With the Philadelphia Eagles win over Atlanta, Carson Wentz has proven himself a game changer. However, this week’s Super Bowl is seeing some other changes and one might be shocked to find out who they are rooting for
A lot of people were surprised when Jim Irsay threw Matt Ryan under the bus while praising Carson Wentz.

The “Jim Irsay Subtly Throws Carson Wentz Under the Bus While Praising Matt Ryan” is a recent story that involves the Indianapolis Colts owner throwing his former quarterback under the bus. Read more in detail here: jim irsay.

In case you didn’t know, Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, was not a fan of the Carson Wentz period. 

Irsay never appeared to enjoy having Wentz as the Colts’ quarterback, from perhaps calling out the QB’s immunization status throughout the season to his mysterious playoff tweet to, of course, the time he quietly insulted the gunslinger in March.

And the owner continues to throw his former quarterback under the bus in a recent interview. He seemed to be treading softly so as not to pile on the man, but it’s difficult to talk about what new quarterback Matt Ryan brings to Indianapolis without mentioning what Wentz didn’t.

Jim Irsay made a subtle reference to Carson Wentz.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and former Colts quarterback Carson Wentz.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and former Colts quarterback Carson Wentz. | JC Olivera/Getty Images; Andy Lyons/Getty Images | Jim Irsay and Carson Wentz (L-R)

Jim Irsay joined on The Pat McAfee Show on May 2 and shared some intriguing details on the transition from Carson Wentz to Matt Ryan.

The Colts acquired Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons after trading Wentz to the Washington Commanders in March.

“Bringing in Matt was certainly a necessary step for us because we needed stability, leadership, and those kinds of things,” Irsay said. 

Oh, so that was his way of stating Wentz lacked the consistency and leadership the Colts required? That seems to be the case.

“Believe me, Carson gave it his all; he worked so hard,” Irsay said. “All he wanted to do was bring whatever he could.” As a result, I give him credit for it. It wasn’t his lack of effort or anything else that kept us from getting there; it was just not the correct blend for us or him. And Matt is such a great fit for this group.”

So far, it looks Ryan and the Colts are blending together like strawberries and bananas in a smoothie. Pickle juice and watermelon, on the other hand, were Wentz and Indy.

The owner of the Indianapolis Colts continues to praise Matt Ryan.

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Jim Irsay is plainly relieved that Carson Wentz is no longer a part of his squad. While speaking with McAfee, he had even more positive things to say about Matt Ryan.

“Having a man like this is something I haven’t really experienced since Peyton’s days,” Irsay added. “This is a Navy SEAL; this is a Mars-bound astronaut; this is the correct thing.” Special. He’s the kind of man you want as the pilot if you’re landing on an aircraft carrier. I’m referring to unique individuals. There aren’t many men who are capable of doing it. And there aren’t many men in the area who want to do it. … It was the ideal match for us.”

Ryan seems to have piqued Irsay’s interest in the next season far more than Wentz did last year. Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman Jr., and Quenton Nelson are on offense, while Darius Leonard, DeForest Buckner, Kenny Moore II, and Stephon Gilmore are on defense for the Colts. Oh, and don’t forget about Alec Pierce, the team’s recent second-round draft choice, who might have an instant effect on Indianapolis this season.

The Colts have a strong roster coming into the 2022 season, and the Carson Wentz era is finally over. No one is likely to be happier than Jim Irsay.

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