In this article, we will be exploring how to unlock the Heritage Gun in Deathloop.

The heritage gun deathloop is a new weapon in the game called Deathloop. To unlock it, you have to complete all of the levels on Hard difficulty.

The Heritage Gun is one of Deathloop’s most effective and flexible weapons. This unique shotgun has two modes of operation. One shoots a big slug that is both strong and long-range. The other shoots a deadly hail of gunfire, but it’s only useful up close. But how can you get it unlocked?

In Deathloop, you must be astute, nimble, and one step ahead of your opponents in order to get the Heritage Gun. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how.  

In a nutshell, the Heritage Gun may be seen in Karl’s Bay in the evening. However, you must first solve many riddles, the answers to which are listed below.

Go to the Fathoms of Lament building, which is located in the region’s center. A huge cannon in a tube and a map of Karl’s Bay may be found within. If you look carefully at the map, you’ll see lights in a triangle pattern that indicate locations across the region. Each of those lights denotes a “gift,” which is a ticking cardboard box with a light on top.

Karls Bay map showing the locations of three gifts.

It is your job to locate and open each of these boxes. However, some will offer you a trinket, while others will explode, so leave them some room when they open. Once a gift has been unwrapped, the lights on the map will become solid.

A gift box with a lightbulb on top of it sitting on ice near water.

Because there are more present drop sites than real gifts, each run’s arrangement may vary somewhat. It’s not difficult to locate them; just walk toward each marked place and listen for the ticking sound.  

Two of the sites are unique and will not be altered. The first is at Hangar 2, where you may battle Harriet at a different time of day. The hangar’s bottom floor is packed with gas, but you’ll be above it for everything.

The Hangar Puzzle: How to Solve It

Look for a lever with a blinking light on the top catwalk above the gas chamber. After pulling that lever, a countdown will begin, and it will be up to you to pull each lever before time runs out.

Pulling one lever will only trigger one of the remaining six, so be prepared to sprint, leap, and maybe Shift to get to them all. 

The first lever is conveniently located near the sky bridge that connects the two hangars. The second is on the other side of the chamber, with a view of the gas pit. Both may be seen in the image below.

The first and second levers for the Hangar Puzzle.

The third is just across the street from the second, but down a level and to the right.

The third lever on the lower level, left of a plane cockpit.

The next is on the far wall, near a yellow symbol painted on the wall, towards the back of the hangar.

The fourth lever on the opposite end of the hangar from the third lever, green gas on the ground.

The fourth lever is on the same upper catwalk as the second, but in a dark area towards the room’s back. 

The fifth lever on an upper catwalk.

The aircraft hanging above the gas pit has the final lever. 

A lever on a plane fuselage above green poison gas.

Return to the first lever and open the gift after pulling the final one. If you run out of time, just pull the initial lever again to restart the game.

How to Solve the Puzzle of the Dawn of Reason

The Dawn of Reason problem is a place where you may lock yourself out of the quest for the remainder of the loop, reversing all of your previous progress.

Another lever must be pulled here to open the shutter that blocks the entrance to the Dawn of Reason nightclub. You have two minutes after pulling the lever to discover the four-digit code to open a door and receive the last gift.

However, you only receive one shot. There are no second chances if you fail to open the door on time. 

The code is shown in a succession of white murals, some of which are unconnected, and requires you to stand in the right location in order to align two parts. The paintings are organized like a clock with just seven hours, and they symbolize the code lock on the door. There are four tally markings on the inside of each mural.

The player character holding a shotgun looks at a seven-sided keypad and mural indicating a door code.

For each, there is an outside marker and an inside orange tally. The colored outer maker will correlate to a number, and the tally will show where that number falls in the sequence.  

The third number is two in the image above, for example: the third outside marker is red, and the third inside tally is red. Because these, like safe or door codes, are unique to your game, it is up to you to discover all four digits. 

There are more possible mural locations than there are actual murals, just as there are more gifts. Examine all of the store’s walls, as well as both sides of doors and windows. You can open the door and the gift after you’ve cracked all four digits.

Instead of rushing to do this job in two minutes, walk around the side of the nightclub counterclockwise until you reach a locked door.

A big window sits above this locked door. After that, you’re free to wander about the nightclub at your leisure. Take as much time as you need to figure out the code, then walk outside and pull the lever to begin the challenge.

Solving the Heritage Gun’s Final Puzzle

Return to Fathoms of Lament now. You’ll see that the door is open, but Charlie Montague has one more problem to solve.

Your goal is to pull all of the levers in the correct sequence before the timer runs out. There are laser traps that will force you to fail immediately, as well as a field nullifier that will disable your slabs.

First and foremost, I recommend that you locate the aperture shown below. Keep left and follow the wall as you down the steps to the chamber with the puzzle. You’ll eventually reach a pit surrounded by breakable planks. Kick them out and hack the nullifier to reclaim your abilities. This will make the problem a lot simpler to solve. 

A boarded up door in dark room.

Then, in this area, pull the lever to begin the puzzle. It’s OK if you make a mistake; you can always try again.

To climb into the opening, return to the main chamber, spin around, and leap. Keep an eye out for the laser and go straight ahead to the top section.

The player character looking at a lever on a second-story from a brightly lit and colored room.

The third lever is directly next you, but a barrier separates you from it. Turn 180 degrees and sprint back into the corridor with the lasers from the other end of the chamber. 

Looking at a lever behind a fence with another lever in the foreground.

The fourth lever is in the opposite direction as the second lever.  

A lever protected by a blue laser.

Return your attention to the lasers. The next lever is located in the right-hand pit. 

Looking at a lever on a lower floor with boxes and murals on the walls.

The next lever is located on the lower level, on the back wall. 

Looking at a lever behind a fence with blue lasers on it.

The last lever is located between the previous two levers on the top section. 

A lever across from a fence.

The Heritage Gun is now yours! Return to your hiding place and infuse your new weapon. Check out the rest of our Deathloop tutorials for additional information on how to get other uncommon weapons as well as the Deathday Suit trophy and accomplishment!

Deathloop is a game where you are required to kill your opponents. The Heritage Gun is the weapon that is used for killing players in this game. This gun can be unlocked by completing certain objectives, or by purchasing it with the in-game currency. Reference: deathloop super shifty.

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