In the world of fantasy sports, fantasy sports games are not a new concept. A few of the games you might have heard of include the popular Madden NFL, NBA 2K, NHL, and MLB. But there is another game that was developed and is very popular in the fantasy sports world. This game is called Muck League and it is very similar to the Madden NFL, NBA 2K, NHL, and MLB.

Muck Game is a sandbox game, or game where you can craft or make anything you want. It’s a game where you can spend hours crafting your own little utopia on a mountain top or in a cave, but in order to stay in the game, you have to fight other players to get their land.

One of the greatest assets of the Muck Game is its ability to alter itself at the player’s whim; this is made possible by a system of components, or “bundles”, which are placed one atop another and then twisted into a new shape. Although the system is based on a real-world physics model, there are multiple ways to customize the appearance of the game’s components, and some of these can be quite creative.



Muck is crawling with creatures attempting to rip your head off, so you’ll need the proper armor to remain alive. In Muck, there are six levels of armor, with only the Wolfskin armor requiring no metal bars to construct.

Wolfskin armor is the first new armor to be introduced to the game, and it is essentially this game’s equivalent of leather armor in Minecraft. This tutorial will go through the stats as well as how to make it.

Unlike the other five sets of Muck armor, which are produced using the anvil, the Wolfskin Armor is made on a fletching table with 45 flax fibers and 45 wolfskin. This armor isn’t very impressive, but it’s a decent starting point before moving on to mithril or adamantite. 

Flax fibers may be obtained in a 1:1 ratio from flax, thus put 1 flax in a fletching table to get 1 flax fiber. Flax is a kind of blue flower that grows in clusters of four on the ground and is very abundant.

Wolfskin is acquired via the slaughter of wolves. A wolf has a 50% chance of dropping wolfskin, and when they do, they will drop 2-4 pieces. To acquire the necessary 45 wolfskin, you’ll need to kill approximately 30 wolves.

Wolves only spawn at night, with the exception of those inside Battle Towers, which spawn at any time of day. 

Head to your fletching table after you have 45 flax fibers and 45 wolfskin. A helmet, a chestplate, trousers, and boots are the four armor components to construct. You’ll need the following materials to make each piece:

  • Five wolfskin fibers and five flax fibers make up the helmet.
  • 20 wolfskin fibers and 20 flax fibers for the chestplate.
  • 15 wolfskin fibers and 15 flax fibers in the pants.
  • Five wolfskin fibers and five flax fibers make up the boots.

The damage reduction from the wolfskin helmet is 3%, while the damage reduction from the chestplate is 8%. The trousers will decrease damage by 6%, while the boots will reduce damage by 2%.

A complete set will decrease damage by 19%. Not only that, but having all of your armor on will give you a 50% speed boost. Wolfskin armor is an excellent outfit for long-range fighting because of the speed boost but poor damage reduction. 

In Muck, this is how you make wolfskin armor. Consider visiting our Muck guides site for more information about Dani’s survival game!

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