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The idea of a blog post about sports is tempting, but nothing has been able to compare with the unique experience one gets when watching or playing.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is often compared to Tom Brady, yet the two quarterbacks couldn’t be more unlike.

Brady loves, breathes, and eats football. He wants to play until his body gives out, which might be when he’s a true senior citizen at this point. Rodgers, on the other hand, is definitely interested in things other than football. He’s also come to terms with the prospect of life beyond the NFL. This, according to his comments on the most recent episode of “Aaron Rodgers Tuesday.”

Green Bay Packers quarterback This season, Aaron Rodgers has spent a lot of time away from his team.

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers #12 reacts during the first half of their game against the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Rodgers, who appeared on The Pat McAfee Show as usual, was forthright about the fact that he has given life without football a good hard look. This season, he’s also had an out of the ordinary experience with the squad.

Of course, he was the focus of an offseason storm that included allegations that he wanted to be moved and even considered retiring. When he returned to Green Bay for training camp, he verified many of the claims.

Rodgers was recently placed on a ten-day quarantine after having a positive COVID-19 test while unvaccinated. Green Bay’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs and a week of practice leading up to the Packers’ game against the Seattle Seahawks were both canceled as a result of the quarterback’s injury. He attended meetings remotely before to the Seattle game, but wasn’t able to return to the facility until the day before the game. With an injured toe, he also missed the most of Green Bay’s workouts leading up to the team’s defeat to the Minnesota Vikings this past weekend.

Rodgers has been spending more time away from the squad than with it recently.

McAfee was curious as to what Rodgers learned during his time away from the organization.

“It sort of starting to feel like what retirement may be a little bit when I spent time this summer focusing on myself and away from the team, enjoying my time off,” Rodgers stated.

Rodgers thought that McAfee and his former Green Bay teammate A.J. Hawk, both retired NFL players, could connect to missing teammates and the companionship aspect of football but also enjoying their time away from the game.

“I had a sense of it,” he said. “Regardless of who we are, we all have some apprehension about what the next chapter may bring. I believe I confronted it this offseason and said, ‘It feels really nice.’ ‘I enjoy the way this feels.’

Rodgers went on to declare, “I’m not concerned about life beyond football.”

Though he seems unconcerned about a future without football, it is worth mentioning that, after considering retirement, the quarterback returned to the Packers for at least one “final dance.”

“I was still training and committed to returning if things looked promising, and I’m so pleased I did,” he said. “It’s been a joy working with these guys.”

Rodgers seems to be enjoying himself, even if he does sound like he’ll be happy to retire from the NFL one day and won’t be one of those guys that plays far into their prime.

It helps that he’s coming off an MVP season and can still play at a high level, but you get the impression that engaging with his teammates is what draws the 37-year-old to the game.

“I’d been missing the lads a lot.” Looking back on his confinement, he stated, “I truly missed the locker room.”

A highlight for Rodgers is joking about with his teammates and having fun while still training to be one of the best teams in the NFL.

“It’s all the small things that make the week go by as you prepare for the most important and joyful part of the week, the game,” he added. “There are so many wonderful things.” Those were very much missed by me. I’ll keep cherishing them, and I’m grateful to still be doing this. To be able to participate.”

Rodgers has been chastised for being distant or even a lousy teammate, but his conversation with McAfee and Hawk about missing his teammates reveals a different side of the three-time MVP.

He cares about the people on his team, and there’s no question he wants to help Green Bay win another Super Bowl this season.

The issue is whether he’ll be motivated to continue his football career once the summer arrives and the sense of not being in the NFL returns.

Fans who want to see Rodgers play for many more years must be concerned by the fact that he’s already accepted the idea that he won’t be playing football any longer.

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