The Boston Celtics are now a Charlotte Hornets franchise, and Isaiah Thomas is trying to bring the same personality with him onto the court. The best way to understand this new vibe? Go watch his debut!

The “why did the celtics trade isaiah thomas reddit” is a question that has been on many people’s minds. The Boston Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas to the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Miles Bridges and Kemba Walker.

Isaiah Thomas Gets That Boston Celtics Vibe in Debut With the Charlotte Hornets

Isaiah Thomas, a seasoned point guard, has bounced around the NBA since his All-Star days with the Boston Celtics. Thomas has appeared in six games this season, representing three different clubs.

Thomas has pushed his way back into the league and shown that he is still capable of scoring goals. He made his Charlotte Hornets debut on Wednesday, scoring 10 points in 14 minutes. Although it was a far cry from his Celtics days when he averaged 24.7 points in 32.2 minutes, Wednesday’s game brought back some of those Boston memories.

In his Charlotte Hornets debut, Isaiah Thomas makes an impact.


Isaiah-Thomas-Hornets-1024x682 On March 2, 2022, in Cleveland, Ohio, Darius Garland of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives to the basket against Isaiah Thomas of the Charlotte Hornets during the fourth quarter at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. | Getty Images/Jason Miller .

Thomas has been in the NBA for 11 years, having been picked with the last choice in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Sacramento Kings. Over the course of his career, he has played for ten different teams, averaging approximately one team member each year. Despite the frequent fluctuation, Thomas continues to demonstrate his ability to play. In 14 minutes of play, he also collected five rebounds to go with his 10 points.

According to Roderick Boone of The Charlotte Observer, Thomas said after Wednesday’s game, “I don’t think I have anything to prove.” “I’ve shown that I’m healthy, which is the most important thing, and it’s all about receiving the chance.” I’m here to assist you in any way I can.

“Just try to infuse some fresh energy into the team since they’ve been suffering a little bit, and then do anything I can to bring some good light to the situation.”

Thomas has a lifetime average of 17.9 points, but it was with the Celtics that he enjoyed his best seasons. He set a career best with 28.7 points and earned his second consecutive All-Star selection in 2016-17. Thomas was a rock star in Boston, and he’s proving that he’s still got it.

With a Boston Celtics feel, Isaiah Thomas seemed like at home in his debut.

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It might be difficult to adjust to a new team and a new system, but Thomas is accustomed to it. When Thomas glanced around the Hornets locker room and saw some old faces from his Celtics days, things were a bit easier for him.

Thomas described Hornets player Terry Rozier, a former teammate in Boston, as “one of my close buddies.” “It’s weird because I just texted him about the prospect of rejoining the other day, so I’ve had to give him a shoutout, as well as Gordon Hayward, who I recruited to Boston and who I’m close friends with.”

“So I’m looking forward to being here and bringing some great energy to the squad.”

Rozier only had wonderful things to say about his old Boston backcourt buddy.

Rozier said, “It ain’t just what he does on the court.” “Because he’s a veteran, his voice in the huddle and in the locker room has already had an impression. So having players like him around who have been around, gone to the playoffs, and know what it takes is great.”

LaMelo Ball, according to Thomas, will ‘take over this league.’

Thomas may have seen more activity than he had anticipated. Thomas saw some early action as LaMelo Ball picked up three first-quarter fouls.

Hornets coach James Borrego remarked, “This isn’t something new to him.” “Obviously, I didn’t expect him to play this many minutes and have this much of an effect so soon.” But it’s for situations like these that we brought him in. He was prepared for the situation. He’s familiar with our methodology and what we’re attempting.”

Ball, the Hornets’ 20-year-old All-Star, is a player Thomas admires.

“He’s one of a kind,” Thomas added. “He’s going to take this league over in no time.” He’s a unique talent with a certain vibe – that positive energy — about him. And I have no choice but to inform him about my experiences.

“I’ve been in the league for eleven years, I’ve been a franchise player before, I’ve been in every circumstance.” I believe that the only thing I can do is assist him. He hasn’t seen it all yet, but he has had a lot of success thus far in his career. But there are so many ways I can assist him on and off the court that I can’t express right now.

“Obviously, while I’m on the bench and watching the boys play, I’m going to try to assist him in any way I can, slow down the game for him, and just be a helping hand and in his ear as much as I can.”

Brad Stevens Discusses Isaiah Thomas, But Doesn’t Say Much

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