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Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 overall selection by the Jacksonville Jaguars, has flowing hair and a golden boy heritage. That’s a big cry from their last quarterback, Gardner Minshew, who wore a mullet and sported a mustache.

Minshew wasn’t a big prospect or the face of anything coming out of Mississippi. He worked hard to become an NFL starting quarterback, but his tenacity and drive (as well as his sense of humor) may ensure he stays in the game longer than many expect.

Gardner Minshew is regarded as a cult hero.

Gardner Minshew II participates in drills during Jacksonville Jaguars Mandatory Minicamp at TIAA Bank Field on June 15, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Gardner Minshew II participates in drills during Jacksonville Jaguars Mandatory Minicamp at TIAA Bank Field on June 15, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida. Gardner Minshew II | Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Sam Greenwood

Gardner Minshew II (there is no Gardner I; his parents chose that name at random) was simply a quarterback from Mississippi who bounced about college football long before “Minshew Mania” engulfed Duval County and, on some levels, the whole NFL.

According to NFL.com, he had a scholarship at UAB before the school’s football program collapsed. He subsequently transferred to Troy University, although he never played there. Northwest Mississippi Community College was next, followed by East Carolina University.

Finally, he was ready to move to Alabama to become a backup quarterback and study from the great Nick Saban before becoming a coach when he received a call from the eccentric Washington State coach Mike Leach. Don’t sit on the Alabama bench, come throw it “70 times a game” in Washington, said the outrageous offensive genius, and that’s precisely what “The Mississippi Mustache” accomplished.

At Washington State, Minshew only passed 51 times each game, yet he threw for 4,779 yards, 38 touchdowns, and just eight interceptions.

As a result, Jacksonville selected Minshew in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL draft at No. 178 overall. In his first two years, he started 20 games and threw for 5,530 yards, 37 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.

The improbable NFL quarterback’s background, tenacity, and gunslinger style – coupled with the mullet and mustache — attracted him to fans all across the country, particularly in Duval.  

Although the Jaguars choose Trevor Lawrence as their franchise quarterback, Minshew is eager to compete.

Gardner Minshew was questioned about his mentality heading into the season on the Green Light with Chris Long podcast. Long said that the club was clearly hoping for their first-round selection to earn the starter position. He then inquired as to how the quarterback is coping with the situation.

Minshew replied in the only way he knows how:

Man, I’ll tell you something. I haven’t taken a s— in weeks in preparation for the competition. Number two isn’t a viable choice. That’s what anybody who comes in thinking that’s an option is going to receive. Do you get what I’m saying?

On playing against Trevor Lawrence, Gardner Minshew said

Minshew responded with a sober assessment of the issue. He said that he is aware of how hard he has worked, that he is eager and prepared for the training camp competition, and that this is all a player can do in such a scenario.

Gardner Minshew is expected to be traded by the Jaguars.

Coach Urban Meyer of the Jaguars says no decision has been made on quarterback Gardner Minshew and a potential trade. He met with him yesterday and expressed his admiration for Minshew’s competitive spirit.

March 19, 2021 — Michael DiRocco (@ESPNdirocco)

Depending on how you look at it, the Jaguars are in an enviable or difficult situation. On the bright side, they have a starting-caliber quarterback behind their No. 1 selection, who will cost them virtually nothing in the NFL ($850K in 2021, $965K in 2022). Minshew can step in and lead the team adequately if Lawrence isn’t ready or is injured.

On the other side, if Lawrence fails or is injured, and Minshew steps in and performs well, the team may face a quarterback issue that no one wants, from ownership to head coach Urban Meyer.

Meyer, according to ESPN’s Michael DiRocco, “loves Minshew’s competitive fire” from his viewpoint. As a first-year head coach, he’ll likely want as many alternatives as possible to assist him get through his first season.

If quarterbacks across the league start to struggle as training camp begins, the price for Minshew may rise, since he would be the best available option who isn’t starting for his current club. If that’s the case, a club could make the Jags an offer they can’t refuse, and Minshew might have another chance to overcome the odds and prove his critics wrong.

Pro Football Reference and Sports Reference provided all data, while spotrac provided contract numbers.

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