The New World is a new Minecraft world, created by the developers of Minecraft. It is a land with an entirely different look and feel than the original game, and it has been designed to be more challenging and rewarding for players.

The new world iron ore locations first light is a quest that takes place in the New World. In order to get this quest, players must have at least level 50 and have completed the tutorial quests.

Iron ore is one of the most valuable materials in New World, since it is needed to make the basic weapon set that would allow you to leave your feet.

This is a resource that will naturally come to you as part of the main narrative, but the supply you are provided will be limited. This article will show you where to look for iron ore and how to use it.

Where Can I Get Iron Ore in the New World?


As previously stated, after you reach the first town in the main quest, you will be granted a stockpile of iron ore to begin with, a total of 90 ore. This is a good start, but if you want to stay in business, you’ll need a lot more in the long run.

You’ll need to locate iron veins, which are big, dark gray rocks with orange-ish tints, to obtain iron ore. You’ll know you’ve discovered one because the words “Iron Vein” will emerge as you approach closer.

Simply interact with an iron vein while holding your pickaxe after reaching one. All of the iron ore will be put into your inventory after it has been mined.

Iron veins may be discovered in the map’s Highlands. On the map, look for light brown areas and read the legend to discover whether you’re in or near a Highlands area.

Iron ore is most frequently found in these regions’ high-altitude locations, as well as near caves or rock faces, therefore search for veins in the mountainous areas.

Iron veins regenerate every ten to fifteen minutes on average. Make a mental note of any good clusters of veins you come across so you can return to them for quick iron.

Iron veins will be trackable after you achieve mining level 25 and will show on your compass if they are close.

The following are a few particular locations around the start where piles of iron may be found:

Nodes of Everfall Iron Ore

In Everfall, just east of the main town area, there is a cave known as the Midnight Den. This cave not only has level six monsters, but it also has a lot of mineable resources.

The Canary Mine, located north of the cave, has level 15 corrupted monsters as well as some iron.

Finally, west of the mine, in the Meadow Lake Fishery, lots of veins guarded by lost mobs may be discovered, up to level 18, guarded by lost mobs.

Nodes of Light Iron Ore

This region is near to your initial colony and has a lot of iron. Bobcats, too.

A vast hilly region southeast of the town, across the lake, may be discovered and mined for tons of iron veins.

More iron-rich regions may be found near the northern peak and northwest corner of First Light.

Iron Ore Applications in the New World


The sole function of iron ore is to be smelted into iron bars, which have a wide range of applications. Bring your collected ore back to the town and place it in the smelter to convert it into iron bars, which can then be used to create weapons or armor at any crafting station.

Iron ore may also be used to get smelting experience, which can help you improve your smelting level and eventually enable you to process higher-tier metals. You’ll be able to make iron at a reduced cost as a result of this.

You’ll need lots of iron as you work your way up to the end-game feats of this much-anticipated MMO, so it’s important to always have enough on hand, and you’ll want to lay that foundation early on.

Farming iron in the New World may seem tedious at first, but you’ll soon find yourself with more than you can handle. For additional information, see some of our other New World guides.

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