LeBron James’ Miami Heat career was one of the most successful in NBA history. However, it ended prematurely due to a bizarre and inexplicable decision by his team’s front office.

LeBron James is a player who has had his fair share of success. However, as the General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, he made one of the most baffling decisions in recent NBA history. Read more in detail here: where was lebron james born.

It’s Too Late for LeBron James the Player to Fix LeBron James the GM’s Most Baffling Mistake

LeBron James has only ever competed for titles. Because The King is 37 years old and in his 19th NBA season, this is more true today than ever before. However, this past summer, LBJ and the Los Angeles Lakers opted to add Russell Westbrook to the team – that decision isn’t going as planned (understatement), and it’s too late to back out now.

James and the Lakers are said to have already attempted to cut bait by seeking to trade Westbrook to suitors. But no one is interested, so the squad is stuck with the Big Three it has now.

And it isn’t enough for LeBron James to win another title.

In 2021-22, the Los Angeles Lakers will continue to struggle.

Los Angeles is 20-19 through almost half of the season, one game above.500. This puts them in sixth place in the Western Conference, 5.5 games behind the Memphis Grizzlies for the last home-court advantage slot.

The Lakers shot 34.9 percent from outside the arc as a team, and much worse from the free-throw line (73.2 percent, 28th in the NBA). They’ve failed to rebound all season, have the third-most turnovers (15.5 per game), and have the 15th-lowest defensive rating in the league.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have only appeared in 27 of the 39 games this season. To say the least, Davis has been lackluster. In the absence of James, the Brow couldn’t carry LA, as was expected of a proclaimed NBA great.

Westbrook’s dismal season and inability to integrate with the rest of his squad have placed the Lakers in this dilemma more than anything else.

Russell Westbrook’s error is too big for LeBron James to rectify, and it will cost him a title.

It's too late for LeBron James to fix his Russell Westbrook mistake with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It's too late for LeBron James to fix his Russell Westbrook mistake with the Los Angeles Lakers. During a game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook and forward LeBron James walk in opposite ways. | Getty Images/Justin Ford

To refer to LeBron as the Lakers’ general manager may seem to be an exaggeration. Rob Pelinka is the rightful owner of such title. However, there is indication that James has equal authority over the roster as Pelinka.

“The GM ain’t touched me,” Carmelo Anthony, who joined with LA last summer, said of LeBron, according to Silver Screen & Roll. “You’re the General Manager, n****.”

James has been engaged in roster choices from the start, according to Pelinka, according to another Silver Screen and Roll report.

“LeBron was completely invested in the project and a pleasure to deal with.” And we had to repay LeBron’s faith by building a club that puts excellent players in a position to be the last team standing after he placed his trust in this organization and elected to come here as a free agency.”

As a de facto general manager, LBJ is certainly engaged in roster choices. As a result, he was probably involved in the decision to trade for Westbrook. And it’s turned out to be a catastrophe.

Russ leads the NBA with 4.6 turnovers per game. He’s averaging 19.5 points per game, which is his lowest output since the 2009-10 campaign. For a team that urgently needs shooting, he’s shooting only 45.2 percent from the field and 30 percent from three.

The UCLA product has always utilized his quickness and effort to attack the basket, but he’s only attempting 5.6 free throws per game this season (the third-lowest in his career) and shooting just 65.4 percent when he does.

As a result, LeBron and Pelinka sent out feelers for any club interested in acquiring Westbrook. According to a recent Sam Amick report in The Athletic, his excessive contract, age, and bad performance have made it impossible:

According to sources, the Lakers were secretly interested in talking to rival executives about a potential Westbrook deal early this season.

Inside the Lakers, there seems to be some acknowledgment that things haven’t gone as planned for (James and Davis).

The Athletic’s Sam Amick weighs in on the Lakers’ Russell Westbrook issue.

James was heavily involved in the acquisition of the former Thunder and Rockets player. It was a complete failure. Bron-Bron has only been able to lift the Lakers to a 3-6 record despite averaging 34.9 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 5.9 assists in their previous nine games.

LeBron the player can’t undo LeBron the GM’s colossal blunder.

LeBron and the Lakers will have to find a way out of their present predicament.

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It’s time to give up on the notion that James, Davis, and Westbrook can win a championship. And the seasoned pieces the club brought in to help them haven’t been up to the task.

Now the only option is to attempt to trade around the edges. In a move that accomplished nothing except clear up a roster space for LA, Rajon Rondo was shipped to Cleveland. Kent Bazemore and Malik Monk, who have been playing well recently, have been the subject of rumors.

Another player who might be traded is Talen Horton-Tucker.

None of these names, though, will bring in a player that will turn the Lakers’ fortunes around. This season, LeBron made a key mistake by bringing in an elderly, ineffective point guard.

It’s too late to back out now.

NBA.com provided all data.

‘They’re Going to Be in the Play-Ins,’ says Charles Barkley of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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