The NFL is a sport that is known for its machismo. Players love to be the center of attention and are often seen performing obscene dances before or after games. In the past, it was common to see players with tattoos or even piercings. But now that leagues are recruiting more women, things are starting to change. So why is it that the NFL still has no female players, at least to speak of?

The NFL is conducted by men. Yes, that’s right, men. And not just any men, but the best men, the billionaires and media moguls who run the NFL. Why is this? Because it’s mostly about money. Look at the NFL’s TV ratings. It’s all about ratings. It’s not about the games, it’s about the commercials. The NFL is a billion dollar industry, run by men who make millions for themselves and their networks. But, what about the women?

Over the years, women have not been inferior to men in any way when it comes to sports, and the popularity of women’s sports has peaked. While many sports around the world have women’s versions of their major leagues, the NFL seems to be lagging behind. So isn’t it time we had a women’s NFL to follow and support? Isn’t it time for a women’s NFL? word-image-9313

Women’s Gridiron Football

There are already several women’s soccer leagues in America. The three main 11-on-11 full-contact soccer leagues are the U.S. Women’s Soccer League, the Women’s Soccer Alliance and the Independent Women’s Soccer League. These leagues are the most established, but the oldest, the Independent Women’s Soccer League, which has been around since 2001, doesn’t even have a functioning website. Soccer is one of the most supported sports in America, but the Independent Women’s Soccer League (IWFL) has little presence online. Fortunately, the Women’s Soccer Alliance (WFA) and the United States Women’s Soccer League (USWFL) are making a small attempt to celebrate their teams online. Currently women do not play professionally and it is hard to imagine that this will always be the case unless something changes in the future. There are many examples of women’s sports that are very popular, and women’s football should try to emulate this.

Follow the tennis pattern

In tennis, female athletes are paid as much as male athletes to close the gender pay gap. This is a step in the right direction for women’s sports, as she has proven over the years that she is as talented as men. The women’s Wimbledon and US Open finals are followed with as much interest as the men’s, and both events are sold out. Isn’t it time for a women’s NFL? word-image-9314 So you see, women’s sports are just as interesting, fun and exciting as any other, if you have the right platform. Maybe it’s time for American football to give women’s soccer the space it deserves.

People are willing to look

Sports like mixed martial arts (MMA) and professional wrestling don’t hesitate to make headlines with their female athletes. The success of women’s equality proves that the world is ready to accept women’s sport even more than before. Ronda Rousey, for example, was the biggest star in MMA, traditionally dominated by men. When she was still competing and a champion, she was the headline act at many events, all in front of packed arenas. People are willing to look at female athletes and accept them at the same elite level as their male counterparts.

Football is a bright light

Football is a male-dominated sport, but in recent years women’s football is starting to rival it in terms of audience share. The 67,829-seat Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid was sold out for the recent women’s soccer match between Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona. One of the reasons for the success of women’s football is that professional men’s teams are creating their own women’s teams. NFL franchises can also create their own women’s teams to represent them on the field. This would help the game become popular faster by capitalizing on the already established support. Isn’t it time for a women’s NFL? word-image-9315 The NFL season is short and ends after 16 games for most teams, but when you consider that the team is also followed by a women’s team, that’s twice as many games for fans. Most major European football teams already have women’s teams, all playing in national leagues and continental competitions.

Say goodbye to clichés

It is no understatement to say that the most popular women’s football organization is the Legends Football League, formerly known as the Lingerie Football League. These three leagues are making way for League of Legends Football, as the 7-on-7 sport gains popularity. The rise of this sport, in which women play soccer without wearing special clothing, undermines the legitimacy of the three full-contact leagues that are trying to take women’s soccer seriously.

Change of school system

Very few universities currently offer women’s soccer programs, and the best chance for women to play professionally is to join the men’s soccer team. The schools are designed for kids to go on to high school and college and play professional football. Many women don’t get that chance and the closest thing to it is playing powder puff in high school. The Powderpuff has been criticized for reinforcing gender stereotypes and downplaying women’s athletic abilities. Throughout history, women in sports have proven that they succeed when given the same opportunities as men, so it’s time for them to do the same in American football.

Slow construction

There have been failed attempts to establish women’s football leagues in the past, but the way they were conducted could be the reason they did not get off the ground. If women’s soccer can be developed, starting with the college system, it has a good chance of becoming a popular alternative to the NFL. Taking advantage of the existing market can be a great advantage, but it will take money and time to create a true women’s NFL. But other sports have paved the way for women’s soccer, and their stars have proven just as popular as their male counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a female NFL league?

If you’ve followed the National Football League for any amount of time you’ve heard the same claims of “progress” over the years. The NFL is supposedly “ahead of its time”, “the natural evolution of football”, “a sure sign it’s getting ‘better’”, and so forth. The reality is that despite all the claims of change, the NFL has done little to change its core problems, and women’s football has been the victim of its own success. It’s a little-known fact that the NFL already has a women’s league, it’s called the WNBA. The league was founded in 1996 as a response to the NFL’s longstanding refusal to accept women as players, and it’s grown to become a billion dollar business, with a fan base of more than five million. The WNBA also boasts some serious talent: in April, the New York Liberty acquired the services of superstar forward, Tina Charles, from the New York Liberty for two second round draft picks.

Who was the first woman to play in the NFL?

There are a few women who have made the transition from the world of collegiate sports to the professional arena, but none of them have made quite the same impact as Katherine Webb. Katherine, a former University of Florida Gators cheerleader, has become a household name for her role as the girlfriend of NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston. In 1940, a 21-year-old college student named Dave DeBusschere became the first woman to play in the NFL. She played for the New York Giants in the 1940 season, and went on to play for the Cleveland Indians, the New York Yankees, the New York Giants, the Washington Redskins, and the New York Jets during her nine-year career.

Is the LFL still active?

Women’s football is in the midst of a boom, with record numbers of girls taking up the sport and the NFL’s official team, the LA Lingerie Football League (LFL) now boasting over hundreds of players across their league. However, while the LFL and its fans have been cheering on the progress of women’s football, a number of critics are expressing concerns that FA standards are not as high as they are for men, with concerns the game may be too much for women to handle. I understand that the LFL is moving away from the NFL, and that an LFL franchise is going to Baltimore. I understand that a guy named Alonzo is going to be the LFL commissioner. And I understand that the LFL is now a thing that is literally called “The LFL.” But I don’t understand why they didn’t just go with “The NFL.” How many times can they call it “the LFL” before people get sick of it?

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