It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m working my way through a plate of barbecue and collard greens at the local cafe. I’m not here to socialize, but I am here because I’m waiting for my favorite baseball player to come out to the field and start batting practice. I’ve been a fan since the day I became old enough to appreciate the game, and I’ve never lost the feeling that I’m a part of the squad. I’m a fan, and I’m a starter.

The past week has been very frustrating for the management of the Philadelphia Phillies. In that time period, the already struggling team has dropped to a MLB worst 11-19 record— a record that hasn’t been seen since the mid 1920’s. The Phillies have been putting up the worst records since the start of the 2016 season, and there is no indication the team will turn around its entire season anytime soon.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in an auditorium listening to a speech about why some people are born with a “gift” to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) while others are simply “born to follow” in the Minor Leagues. The speaker was talking about how the MLB draft is biased toward those with the talent and drive to play in the majors, and that it’s a shame that so many of those who lack that talent go undrafted. The speaker was also frustrated with the lack of diversity in the MLB, saying that the league is who it is because of the inability of many African-Americans to make it to the big leagues, and that African Americans should be able to “make it happen.”

Marcus Mariota was said to be on the verge of being moved to a new club to serve as their starting quarterback after getting an opportunity to play significant NFL snaps this past season. The Raiders are almost wedded to Derek Carr and have already shown a reluctance to part ways with him, despite the fact that Mariota is still just 27 years old.

At some time during the offseason, the Washington Football Team, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, and Los Angeles Rams were all looking for a starting quarterback. Each team, though, decided to go in a different way.

The Football Team signed Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Colts got Carson Wentz, the Broncos signed Teddy Bridgewater, the Panthers signed Sam Darnold, and the Rams landed Matthew Stafford in a blockbuster transaction.

Despite all of the quarterback shuffles, Mariota agreed to a restructured deal to return as Carr’s backup. He is apparently still interested in leaving Las Vegas if it means he can start somewhere else.

Marcus Mariota, the current backup quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, is still looking for a starting position in the NFL.

Marcus Mariota was candid in admitting that he monitors the quarterback scene across the league and that it is his ambition to return to the NFL as a starter.

August 8, 2021 — Levi Damien (@LeviDamien)

Mariota hasn’t given up on his goal of starting in 2021, according quarterback Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“I keep track of what’s going on since it’s my aim [to be a starter].” “It’s sort of essential for us as players to see what the landscape is,” Mariota said.

Between 2015 and 2019, the current Vegas backup quarterback started 61 games with the Tennessee Titans, and was selected to be the franchise quarterback for the Titans. Mariota may not have lived up to the hype, but he has enough starts under his belt to appeal to clubs in need of a quarterback.

Marcus Mariota showed enough promise in 2020 to earn a new starting job.

Marcus Mariota of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Marcus Mariota of the Las Vegas Raiders. Steve Marcus/Getty Images Marcus Mariota

Mariota spent much of 2020 on the sideline behind Carr, but he showed promise in the one game he did play in.

During a Week 15 defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers, he completed 17 of 28 passes for 226 yards and added 88 yards on the ground. Mariota threw an interception, but he also had two touchdown passes (one passing and one rushing).

By no means was Mariota’s performance earth-shattering, but coming off the bench and putting up 300+ yards of offense was enough to pique the NFL’s interest. Every week, a number of clubs might benefit from such output.

The Raiders’ backup quarterback may end up with the Colts or the Broncos.

Although all of the starting quarterback positions in the NFL are currently occupied, things may change once the regular season begins. The Indianapolis Colts, for example, will be without their starting quarterback for 5 to 12 weeks due to foot surgery. Making an unexpected move for Mariota if Wentz’s recovery isn’t going as planned might save the Colts’ season.

Another club that may be looking for a new quarterback is the Denver Broncos. Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater are their current quarterbacks, and neither is a definite starter. After a rocky start, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the front office panic and seek elsewhere.

Injuries are frequent in the NFL as well. It just takes one club to lose their starting quarterback for Mariota to become a viable possibility.

Mariota’s contract includes a no-trade provision in it. He would, however, gladly give it up if it meant being transferred to a club that would allow him to start games. It’s something to keep an eye on, particularly as the trade deadline approaches and the rumor mill heats up.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

It’s Not You, It’s Me: Top NFL Free Agent Meets With Raiders Then Passes on Signing, but Will “Remain in Touch” RELATED: It’s Not You, It’s Me: Top NFL Free Agent Meets With Raiders Then Passes on Signing, but Will “Remain in Touch”

The next hurdle is an incredibly simple one: I need to be a starter. Is there any doubt I can do it? Of course not. And this isn’t a situation where I’m saying, “I’m gonna be a starter” and then failing. No, I’m gonna do it.. Read more about derek carr and let us know what you think.

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