The world has lost a legend, but the Cowboys owner’s legacy remains as one of innovation and becoming a global powerhouse.

The “what disease does john madden have” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to the question is that John Madden has Alzheimer’s disease.

Jerry Jones, Raiders, and the Rest of the Sports World React to the Tragic Death of an NFL Icon

Heartbreaking. The tragic death of NFL legend John Madden, who was 85 years old, shocked the sports world on Tuesday. His All Madden documentary had just been published a few days prior, reminding everyone how legendary Madden was and will always be in the world of sports.

Following the tragic news of Madden’s death, the outpouring of emotions was quick.

The Raiders reacted to the devastating news that John Madden had died.

Madden was a real legend. You may call him a broadcaster, a coach, or the face of an EA Sports video game. People instantly expressed their feelings on Madden’s amazing career after hearing the news.

The Oakland Raiders released a statement immediately after, describing him as “an Oakland Raiders great.”

“The Raiders Family is heartbroken by the news of the iconic John Madden’s demise… Few people had a greater influence on the development and popularity of professional football than Coach Madden, who had an incalculable impact on the game both on and off the field.”

John Madden’s Raiders

Madden was the Raiders’ head coach for a decade, winning over 100 games and leading the team to its first Super Bowl triumph against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl 11.

The.759 victory % of John Madden as a head coach is still the best in NFL history (min. 100 games).

With the Raiders, he won all 103 of his career games, the most by any head coach in team history.

December 29, 2021 — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo)

Al Davis, who inducted Madden in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006, said some striking things about the great character.

Madden will go down in NFL history as the winningest coach in team history, and he will be revered by the Raiders for the rest of his life.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, issues a poignant message in response to John Madden’s passing.

Legendary Raiders coach and broadcaster John Madden.

Legendary Raiders coach and broadcaster John Madden. Robert B. Stanton/NFLPhotoLibrary/John Madden

Madden had an influence on everyone, even Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Jones’ remarks were emotional (h/t The Athletic’s Jon Machota).

“I am not aware of anybody who has had a greater influence on the National Football League than John Madden, and I am not aware of anyone who is more passionate about the game.”

On John Madden, Jerry Jones

Jones made a compelling remark, and he went into further information about Madden’s life and accomplishments.

“If you knew John, he made a difference in your life.”

Jones and Madden have a long history together, and memories of their time together have resurfaced.

Given Madden’s influence on the game of football, a slew of NFL stars weighed in.

Patrick Mahomes, Adrian Peterson, and others discuss John Madden’s untimely death.

Patrick Mahomes, Maxx Crosby, J.J. Watt, and Adrian Peterson were among the players who paid tribute to the iconic NFL star.

Julian Edelman, a former wide receiver for the New England Patriots, also expressed his thoughts on Madden.

The NFL Total Access team also shared Madden-related anecdotes and recollections.

Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL also issued a statement.

For every reason, John Madden will be regarded as an NFL legend. To honor the legend, the NFL opted to show John Madden: A Football Life & America’s Game: 1976 Oakland Raiders on Tuesday evening.

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The “john madden health 2021” is a blog post that reflects on the life of the late football icon, John Madden. The article includes reactions from Jerry Jones, Raider fans, and the rest of the sports world.

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