LeBron James was asked about the possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers signing Chris Paul as a free agent this summer. The NBA MVP’s response was so profound that it left everyone asking, what did he say?

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Sage Steele, LeBron James was asked about Chris Paul potentially joining the Los Angeles Lakers. His response was short and to the point: “No comment.”

LeBron James and Chris Paul have been rumored to be a couple since 2014 when the Lakers and Clippers had a big trade that sent Blake Griffin to LA, and Paul to Cleveland. 2017 is the year that the rumors officially came to life and there was even talk that CP3 would join the Lakers lineup in the summer. But it looks like the CP3 rumors aren’t going away anytime soon, with Chris Paul saying that he’ll be in Los Angeles with his “teammates” if he’s traded but also saying that he hasn’t yet made a decision.. Read more about who does chris paul play for and let us know what you think.

Although injuries played a major role in the early elimination of LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers from the 2021 NBA Playoffs, they are looking to improve their team ahead of the 2021-22 season. One type of player the Lakers would like to see is a point guard who can allow James to play more with the ball next season.

So who is best placed to play this role? Many of course think of Chris Paul, James’ longtime friend and Banana Boat teammate, who is currently playing in the NBA Finals with the Phoenix Suns. Paul’s future after this series is also uncertain, as he has an option for next season.

With Paul’s future looking bleak, James was recently asked about the possibility of playing for the Lakers with CP3, and he ended up giving a one-word answer.

LeBron James cheers on Chris Paul during the NBA Finals


Paul has been playing in the NBA since 2005 and had never made the Finals until this year. He and the Suns are just two wins away from a championship, which of course will be the first in Paul’s Hall of Fame career.

James and Paul have been friends for years, and King recently told Jimmy Kimmel Live that he’s backing the Suns against the Milwaukee Bucks in the Finals.

I have a racehorse and his name is Chris Paul, James said in episode 13. July.

James continued: He’s my brother. We’ve known each other since high school. … In fact, we first met when we were in 8th grade. The classes were. We played in the same AAU national basketball tournament in Orlando, Florida, and then officially met as juniors.

James and Paul were part of the school’s 2003 national recruiting class: James was number one and Paul was number six. But James went straight from school to the NBA, while Paul played two seasons at Wake Forest.

Paul and the Suns are 2-2 with the Bucks after four games in the 2021 NBA Finals, and he’s averaging 21.0 points and 8.3 assists per game.

LeBron James gave a one-word answer to a question about Chris Paul’s possible move to the Lakers


According to Bleacher Report, Mark Steyn recently reported that the Lakers want to add a point guard this season so that LeBron James and Anthony Davis can play more at the four and five positions next year. So who better to fill this position than Paul, one of the greatest facilitators the game has ever known?

During James’ appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show live! Host Arsenio Hall explained how Paul almost became a player for the Lakers in 2011, long before James left for Los Angeles. However, the league owned the New Orleans Hornets – Paul’s team at the time – and then-NBA commissioner David Stern vetoed a deal that would have sent Paul to the Lakers to play with Kobe Bryant.

Speaking of the failed Paul Lakers deal, Hall asked James a question.

Could it still be done, and would you still want it? Hall asked, referring to the fact that Paul could play for the Lakers.

James just smiled back and Hall said that King probably didn’t want to answer because it would be considered interference, which would result in a fine. But then Hall said: They probably can’t talk about it. Of course you want to play with your friend. It would be our pleasure.

James’ reaction?


Can Chris Paul join the Lakers?

LeBron James (right to left) defends Chris Paul during Game 4 of the Western Conference playoffs in the first round on June 30. May 2021. | Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

It will be hard for the Lakers to even get Chris Paul this year. He has a $44.2 million option for next season and could even opt for a bigger contract longer term, especially after he averaged 16.4 points and 8.9 assists this year and led the Suns to the Finals.

The Lakers just don’t have the room in their coffers to pay him, unless they can make a deal to make room for Paul. It’s also hard to imagine Paul leaving Phoenix after reaching the finals for the first time in his life this season.

Sure, the great Paul-James-Davies trio would be interesting to watch, and yes, the Lakers need a point guard. But at the moment, the opportunity isn’t there – even if James is looking forward to it.

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