Kevin Durant is taking a lot of heat for his candid interview after leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to sign with the Golden State Warriors. In an impassioned defense, he has come out and said that there was no bad blood between him and James Harden or his new team. This could be good news for fans of Western Conference basketball who are feeling blue about KD’s departure from their favorite NBA team.,

Kevin Durant candidly admits it felt “incredible” to embarrass James Harden and his new team. The Warriors have been on a roll since the trade, winning their last six games in a row.

Kevin Durant Candidly Admits It Felt 'Incredible' to Embarrass James Harden and His New Team

Kevin Durant has been embroiled in a lot of turmoil this season, and the most of it isn’t his fault. For one thing, with Kyrie Irving serving as a part-time player for the most of the season, he’s had to shoulder the weight for the Brooklyn Nets. Then, when the NBA trade deadline neared, all he could do was stand there and watch as James Harden walked out the door. And now he has to deal with Ben Simmons’ unexplained back issue, which might keep him out until next season.

Last month, Durant was given a chance for vengeance when his Brooklyn Nets traveled to Philadelphia to face Harden and the 76ers, and the Slim Reaper humiliated his old colleague in a rout. In a recent interview, he revealed that venting his feelings on the court felt “amazing.”

James Harden’s departure took Kevin Durant off guard.

James Harden and Kevin Durant talk on the court.

James Harden and Kevin Durant talk on the court. The Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant and James Harden converse during a game against the Chicago Bulls | Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Durant couldn’t have predicted such a shambolic season.

Harden allegedly informed Durant on a trip to Greece last summer that he wanted to stay in Brooklyn and sign a long-term agreement when the time came. They’ve been colleagues on two occasions and have been excellent friends for almost a decade. It was only natural that they would want to win a title together before the conclusion of their careers.

Harden eventually gave up on the Nets and was forced to move to the 76ers a few months later. Durant was obviously taken aback, but he now realizes he couldn’t have done anything differently to alter the outcome.

“It wasn’t like there was a schism between us as people.” In a recent interview with Logan Murdock of The Ringer, Durant said, “I felt like we loved one other.” “However, I was concentrating on my recuperation while he was concentrating on the team.” Naturally, I was not present, but I have no influence over how everyone feels about their circumstances. I can give it my all and deliver what I promise every day. If it helps someone, great; if it doesn’t, fine; but I can’t stress myself out trying to figure out how someone else feels about the issue.”

It felt “amazing” to Durant to get back at Harden, he confesses.

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When the Nets went to Philadelphia to play the 76ers in early March, there was a lot more on the line than simply a spot in the Eastern Conference standings. Simmons made his first appearance as an opponent in front of the Philadelphia crowd, while Durant faced Harden for the first time since the deal.

Durant vented his anger by scoring 25 points, 14 rebounds, and seven assists in just 32 minutes, leading the Nets to a 129-100 victory against the Sixers on their home floor. Meanwhile, Harden struggled terribly in the rout, shooting 3-of-17 from the field and committing four turnovers.

Durant told The Ringer, “S***, that was great.” “That game had been highlighted on everyone’s calendar for a number of weeks, particularly since the deal.” I wasn’t expecting to feel that way when I arrived to the game. I was just… I was really pumped as I saw the lights and the audience and the ball was tossed.”

Who’ll be the last one to laugh?

looking at the NBA East Standings and basically this means the Hornets and Nets are for sure in the play-in, but the Hawks can still get to 6th seed and avoid it? Is that right?

— Michael Felder (@InTheBleachers) April 3, 2022

Durant may have won the initial fight, but the conflict between these two adversaries is far from over. And Harden presently has the upper hand in that battle.

The 76ers are very certain to finish in the top four in the Eastern Conference, while the Nets are bound for the play-in playoffs. In reality, Brooklyn may be forced to play two win-or-go-home games before making the playoffs.

However, if the Nets make it through the play-in, they might face the Sixers in the first round. And, boy, would it be a spectacle.

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Kevin Durant thinks the Warriors should retire his jersey, which is absurd.

“Brooklyn Nets roster” is a post from the official Twitter account of the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant candidly admitted it felt “incredible” to embarrass James Harden and his new team. Reference: brooklyn nets roster.

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