It seems that some of the main narrative of the 2017 season has been the quarterback battle between the Washington Redskins 2018 second round draft pick and the current Oregon football player. The main inference from that, is that the right quarterback should be playing for the Redskins, and the wrong one should be playing for the Ducks. The answer to that question should not be the main narrative. There is a larger story to be told; one that is about the power of college football’s system of player evaluation.

As the 2015 NFL Draft nears, our prospects for the Browns continue to be hazy. The team is expected to take a quarterback at number one overall, “but it’s unclear which one.” The team also has “other needs” prioritized in the first round. The team’s first-round selection is expected to be the first of three that they’ll have in the first round. As a result, the Browns have actually spent more time trading up in drafts than they have in making trades after the draft.

The recent controversy surrounding the recruitment of Justin Herbert into the family of Oregon Ducks football players has been a hot topic of discussion. In the eyes of some, it’s a conflict of interest for ESPN to get involved in the recruitment of an athlete, let alone one in a sport that it doesn’t cover. Others, like the Oregon Nation, are upset that ESPN’s involvement would derail the recruiting process.. Read more about justin herbert age and let us know what you think.

The best quarterback in the NFL deserves to be watched closely from the moment he emerges until the day he retires. And when he is paired with another big name, as was the case with Joe Barrow and Justin Herbert, fans and NFL pundits associate them throughout their careers.

One of those experts, ESPN’s Mike Tannenbaum, mixed into the debate over who the best channels are with another what-if. He has a good point, but Tannenbaum missed an opportunity to make a less predictable and much better move.

Debate between Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert gets off to an interesting start

Joe Barrow of the Cincinnati Bengals throws a pass during minicamp on the 15th. June 2021. | Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Cincinnati Bengals made Burrow the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, letting Andy Dalton go to make it clear that the former LSU hero is their QB1. Five picks later, the Los Angeles Chargers chose Herbert. Los Angeles coach Anthony Lynn planned to use Tyrod Taylor as a starter and familiarize the rookie with the offense as the season progressed.

Burrow made 10 starts before injuring his knee and did nothing to make the Bengals sorry. Had he stayed healthy, Burrow would have remained one of the contenders for the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year honor, which Herbert received after becoming a key player in Week 2.

Thus Burrow and Herbert stay on the path of perpetual comparisons, while the experts play the guessing game.

NFL teams took three quarterbacks in the top of the 2020 draft.


Let’s not forget that between Burrow (No. 1) and Herbert (No. 6), another quarterback left the draft. Miami Dolphins fifth-round pick Tua Tagovailoa. After Green Bay selected Jordan Love late in the first round and Philadelphia selected Jalen Harts in the middle of the second round, no one else selected a QB until the fourth round.

Of the three quarterbacks who left the team early, Tagovailoa raised the most questions in his rookie season. The former Alabama star was 6-3 and had similar performances to Burrow, but he was backed by more talented players thanks to Miami’s quick rebuild.

Tagovailoa has thrown all five of his interceptions in the last four games, he’s thrown a lot of low-risk, low-reward balls, and he hasn’t looked like a quarterback with a safe franchise bid. In fact, until the 2021 draft, there was speculation that the Dolphins might use one of their two top-20 picks for another quarterback.

Joe Barrow vs Justin Herbert is the wrong question for ESPN

.@RealTannenbaum thinks the Bengals should regret choosing Joe Barrow over Justin Herbert.

If you’d put Herbert in that LSU attack…. Herbert’s] performance would have been as good if not better [than Barrow’s].

– Get Up (@GetUpESPN) July 2, 2021

In an interview with ESPN Get Up, Tannenbaum discussed whether the Bengals made a mistake by taking Burrow instead of Herbert.

Yes, I said that before the game and I still say that, Tannenbaum said. Going up against Justin Herbert and Joe Barrow, Justin Herbert is bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic. If you had put Herbert in that LSU offense – Burrow’s performance was phenomenal – Herbert’s performance would have been the same or better.

Tannenbaum acknowledged that Burrow is a good potential quarterback. He said Herbert has a chance to be great. Given Herbert’s size and his excellent performance as a rookie, Tannenbaum’s decision is justified. But it’s premature to reason so confidently about right and wrong when Burrow has only played 10 games.

If Tannenbaum had been thinking clearly, he could have moved the question to a more appropriate topic: Maybe the Dolphins made a mistake in choosing Tagovailoa over Herbert?

That’s a good question. If the injury hadn’t ended Burrows’ season, you could argue that nine out of 10 experts would consider him a better prospect than Tagovailoa in 2021. Even with his injury, he still looks like a reliable bet for the star.

This is also a more relevant question. Under coach Brian Flores, Miami has gone from 5-11 to 10-6, and the Dolphins own four of the top 42 picks in last year’s draft. How great they must be this fall, imagine how they will be with Herbert.

In a division where the Buffalo Bills are the defending champions, the New England Patriots are likely to rebound and the New York Jets may finally have a plan, the difference between Herbert and Tagovailoa could be the difference between making the playoffs or watching at home.

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