The Dallas Cowboys have a legitimate shot of clinching their first playoff spot in three years. With the current NFL standings, they would need to defeat the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles while hoping that both teams lose on Sunday Night Football against other opponents.

The “will the cowboys make the playoffs in 2021” is a question that many fans are asking. The Dallas Cowboys have been struggling this season. If they can win their last two games, they will clinch a spot in the NFL Playoffs.

How the Dallas Cowboys Can Clinch a Spot in the NFL Playoffs in Week 15

The Dallas Cowboys are practically certain to make the playoffs after going 9-4 and securing first place in the NFC East. The Cowboys are on a two-game winning run and travel to Metlife Stadium to play the 4-9 New York Giants.

In Week 15, there’s a lot on the line in the NFL. Here’s how the Cowboys can take advantage of their matchup and secure a postseason berth.

In Week 15, the Dallas Cowboys have a chance to win the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys Week 15

Dallas Cowboys Week 15 For the NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Football Team, quarterback Dak Prescott (4) enters the field with CB Trevon Diggs (7) | Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Super Bowl is the major goal for Dallas this season, but winning the division is always a good accomplishment. That is especially true for the Cowboys, who haven’t won the NFC East since the 2018 season and have only won it twice in the past six years. Winning the division in Mike McCarthy’s second season as Dallas’ head coach would be a feat. Dallas is also guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

To win the NFC East in Week 15, the Cowboys must defeat the Giants and hope that the Washington Redskins lose to or tie with the Philadelphia Eagles. Washington is 6-7 and will face the Eagles, who are also 6-7. Even if the Eagles go on a winning run, Dallas will win the NFC East because they will have the advantage in the strength-of-victory tiebreaker.

Simply simply, if Dallas wins and Washington loses or ties, the Cowboys will be crowned NFC East champions on Monday morning.

Even if the Cowboys don’t win the NFC East in Week 15, they may still reach the playoffs.

Dallas will have to wait at least another week to win the NFC East if Washington defeats the Eagles.

The Cowboys may still make the playoffs without winning the division, which shows how excellent of a position Dallas is in. In fact, in two possibilities, Dallas will make the playoffs regardless of their Week 15 performance. If you’re the Cowboys, that’s a very good place to be in.

Let’s start with the winning perspective.

Again, the NFC East could not be secured in these situations since Washington would have defeated the Eagles. According to, the Cowboys can easily reach the playoffs by defeating the Giants.

  • A victory for Dallas and a defeat or tie for New Orleans OR a win for Dallas and a tie for New
  • San Francisco loses + Dallas wins

There’s also a chance the Cowboys will reach the playoffs even if they tie with the Giants.

  • Loss or tie in Dallas + loss or tie in Minnesota + loss or tie in New Orleans + loss or tie in Atlanta

Finally, without taking into account the Cowboys’ Week 15 showdown with the Giants, here are the two scenarios that would put them in the playoffs.

  • Losses in Minnesota, Atlanta, and New Orleans, as well as ties at Philadelphia and Washington
  • Minnesota loses, Atlanta loses, New Orleans loses, and DAL wins the tiebreaker against Philadelphia based on strength of victory.

Simply said, the Cowboys must defeat the Giants.

Dallas Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs

Dallas Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs The Dallas Cowboys’ Trevon Diggs #7 celebrates after Dorance Armstrong #92 (not shown) retrieved a fumble for a score against the Washington Football Team in the first quarter | Rob Carr/Getty Images

If Dallas defeats New York, several of the clinching possibilities are activated. Even if playoff implications weren’t on the line, defeating a non-threatening Giants club, who have lost three of their previous four, has to be a non-starter if Dallas wants to be considered a real Super Bowl contender.

Regardless of rivalry, this is a game that Dallas must win, and win convincingly, in order to make a statement.

This shouldn’t be close on paper. Rivalry games aren’t played on paper for a reason, but the statistics leading up to this game present a pretty one-sided image.

Despite Dak Prescott’s and the offense’s recent troubles, the Cowboys are averaging 29.2 points per game. Only Tom Brady and the reigning champion Buccaneers have a better record in the league.

The Cowboys are on the verge of being exceptional on defense, with rookie Micah Parsons looking like a defensive player of the year contender and cornerback Trevon Diggs perhaps the finest ball-hawk corner in the league. Last Sunday, the defense went after Washington and forced five sacks and four turnovers. For a pitiful New York offense that scores just 17.8 points a game, the way Dallas is playing on defense can’t be all that encouraging.

With a victory against New York, Dallas gets a lot of things moving in the right way. On paper, it seems to be the most probable outcome of this Week 15 clash.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provides contract information.

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The “Dallas Cowboys can clinch a spot in the NFL Playoffs in Week 15” is a question about how the Dallas Cowboys will be able to make it into the playoffs. The team has a good chance of making it because they are still in contention for first place. They have a record of 10-2 and have won their last two games against the New York Giants and Washington Redskins. Reference: dallas cowboys playoffs 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cowboys clinch playoff spot?

A: Yes, the Cowboys can clinch a playoff spot on Sunday night against the Oakland Raiders.

What needs to happen for the Cowboys to make playoffs?

A: For the Cowboys to make playoffs, they will have to win their remaining games.

How can the Cowboys clinch the NFC East?

A: The Eagles have a better record than the Cowboys.

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