Gronk is going to be huge in the upcoming season. He’s a monster wide receiver that the Patriots can use to seal the middle of the field. The Pats also have a workhorse running back that will use Gronk’s sword to destroy any other guy trying to stop his path. The Pats’ offensive line is really good too, so the Pats are going to eat up clock and score lots of points. If they can’t, they’ll have a workhorse running back and a monster wide receiver to punish opposing teams.

Tom Brady struggled in the first half of the Patriots’ 37-27 victory over the Broncos on Sunday. He finished with a quarterback rating of 47.5, but the Patriots found a way to overcome his struggles and win. The story of the Gronkowski’s sword is a happy one, because Tom Brady’s one of the few guys that actually has it. The Gronk’s been trying to get it back since he got to New England, but hasn’t been able to. And that’s only because Brady has been using it to keep his arm from killing himself.

word-image-10000 In the latest update of the game Muck on Steam, there is a new evil boss named Gronk. This giant goblin carries two huge swords that deal more damage than most adventurers can handle. However, if you manage to defeat him, you will be able to obtain Gronk’s sword, a powerful weapon. In our guide you will find all the tips to defeat Gronk and get his sword in the game Muck. You should prepare for a fight as soon as possible, because he can attack you from nowhere, especially at night. Get ready!

Muck: How to defeat Gronk and get Gronk’s sword

Preparing for battle

Before you fight Gronk, make sure you can withstand his attacks by making a strong armor, and do enough damage to kill him by making a good sword or bow. The best type of armor against Gronk is theMithril armor. It can be made on an anvil using the following recipe:

  • Helmet: 5x mithril bar
  • Chest: 20x mithril bar
  • Leg: Mitre strap 15x
  • Shoes: 5x Mithril rod

You need a total of 45x Mithril Bars to make this armor. Mithril is a blue stone that can be found on the ground and mined with a pickaxe. You need a good onion to fight the Gronckle. Theantique bow is a good choice for thisfight if you manage to find it as loot left behind by the goblins, or make it on a crafting table with this recipe: This bow takes bonus damage when it fires elemental arrows, which can also be made on the wick table:

  • 1x elementary bulb
  • 1x dark oak

If you don’t want to use a bow, you can make a mithril sword on an anvil:

  • 5x Mitril bar
  • 5x spruce

When you deploy your weapons and equipment, you also need certain bonuses to keep you alive and help you do more damage, for example:

  • Robin Hood hat for better archery
  • Danis Milk for better protection
  • Jetpack for better dodging

All of these items can be found in the loot boxes.

Gronk Boss fight

Gronk, like all the other bosses in Muck, can be summoned with the Gronk statue. It can be found in any place, depending on the creation of the world. But Gronk can also appear out of nowhere on the fifth or sixth day of survival on. It can also appear at night, so always be prepared to meet it. Gronk’s entire attack pattern consists of three repetitive movements:

  1. Fast ForwardAttack
  2. Thrown knife attack
  3. Ground attack

First it will try to attack you with its sword by jumping forward. It is best to dodge the attack or run away if possible. There’s no point in fighting it. Once he stops running, get behind him and hit him as many times as you can. Then he will try to throw his two swords at you. Dodge the knives again, and when Gronk calms down, get behind him and start hitting him with your weapon. Finally, he thrusts both his swords into the ground, creating projectile blades that fly in all directions. This attack is the hardest to dodge, but you can jump over the projectiles in time. If you get a chance, approach Gronk from behind when he’s lying still and hit him as hard as you can. This may all sound very simple, but don’t underestimate Gronk, as he is a very strong opponent. If you didn’t kill him the first time, Gronk will start the same cycle again.


After defeating Gronk, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Sword of Gronk
  • Old core
  • Blade
  • Sword handle

Once the Gronk sword is unlocked, you can craft it at any time on the anvil with the following recipe:

  • 1x blade
  • 1x sword handle
  • 10x dark oak

That’s all you need to know to get the Gronk sword in Muck. Check out more articles on Muck with tips and tricks on our dedicated central page.

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