The upcoming season offers a lot of questions. Will the Cubs succeed? How will Washington Wizards swing next year with Isaiah Thomas on board and Bradley Beal traded away? We’re also still trying to figure out who’s going to take over for LeBron James in Cleveland when he finally hangs up his sneakers.

“I Think I’ve Been Fine” is a song by the band “The 1975”. The song has an undisputed meaning.

'I Think I've Been Fine'

Throughout the first 34 games of the 2021-22 season, the Los Angeles Lakers’ troubles have been widely publicized. The blame has been pushed all over the place, with the most recent criticism being aimed at Russell Westbrook. It didn’t take long for the star point guard to react to the clamor from outside.

Russell Westbrook is defended by LeBron James in the face of criticism.

After Russ’ bad shooting night, LeBron backs Westbrook:

“His decision-making tonight was outstanding. He had 11 AST and 12 REB, five of which were attacking… The player works hard and leaves it everything on the court. That is not an issue for me. It’s a win-or-go-home league.”

December 26, 2021 — (@Ballislife)

Because of the Lakers’ poor performance during the first 34 games, Westbrook’s short stay in Los Angeles has been highly dissected.

Although his performance has improved as the season has progressed, a large portion of the responsibility for Los Angeles’ inconsistency has been put to him. After the Brooklyn Nets lost on Christmas Day, James defended his teammate strongly.

“He gave us additional possessions, he gave us a lot of looks around the basket,” James told The New York Post. “I know he can’t take [failing to convert] as well.” “However, in terms of effort, if a person plays hard and gives it everything on the court, I have no issue with it.” It’s a win-or-go-home league.”

Westbrook’s effort has never been questioned, but his shooting woes have gotten him in trouble. He’s added another capable ball-handler to the mix, as well as a consistent scoring option. His turnovers (4.6 per game) and unreliability shooting from outside the arc have been a source of contention (30.4 percent ).

The conversation didn’t stop there, as Westbrook added his two cents to the conversation.

Russell Westbrook retaliates vehemently against his detractors: ‘I believe I’ve done okay.’

Throughout his career, Westbrook has faced a lot of criticism for his playing style.

Outside criticism continues to focus on his scoring efficiency, especially after a poor shooting performance against the Nets. He shot 4-of-20 from the field, including 11 missed restricted shots in a single game, tying his personal record for the most missed restricted shots in a single game.

The nine-time All-Star answered by adding that triple-doubles are not typical and that he is focused on what he can do to assist the team.

Westbrook told ESPN, “Honestly, I believe I’ve been OK.” “A lot of the talk has been about how I’m playing and what I’m doing, but I think people want me to have f—ing 25, 15, and 15, which isn’t typical.” Everyone must realize that this is not something that individuals do on a regular basis.

“People are saying, ‘Let Russ be Russ,’” says the narrator. Nobody, I believe, knows what it implies. ‘Let Russ be Russ,’ I believe people simply say, but no one save myself understands what it implies. And I’m going to depend on it to make sure I’m doing all I’m supposed to be doing. And leave everything else, whatever it is, outside the locker room to take care of itself.”

While Westbrook is aware of the criticism, the Lakers need him to be a more prominent offensive force while Anthony Davis is sidelined for the foreseeable future. Los Angeles believes he can improve his scoring efficiency while increasing his overall production from 19.6 points, which is the lowest since his second season.

Meanwhile, he has to improve as a late-game force, particularly in game-deciding situations. The Lakers will give Westbrook as much room as he needs to function at a higher level in the hopes of moving the club in the right direction.

Russell Westbrook must assist the Lakers in shifting into high gear as soon is possible. FLfdYNyxQk

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Outside of LeBron James’ excellent performance, the Lakers are on a five-game losing streak that has highlighted every flaw.

Although the sky isn’t falling, the Lakers seem to be a long way from being title candidates. Westbrook was brought in by the Lakers to fill a need in the backcourt and push them over the top.

Meanwhile, the retooled roster was supposed to offer consistency, depth, and experience to the team. None of that has been the case, despite the fact that injuries and COVID-19-related concerns have played a role.

The Lakers still have time to turn things around, but time is running out.

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