The Beast Mane is a special ability in Tales of Arise that can be obtained through the story. It’s not an easy task, but it’s possible to get this power. Here are some tips on how you can get your own beast mane!

The tales of arise demi human talon is a skill that can be obtained in the game Tales of Arise. It allows players to transform into a beast mane.

Arise’s Tales Beast Mane is an uncommon monster drop that may be used to make weapons. It takes a little patience to get it, and not only because it’s uncommon.

Long before you gain access to Beast Mane, Alphen’s Gale Wing blade opens, and there’s not much more you need it for after that. At Tales of Arise, you may find Beast Mane in the following locations.

How to Get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise

The Ice Wolf Leader zeugle in Cyslodia and the Alpha Withered Wolves in Mahag Saar both have Beast Mane, but you want the first one.

Once you reach Cyslodia, you can obtain Alphen’s Gale Wing sword, but you won’t be able to gain Beast Mane until you enter Rudhir Forest after Messia 224. (and the Hard Liquor quest).


The battle with the Ice Wolf Leader is a staged encounter that occurs near the forest’s Cysloden exit. When the “mystery light” that restores your HP and CP emerges next to the merchant, you’ll know you’re getting near.

Because the Ice Wolf is vulnerable to fire, make sure Alphen has at least one Arte with a matching Blazing Sword move. If you require Shionne to cast Burning Strike more often, toggle her AI. Consider swapping characters and playing as Shionne instead of Alphen if the risk/reward aspect of Alphen’s Blazing Sword maneuvers pushes you too deep into the danger zone.

Her perk and Ignis Celestra strikes deliver a lot of elemental damage while without surrendering any HP.

To make Gale Wing, you’ll also need Hard Bone and Razer-Tipped Feather. The Calaglia zeugles should provide lots of Hard Bone, but Razer-Tipped Feathers can only be obtained from hawks on the White Silver Plain.

The greatest benefit of Gale Wing at this stage is its increase in Alphen’s strength, but its wind characteristic will come in useful after you reach in Elde Menancia, the earth realm. Any additional Beast Mane you get from the Withered Wolves is useless. Because Gale Wind’s refined versions don’t require Beast Mane, you may sell them for more Gald.

That’s all there is to know about Tales of Arise Beast Mane, but for additional information, see our other Tales of Arise tutorials.

In Tales of Arise, players can obtain a stone fragment that will allow them to get the Beast Mane. The stone fragment is obtained by using the tales of arise stone fragment item.

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  • tales of arise earth seed
  • tales of arise razor tipped feather
  • tales of arise astral crystal grain
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