James Harden is a basketball player who plays for the Houston Rockets. He started his career as a point guard, but has since transitioned to shooting guard and small forward. In addition to being an NBA All-Star, he was named MVP in 2017.

The will james harden be back for game 4 is a question that has been asked many times. James Harden has had an amazing season, and his return will surely make the Rockets more dangerous in the playoffs.

On Wednesday, a video of Brooklyn Nets star James Harden praising several young basketball players went viral, yet The Beard managed to both inspire and scare in the same breath.

Harden’s short speech on work ethic and commitment to the grind may help budding hoopers a lot. However, it is the former MVP’s short reference of his own “light day” that should concern Nets supporters the most.

The viral video (h/t @hardenbbq on Twitter) seems to be a sight to behold at first. Harden’s short statement, though, may have shown something completely different to observant ears.

The Beard starts by asking how long the guys had been working out. When informed the duration of the session, he shows astonishment, stating, “Y’all ain’t even sweat” and “you supposed to be soaked when you walk out of this mother******.”

The next phrase, though, may cause concern among Brooklyn fans. Harden described his personal exercise as “mild” that day before adding, “I’m still in recovery.”

Some people may not think there’s anything to take away from the remarks. Given his late-season injury problems, it’s possible that Harden is just being cautious over the summer. He withdrew from the Olympics to focus on his health, and he may be adopting the similar approach in his training.

Harden’s hamstring issues, on the other hand, may be a recurrent problem that plagues him throughout the next season.

Harden’s hamstring injury ended up ruining his 2020-21 season.

After the Nets acquired James Harden from the Houston Rockets, he was a revelation. At least while he was in good health.

In 36 games with the Nets, Harden averaged 24.6 points, 10.9 assists, and 8.5 rebounds. In March and February, he earned back-to-back Eastern Conference Player of the Month Awards, regularly leading Brooklyn to huge victories even while Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were both sidelined.

However, the three-time scoring champion’s upbeat start to his Nets career was about to come to an end. With a hamstring ailment, Harden has missed 21 of the past 24 regular-season games. When The Beard excelled in Brooklyn’s first-round series victory against the Boston Celtics, the problem seemed to be addressed.

However, in Game 1 of the conference playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks, Harden injured his hamstring. In Game 5, he would return to the series, but he was obviously not in good condition.

For the last three games, Harden went 11-for-36 from the field and 5-for-26 from beyond the arc. He was very brave, averaging more than 46 minutes each game. However, he was unable to provide the Nets with the second star presence that they so badly needed with Durant.

As he attempts to get his hamstring in shape, the 32-year-old is taking things carefully. Nonetheless, it’s been almost three months since the Bucks knocked off the Nets in the playoffs, and training camp is just around the horizon. Is it time to be concerned about Harden’s hamstring?

Brooklyn cannot afford another season marred by injuries.

Nets star James Harden looks on during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals

Nets star James Harden looks on during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals In Game Five of the 2021 NBA Playoffs, James Harden reacts against the Milwaukee Bucks | Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Nets’ season in 2020-21 was marred by injuries. They can’t afford to have the same misfortune happen to them again.

When it comes to Durant, Irving, and Harden, it’s possible that Brooklyn will rely significantly on load management. However, the Nets must guarantee that its three stars receive significant playing time together at some point.

Harden’s condition may be particularly concerning. Hamstrings aren’t to be taken lightly. However, it will be infuriating for Nets supporters if the club is forced to exercise extreme caution with The Beard, only for him to exacerbate the situation at a crucial moment.

What was intended to be an encouraging message for young basketball players may instead represent fan pessimism about Harden’s hamstring injury.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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