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“It’s What I Call Flight to Quality” is an article that discusses how the term “flight to quality” has been used in the sports world. This article also provides examples of what it means.

The NFL has the greatest television ratings of any American professional sports league. So it seems that more football is a good thing. That’s why, beginning this year, the league added a 17th game to the regular season, after clubs had only played 16 games since 1978.

The NFL has being chastised over the addition. With an additional game, players are more likely to sustain injuries. Fans, on the other hand, seem to be pleased with the increased football activity. According to statements made on a podcast by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, he seems to agree with the fans.

Roger Goodell discusses the pros and cons of a 17-game season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell looks on before an NFL game

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell looks on before an NFL game Commissioner Roger Goodell before an NFL game | Getty Images/Sean M. Haffey

Morten Andersen’s Great Dane Nation podcast recently featured Goodell. The commissioner was questioned for his opinion on the adding of the 17th game by the former Hall of Fame kicker-turned-podcast host.

With more clubs in the playoff chase, Andersen questioned Goodell whether he feels that the additional game would bring more competition and drama to the season’s finish. More clubs vying for postseason positions, according to Goodell, is “wonderful for our fans” and adds “the excitement and drama that we’re all striving for.”

With the addition of an additional regular-season game, each team’s preseason game was eliminated. “It’s what I call flight to quality,” Goodell adds, referring to providing fans more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

Prior to the addition of the 17th game, the NFL regarded safety.

As one would expect, Goodell’s response to Andersen’s query seems to be PR-friendly. But he also seems to feel that the additional game is beneficial to the NFL. The commissioner even addressed the issue of safety, which has been raised by detractors of the shift.

According to Goodell, the NFL has spent 10-12 years researching the differences in safety between preseason and regular-season games. “It turns out that a regular-season game is really safer from an injury viewpoint than a preseason game,” he stated. As a result, we believe we can accomplish this safely.”

According to the facts, switching one for the other shouldn’t increase the risk of injury for NFL players. The commissioner went on to say that the NFL is always changing the way teams prepare, practice, and compete in order to make things simpler for players.

“We’re removing a number of methods from the game that have resulted in injuries,” Goodell says. “As a result, we believe we can continue to do this in a safe manner.” The NFL is optimistic that the extra late-season drama will be worth the week added to the regular season because of the additional safety precautions put in place.

Profits and partners were also considered.

The National Football League is a company. When the league makes a change in how it functions, profits will always be front of mind. Sponsors and television broadcasters are among the NFL’s major partners, and they are included in every debate that impacts them.

The 17th game has pleased the networks that broadcast NFL games. It allows them to broadcast the NFL for another week. Sponsors are also pleased since their commercials will be seen by an additional week of football enthusiasts. Players are pleased with the adjustment since an additional game implies an extra game check.

The NFL, for one, is ecstatic with the new schedule. An additional week of television implies more money for the league from the broadcasters for the rights to screen games. Sponsors are the same way. The additional 16 games result in increased sponsorship money for the clubs and league as a result of the extra week.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of three teams in the NFL to play both Super Bowl 55 participants on the road, yet they still have the second-easiest schedule in 2021.

The “opposite of flight to quality” is when the quality of a player’s performance decreases over time. It can be caused by injuries, fatigue, or simply getting older.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of flight to quality?


What is meant by the term flight to safety?

A: The flight to safety is a term that refers to the problem of people living in countries where they are unable to find jobs. It also describes how these people flee their homes and head towards wealthier nations, hoping for better lives.

What is a flight to quality under what economic conditions might we see this?

A: Quality has been defined by the capitalist market as that which is scarce, and therefore profitable.

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