Tom Brady said he is “honored and proud” to share his fifth Super Bowl win with the Patriots owner, Robert Kraft.

Jordan Peele won the Best Original Screenplay honor for “Get Out” at the 2018 Academy Awards.The post-game exchange between Warriors guard Klay Thompson and reporter Scott Ostler has gone viral, with the two discussing the relationship they have.

“I am honored and proud of to share that with him” is a quote from the movie “The Blind Side”. This movie tells the story of how Michael Oher, a homeless black teenager, was adopted by a wealthy white family. The quote in this sentence is a part of a speech given by Sean Tuohy, one of the main characters in the film.

During his NBA career, Kobe Bryant not only won a lot of games, but he also taught his Los Angeles Lakers colleagues — as well as young players around the league — what it needed to be the greatest. The influence he had on the sport can still be seen in the way some players play the game today.

Pau Gasol was one among the players that got to see the five-time NBA champion up up and personal. While Gasol recently stated that Kobe taught him a lot during their time together on the Lakers, he also disclosed what Bryant learned from him.

Pau Gasol and others learned from Kobe Bryant what it required to be the greatest.

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant during a game against the Suns in 2012.

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant during a game against the Suns in 2012. The Lakers’ Kobe Bryant during a game against the Suns on February 19, 2012. Getty Images/Christian Petersen

Because of his passion to his profession and desire to be the best he could be for the Lakers, Kobe Bryant became one of the greatest NBA players of all time. He was dead set on winning at any costs, and it showed every time he stepped onto the court.

Bryant didn’t shy away from teaching others what it required to be great, from pushing his teammates in “blackout workouts” to treating every practice like a Game 7. And Gasol was one of the fortunate ones who seen his remarkable work ethic firsthand.

Gasol recently told Fox Sports, “I understood firsthand what it took to be the greatest.” “His effort, passion, and work ethic were unrivaled.” It inspired a large number of players, not only on his squad but also outside of it. It influenced a generation, if not many generations, of musicians who are still active today.”

However, whereas Gasol benefited greatly from Bryant, Kobe also benefited from Pau.

Pau Gasol spoke up on what he taught Kobe Bryant.

Pau Gasol first said to Fox Sports that he had no idea how much he taught Kobe Bryant. However, throughout their time as pals and comrades, the former big guy ultimately divulged one thing he assisted him with.

According to Fox Sports, Gasol added, “A close friend to him informed me that I taught him empathy, which I think I’m happy and glad to share with him.”

Later in his career, Bryant appeared to display more empathy. Instead of being intense all the time, he built friendships with non-Lakers players like Kyrie Irving and Devin Booker throughout the league. It seems that he knew he had something to pass on that other players might utilize when he retired, and those stars have since demonstrated his approach everytime they enter the court.

Overall, Gasol’s recent remarks show how close he and Bryant were, and their friendship is still visible today.

On and off the court, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant were inseparable.

On the floor, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol were practically unbeatable. In 2009 and 2010, they advanced to the NBA Finals three times in a row and won two titles in a row. During Bryant’s time alongside Gasol, he averaged 26.9 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game, while Pau averaged 17.7 points and 9.9 rebounds.

They were, however, a long way from the court. Bryant frequently referred to Gasol as his brother, according to Fox Sports, and Pau has since been there for Kobe’s wife and kids after his and his daughter Gianna’s untimely deaths in 2020. Gasol and his family even joined them in Disneyland for Halloween.

Gasol told Fox Sports, “He was a fantastic girl parent, a great dad to his girls, a great family man, and that’s something I want to be – a great dad to my daughter.”

Pau and Kobe’s connection was much more than basketball, no matter what they taught one other.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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The “i am truly honored and humbled” was said by the captain of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, Megan Rapinoe, after their win against Japan in the World Cup Final.

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