The Philadelphia Flyers narrowly escaped with a 4-3 win over the Sharks last night after a pair of Sharks goals within the first five minutes of the game, but the Flyers didn’t play all that bad. And, then, there’s the Flyers’ captain, Mike Richards.

“I don’t think he can carry a team now.” Or so thought the ever-so-slightly-more-skeptical front office of the San Jose Sharks when they made the decision to trade third-line center Joe Thornton to the Boston Bruins for a trio of players.

A Carolina Panthers fan in North Carolina took a lot of heat and backlash for calling out the quarterback Cam Newton after the Panthers’ season-ending loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game. “I was in tears in my living room alone,” the fan wrote. “I just don’t think he can carry a team now.”. Read more about the a team cast and let us know what you think.

Tom Brady is still questioned by some detractors after winning his seventh Super Bowl this past NFL season.

According to a recent poll, a current NFL offensive coordinator believes Brady no longer has what it takes to lead his team to success.

Brady, of course, would disagree, citing his seven Super Bowl rings as evidence of his brilliance. However, one offensive coordinator explained why he believes Brady is no longer at the top of his game.

Tom Brady is no longer capable of leading a team.


Tom-Brady-12-1024x683 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady is getting ready to play in Super Bowl LV. | Getty Images/Patrick Smith

The aforementioned NFL offensive coordinator isn’t the only one who thinks Tom Brady is a jerk. About all NFL quarterbacks, The Athletic polled 50 NFL personnel, including head coaches, past head coaches, and others. The staff was asked to rate each quarterback on a scale of one to ten. Brady did, in the end, finish in the top tier. However, he was rated behind two other quarterbacks.

Brady’s rating was based on many factors, according to the unnamed individuals. However, the most likely reason is that he need more assistance than in previous years.

“There were too many games when they weren’t really accomplishing anything and the defense or someone made a huge play,” the unnamed offensive coordinator said. I believe he’s fantastic. I simply don’t believe he can now lead a team.

According to CBS Sports, Brady threw three interceptions against the Green Bay Packers in the 2021 NFC Championship Game, proving his point. When the Packers marched down the field in the fourth quarter, nearly tying the game, the Buccaneers defense, not their quarterback, rescued the day.

So, who were the quarterbacks that came in ahead of Brady in this poll? Two people who, in the opinion of most experts and fans, deserve to be at the top.

Patrick Mahomes is in second place.

To no one’s surprise, Brady’s Super Bowl opponent, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, is barely ahead of him on this list.

Mahomes’ movement and the throws he makes under duress have been lauded.

“Mahomes exemplifies everything you want in that guy,” one former NFL coach remarked. He makes such throws when he needs to move and sees the field, allowing him to prolong the play and remain in the pocket while throwing. He’s come a long way from what I imagined he’d be capable of.”

For a quarterback who has only been in the NFL since 2017, this is high praise.

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL.

It’s no surprise that Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is the best quarterback in the league. The current NFL MVP was voted on unanimously by the voters. So, what distinguishes him from Mahomes and Brady? The teams of Aaron Rodgers win because of him, not in spite of him. 

When his team needs him the most, he appears to shine. Several NFL defensive coordinators praised Rodgers for his performance. According to one source, The Athletic:

A defensive coach remarked, “It’s his full command of everything that’s happening on on the field that makes the difference.” “I’m talking about how they use their timeouts, what the tempo is, who he wants on the field for offensive personnel, what the alignments are, what the adjusted formations are, what the play clock is, putting the defensive line in the neutral zone, and so on. Those are the things he does on a weekly basis that make me want to take two Excedrin just by telling you that.”

Regardless of where each quarterback finished in the rankings, they are still regarded as the league’s top three quarterbacks today.

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