J.J. Watt is a football player and an athlete now known as the best defensive end in NFL history, but he’s also something of a foodie on social media. He loves to post pictures of himself with food from his favorite restaurants, which has led him to be called ‘the king’ by some fans and critics alike for being golden-tongued when it comes to marketing opportunities with partners like Dunkin Donuts or Papa Johns…
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(L-R) Arizona Cardinals DE J.J. Watt, doughnuts, Cardinals TE Zach Ertz.

(L-R) Arizona Cardinals DE J.J. Watt, doughnuts, Cardinals TE Zach Ertz. Michael Reaves/Getty Images; XAMAX/picture alliance through Getty Images; Norm Hall/Getty Images | J.J. Watt, donuts, Zach Ertz | Michael Reaves/Getty Images; XAMAX/picture alliance via Getty Images; Norm Hall/Getty Images

J.J. Watt, a defensive lineman with the Arizona Cardinals, is regarded as one of the most popular players in the NFL by both players and fans. However, the five-time All-Pro jeopardized his likeability when he tweeted a video criticizing tight end Zach Ertz.

The NFL is no stranger to scandal and controversy. It’s survived Bountygate and Deflategate, and now, after Watt’s divisive video, the latest –gate, “Donutgate,” is gaining traction in the pro football world.

When J.J. Watt’s Arizona Cardinals colleague Zach Ertz didn’t bring in his favorite doughnuts, he was irritated.

J.J. Watt began “Donutgate” on Friday, May 27, 2022, when he posted a viral diatribe on social media.

When Watt pressed the record button on his video, he knew what he was going to say would raise a commotion. “I know I’m very much incorrect on this one,” he said, “but that’s why I’m asking the globe.”

Watt’s problems began the day before when teammate Zach Ertz stated that he would be delivering doughnuts to Arizona Cardinals strength coach Buddy Morris. “What sort of doughnuts do you like?” he then asked Watt.

Ertz was informed by the 2011 first-round selection that he preferred pink/strawberry frosted and maple glazed cookies.

When Ertz arrived the following day with the wonderful sweets, however, there was neither pink/strawberry frosted or maple-glazed in the box!

Watt told the internet, “I’m incredibly appreciative for the complimentary doughnuts,” before wondering, “but do I have any reasons to be upset?”

Ertz, who is clutching a box of doughnuts in the backdrop, responds with an emphatic “no!”

Watt’s allegation sparked a debate on the internet.

After seeing J.J. Abrams’ film, The internet’s response to Watt’s video was mixed. One of two factions emerged from the more than 500 responses on Twitter.

Some readers thought Watt was out of line for being irritated that he couldn’t locate his favorite doughnut kinds in a package of complimentary food that wasn’t even designed for him. Many of the commentators pointed out that the flavors Watt wanted — pink/strawberry frosted and maple glazed — aren’t common, making Watt’s request a no-go.

Others, on the other hand, supported the eventual Hall of Famer. This group feels it was obligatory on the tight end to produce if Ertz made it a point to ask Watt what he wanted.

Pat McAfee, a sports talk show presenter, went on an epic tirade in praise of Watt (see above), while his co-host, former NFL linebacker A.J. Hawk, appeared embarrassed by the entire thing and didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

After Watt put his teammate on blast on the internet, Ertz took to Twitter to defend himself and explain the situation. The TE tweeted:

In terms of Donutgate… “Pink/strawberry,” JJ’s initial request, wasn’t even on the online ordering menu… As a result, the remainder of his order was ignored. Let’s just concentrate on the bit when I receive a dozen doughnuts and ignore the rest.

‘Donutgate,’ according to Zach Ertz

As the season approaches, this topic will continue to split online commentators and maybe even the Arizona Cardinal locker room.

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