The NBA’s annual All-Star Game is just a week away, but the snub of Brooklyn Nets forward Jarrett Allen — who has led his team in scoring for three straight years and developed into an efficient interior defender this season after being taken 18th overall out of college by the New York Knicks before last year’s draft — was further proof that LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers are still not getting all the respect they deserve.

Despite their record, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been snubbed from All-Star Weekend again. With no respect for LeBron and company, they will be forced to try and prove themselves on the court in order to get more recognition.

Jarrett Allen’s Ridiculous All-Star Snub Further Proves the Cavaliers Still Aren’t Getting the Respect They Deserve. Read more in detail here: jarrett allen.

Jarrett Allen's Ridiculous All-Star Snub Further Proves the Cavaliers Still Aren't Getting the Respect They Deserve

This year’s NBA All-Star game was held in Cleveland, and Cavaliers supporters were eager to cheer for not one, but two of their team’s stars. Despite hearing third-year point guard Darius Garland’s name announced, one star was egregiously left out of the festivities: Jarrett Allen.

Allen is a big reason why the Cavs have gone from one of the league’s worst teams to one of the best in the previous three years. Cleveland isn’t receiving the respect it deserves, as shown by his exclusion from the original All-Star team.

One of the most notable omissions from this year’s NBA All-Star Game was Jarrett Allen.

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Jarrett Allen, who was one of this year's biggest NBA All-Star snubs.

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Jarrett Allen, who was one of this year's biggest NBA All-Star snubs. On Jan. 30, 2022, Jarrett Allen of the Cleveland Cavaliers watches a game against the Detroit Pistons during the fourth quarter. | Getty Images/Nic Antaya

The NBA released their All-Star reserves on Feb. 3 after announcing its starters last week. Jimmy Butler, James Harden, Darius Garland, Kris Middelton, Zach LaVine, Jayson Tatum, and Fred VanVleet are among the Eastern Conference reserves (who are picked by Eastern Conference coaches).

Jarrett Allen of the Cavaliers was not on that list.

Allen, who earned a $100 million deal in the summer, was traded to the Cavaliers last year and has progressed from a competent backup player to one of the league’s finest centers.

Last season, he averaged 12.8 points and 10.0 rebounds for the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s averaging career highs in points (16.0), rebounds (10.7), and assists (1.9) this season. In addition, he’s shooting a career-high 67.8% from the field.

He has, however, been most important to the Cavaliers on defense. Allen is averaging 1.4 blocks per game and has 2.7 defensive win shares, which ranks him seventh in the league. (Defensive win shares are calculated based on the amount of wins his defense is expected to contribute for the Cavs.)

Allen’s performance, along with that of other rising players Garland and youngster Evan Mobley, has aided the Cavs’ ascension from the NBA’s basement to the top. They have a 31-21 record in the Eastern Conference and are just 1.5 games off of first place.

His absence demonstrates the NBA’s continued contempt towards the Cavs. SpA

His colleagues were irritated by Jarret Allen’s exclusion from the All-Star roster.

“Jarrett Allen better be a damn replacement I know that!!!” Cavs forward and five-time All-Star Kevin Love tweeted.

Another Cavaliers forward, Lamar Stevens, also emphatically named him in response to a SportsCenter tweet that asked about this year’s biggest snub.

While leaving Allen off the roster demonstrates that other teams don’t appreciate him as much as they should, it also demonstrates how little they regard the Cavs.

Without Allen, the Cavaliers would not be where they are in the standings. They’re 31-21 overall, but they’re 24-10 when he, Garland, and Mobley start. The Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz, and Chicago Bulls all had several All-Stars despite having inferior or comparable records. Jayson Tatum, who has had a fantastic season but is on a losing club, was also named to the roster.

No, winning shouldn’t be everything, but it should still factor into the All-Star selection process. Allen’s contribution to the Cavs’ success is undeniable, thus he deserves to be recognized.

Fortunately for him, he may still be able to participate in the game.

Jarrett Allen has a chance to play in the All-Star game.

Jarrett Allen may still be honored and participate in the game despite not making the first All-Star roster.

When an NBA player is unable to participate due to injury, NBA commissioner Adam Silver selects a substitute. Kevin Durant is unlikely to be able to attend due to an MCL injury, and a few other Eastern Conference players might get injured between now and NBA All-Star Weekend, which takes place Feb. 18-20.

So, no, Allen and Cavs fans are not without hope. However, his first absence conveyed a strong message: the Cleveland Cavaliers are deserving of greater attention.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

Dwyane Wade lavishes praise on Cavs rookie Evan Mobley, comparing him to Hall of Fame teammate Chris Bosh.

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