backhoe jacuzzi, lock
 Rear bar Sliding, double jump
Cobra Catch The pushing, the pulling back.
Handpuppet Pension, aid
Ninja Drop grab, push.
Leaping cat Turn around, roll back.
Dance of the Roses Dodge, defensive lunges, high jump
Glass mirror Attack, punch, whirlwind.
Harvest Mist lunge, back roll, back flip
Dark Assassin Turn, squat, dodge
Air Reaver High Jump, Squat, Flip Kick, Rotation
Phoenix Dodge, pep rally, double jump, defensive jump.

Legend of Mana Sword Techniques

Technology Rec. Skills
Maelstrom Spider
Bamboo cutting Continue to
Iai Strike Lunge
Triple Tiger salto
Rising Sun Crouch
Felled pine High Jump
Corkscrew Backflip.
Birds of prey Moon flip
Leaf ejector Rear axle
Sweep Pull back, slide.
Ricochet lunging, high jump
The Dragon’s Tail Backflip, grab.
Tiger claw Backward roll, somersault.
Movement for Truth Fisting, Tackle, Moonbounce
Orbital knife Rotation, defensive lunge
The Invisible Death Lungering, retreating, attacking
Dynamite X Encourage, jump, squat.
Splitting knife The push, the swirl, the spin.
Terminal speed back flip, twirl, lunge, twist
Golden Dragon Squat, throw, dodge, high jump

Axe Technique Legend of Mana

Technology Rec. Skills
Deep cutting Lunge
Tornado Spider
Bijlbom Continue to
Birds of prey Moon flip
Retribution Rear axle
Electronic yo-yo salto
Upstream salmon Backflip.
Felled pine High Jump
Rising Sun Crouch
Black Wings Hit it, throw it.
Bomber Axis Impact, escape.
Ricochet lunging, high jump
Orbital knife Rotation, defensive lunge
Boulder Backflip, grab, grab.
True Strike Swirl, flip, moon flip
Temporary flashing Push, turn, dodge
Dynamite X Encourage, jump, squat.
Karma Cheer, Dodge, Counterpunch, High jump

Legend of ManaTwo-Handed Sword Technique

Technology Rec. Skills
Spiral shaft salto
Shish kebab Rear axle
Pulse High Jump
Longbow Lunge
Upward nudge Crouch
Shielding switch Continue to
Windwalker Moon flip
Windslasher Spider
Marble stream Stick, dodge.
Bloodrain Throw, double jump.
Splashblade Backflip, backflip.
Skull separator Jump, turn.
Bring It On mockery, withdrawal
Quake Maker Squat, Cheer, Munsalt
Triple Attack The somersault, the dodge, the jump.
Low swing Crouch down, counterattack, defense, counterattack.
Nice triplet Jump, catch, bounce.
Pain in anger Jumping, faking, dodging, back-kicking.

Legend of Mana 2 Hand Axe Techniques

Technology Rec. Skills
Rolling salto
Side window wiper Lunge
Rising claw Continue to
Spotted axe Backflip.
Spiral shaft salto
Pulse High Jump
Flying saws Spider
Upward nudge Crouch
Snowfall Turn, throw.
Divine Right Push, roll backwards
Spider-buzzard Back flip, flip kick.
Splashblade Backflip, backflip.
Rising Tide Defensive lunge
 SpikeStrike Glide, swirl, moonflip.
Forest Angel Turning, backing, tackling, high jump
Buzzsaw of Doom Jump, somersault, double jump
Tingly Rampage Grasping, turning, retreating, jumping up

Hammer Technique Legend of Mana

Technology Rec. Skills
Blammo Spider
Big Bang Continue to
Super Slugger Lunge
Mole hunting salto
Windwalker Moon flip
Upward nudge Crouch
Retribution Rear axle
Ground Zero High Jump
Double Strike somersault, moon somersault.
Blazing Hammer The tackle, the retreat.
Thor’s Hammer High Jump, Throw
Skull separator Jump, turn.
Rising Tide Defensive lunge, dodge
Ultra Slugger lunge, pull back, throw
Volcano Jumping, cheering, squatting
Answer Turn, somersault, double jump
Pearl Gate Throw, turn, run

Spear Techniques Legend of Mana

Technology Rec. Skills
Mighty Javelin Continue to
Throw Lunge
Twister Spider
Dragon bite salto
Foggy saucer Moon flip
Rage Copter High Jump
Rewind Roll back, do the moonwalk.
Throw Reach, squat
Cyclone racer Slot, rotation
Fools game Dodge, throw
Holy Light High jump, somersault
Triple benefit Rotation, Squat, Lunge
Chrome spray Backward roll, defensive step, grip.
Lethal marker Catch, hit, slide.
and this is Squat, Spin, Double Jump, Moon Jump
Fury Dodge, grab, split
Blue Dragon Retreat, Evasion, Rotation, Defense Sling

Staff techniques from the Legend of Mana

Technology Rec. Skills
Gust Lunge
Black paint Continue to
Golden Bridge Crouch
Aftershock Spider
Blaze Moon flip
Bubbles High Jump
Halo Dodge
Golden Flower Pension, escape
Purgatory Cheer, tackle.
Fire and Ice Backflip, forward flip.
Autumn gate Turn around, moonwalk.
Spiritual song Dodge, dodge, dodge

Techniques of the Glove of Mana Legend

Technology Rec. Skills
Vortex damper Spider
Rolling Slam salto
Bloody knuckles Lunge
Lightning strike Continue to
Jawbreaker Crouch
Flip-trast Rear axle
Pounding Moon Moon flip
Giant swing Rotation, handle
Tiger pilot 91 Reach, squat.
Mental barrier Counterattack, counterattack
Northern Lights Jump, catch.
Cough drops Kicking, tackling, high jump
Sparkling legs Dodge, Jump, Throw
Thunderbolt Backward roll, backward somersault, backward kick.
FistoftheNorseStar Dodge, split, grab
Power combination Lunges, strikes, retreats, tackles
Gravity drop Throwing, squatting, reaching, high jump
Earthquake squat, back roll, backflip, moon bounce

Legend of Mana Strike

Technology Rec. Skills
Adjusting the sun Continue to
Dragon teeth Lunge
Chinsplitter Crouch
Drunk Monkey salto
Phoenix Wings Spider
Twilight High Jump
Psyclone Moon flip
Backhoe Slit, swirl.
Tiger entrance Dia, retirement.
Avalanche Backflip, squat.
Double dragon Dodge, moonwalking.
Handpuppet Serenity, retirement.
Demon Roar Jump, high jump, backward kick
Extreme conditions Dodge, Catch, Double Jump
challenger capture, mockery, counterattack
Glass mirror A punch, a taunt, a whirlwind
Malice Jump, squat, dodge, high jump.
White Tiger Dodge, Turn, Grab, Defensive Sting

Legend of Mana Bowing techniques

Technology Rec. Skills
Screw Lunge
Advanced artillery Continue to
Spinshot Spider
Three strikes High Jump
Needle shower Rear axle
Trickshot Moon flip
Hypershot Go to
Rewind Bash
Amendment Pension
Tramp Back flip, flip kick.
Rain of Death Turn, jump from a height
Flying swallows grab, double jump
Bombardier Carpet Dodge, jump from a height
Master Shot Spinning, twirling, backflip
Wildshot roll back, double jump, grab
Main gun Lungering, dodging, retreating, counterattacking

The system of special techniques is probably one of the least confusing parts of Legend of Mana. Don’t worry about memorizing all the skills you need right away. Focus on finding the skills first, and keep a few key skills in mind that you will use regularly for a while. Enjoy the game and look for more Legend of Mana guides here on GameSkinny.Playing any Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) will require you to go into “battle mode” in order to level up characters, and the more you do it, the more powerful you will become. In Legend of Mana, one of the most challenging aspects of the game involves the use of the “Technique” system. While you can do this at any time, the game is designed so that certain techniques only become available for use at certain times. This is what this article is all about—listing every technique in Legend of Mana, when and how to use them, along with screenshots of the relevant screens in-game.. Read more about legend of mana missables and let us know what you think.

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