The phrase “I knew you was about to do that” is often used in sports when one player or team has just made a move that the other team had been waiting for. This phrase comes from basketball, where players are constantly on the lookout for their opponent’s next move.

The i knew you would make it meaning is a phrase that is used to express how the speaker felt about the outcome of something.

Given that Michael Jordan is generally regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, his extraordinary abilities caused him to humiliate a significant number of players during his time with the Chicago Bulls.

Many of those retired players, particularly because Jordan was so famous during that period of the NBA, recall the precise instances when he made them seem terrible. Walt Williams is one of the former hoopers. In fact, when Williams was a rookie, Jordan destroyed his chance to show off his greatest move by turning around and calling it “fake” right in his face during a preseason game.

When Walt Williams was a rookie, Michael Jordan was already in his peak with the Bulls.

Michael Jordan had already won two championships with the Bulls in a row in 1992. He was also the greatest player in the NBA, having led the league in scoring for six straight seasons.

Walt Williams, on the other hand, was an NBA rookie with the Sacramento Kings, having been selected seventh overall in the 1992 NBA Draft out of Maryland.

Williams had just finished his 1991-92 collegiate season with 26.8 points and 5.6 rebounds per game and was off to a good start in his professional career. In his debut season with the Kings, the 6-foot-8 small forward averaged 17.0 points and 4.5 rebounds, earning him All-Rookie accolades.

But, before all of his success that season, Williams met Jordan and the Bulls in the preseason, and MJ offered him an experience he’ll never forget.

During a preseason game, MJ destroyed the rookie’s trademark crossover.

Chicago Bulls and NBA legend Michael Jordan during the 1997-98 season.

Chicago Bulls and NBA legend Michael Jordan during the 1997-98 season. In November 1997, Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls. | Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

Throughout Jordan’s career, many players were on the receiving end of great Jordan plays, and Williams was one of them. He recalled the day MJ basically gave him a “welcome to the NBA moment” in a discussion with the NBC Sports Wizards Talk podcast in 2020. He also recounted the tale to Basketball Network lately.

“It was the last preseason game for us….” We were playing the Bulls, and I had just arrived in town and had the game the next day, so I didn’t know any plays or anything like that,” Williams, who had joined the team the day before, told NBC Sports. “However, I was given the chance to play against him. In that game, I really played against Scottie Pippen.”

Williams then claimed that he and teammate Mitch Richmond, who Jordan was guarding, ran a pick-and-roll. Off the screen, he was meant to hand it to Richmond.

When MJ switched to Scottie Pippen, Williams understood he was being defended by the best player in the world. 

“All of a sudden, I got this thought, ‘Oh my gosh, Jordan is watching over me.’ According to NBC Sports, Williams stated, “I could tell my guys I scored a bucket on Jordan.” “As a result, I waved Mitch away. I told Mitch to get out of the way because I intended to utilize this iso on Jordan. So, way back when, way back when, I had a great [crossover]. … That was some excellent footwork. As a result, I arranged for Jordan to have it.”

However, that iconic move didn’t go as anticipated. 

According to NBC Sports, Williams stated, “He put his hand in between and snatched it and did the symbol on me on a dunk on the opposite end.”

The humiliation didn’t stop there.

Michael Jordan added insult to injury with vicious trash talk.

Michael Jordan during his return to the Chicago Bulls and the NBA in 1995.

Michael Jordan during his return to the Chicago Bulls and the NBA in 1995. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls in 1995. | AFP/Getty Images/Brian Bahr

If having your trademark move destroyed by Jordan wasn’t bad enough, the six-time NBA champion added insult to injury by sending the youngster some harsh trash language.

“Hey guy, we watch movies up here,’ he added as he turned back and stared at me. According to NBC Sports, Williams remarked, “I knew you were going to make that phony crossover.” “That’s when I realized there’s a different level in how you have to play in the NBA.”

Williams wasn’t the first or last player to be humiliated by the Bulls great, who went on to play in the NBA for 11 years. But he received a harsh shock about life in the NBA, particularly during the heyday of Michael Jordan. Williams has yet to play for the Kings and it was just a preseason game. What movie did Jordan see? Is that his college tape?

After that, perhaps the former Terrapins star never tried that crossover on MJ again. It’s quite probable that the conclusion would have been the same.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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