Pat McAfee, a former NFL player and current ESPN personality, made a lot of money. How much exactly? We don’t know, because the figure was never publically disclosed by Pat himself. However, we do know that he had nearly $6 million in salary from the NFL over his ten-year playing career..

The “how much does pat mcafee make per episode” is the question that most people are wondering. Pat McAfee made $3.75 million in his first season with the Indianapolis Colts.

How Much Money Did Pat McAfee Make in the NFL?

Pat McAfee, a former punter for the Indianapolis Colts, has accomplished a lot since his playing days. The eight-year NFL veteran has created a reputation for himself as the presenter of The Pat McAfee Show, which has guests from all across the league, including Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who will appear on the show during the 2021 season. McAfee has now secured a big contract with FanDuel to continue hosting the program, which considerably exceeds the money he earned as a player in the NFL.

The Pat McAfee Show has inked a multi-million dollar partnership with FanDuel.

Yes, McAfee signed a multi-year contract of roughly $30 million each year to continue hosting his program. That is a large sum of money for anybody, and he is now enjoying the high life.

Following unexpectedly leaving the NFL after the 2016 season, McAfee joined Barstool Sports and embarked on the next chapter of his career.

McAfee is now being compensated with a large sum of money. His producers and co-host AJ Hawk are most likely included in this new arrangement. Regardless, this might be the start of a new age in content creation and sports betting for the whole business.

Furthermore, McAfee’s earnings during his stint in the NFL pale in comparison.

How much money did Pat McAfee earn in the NFL?

When Pat McAfee departed from the NFL, he left millions of dollars on the table.

People thought he was crazy when he said he wanted to start making content.

Now, only four years later, he’s inked a contract with FanDuel for $120 million, or about 8 times what he earned in the NFL.

That’s incredible.

December 9, 2021 — Joe Pompliano (@JoePompliano)

McAfee made slightly over $15 million throughout his NFL career, according to Spotrac. In 2016, he signed a five-year agreement for $14 million, however he left before the term was up.

It’s easy to say that things are going well for McAfee, who has perhaps the largest show in the business and has found his place as a content producer.

Due to McAfee driving traffic to their site, FanDuel doubled down and provided this ludicrous bargain, which seems to be working so far.

Pat McAfee earned $15 million over the course of his NFL career, which spanned eight seasons.

Over the next four years, Pat McAfee’s contract with FanDuel will be worth $120 million.

December 9, 2021 — Daire Carragher (@DaireCarragher)

It’s a tremendous leap from a $15 million punter — and an electrifying one at that — to the presenter of a program with a $120-million deal. This is quite the narrative for McAfee, and it completely wipes out the money he gained as a gambler.

The program continues to soar to new heights and, thanks to a large contract, will be around for a long time.

Colts punter and talk show host Pat McAfee.

Colts punter and talk show host Pat McAfee. SiriusXM | Pat McAfee | Dylan Buell/Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

McAfee’s new contract represents a major shift in the sector. It’s incredible that FanDuel would spend that much money on a presentation like McAfee’s, and it might be the start of more from others in the industry.

People tune in every week to hear what the former Indianapolis Colts punter — and his celebrity guests — have to say. McAfee was already ahead of the game in April, and things have only gotten worse since then with his program.

Throughout the NFL Draft, Pat McAfee’s independently owned live program on YouTube attracted over 100k concurrent views.

There were no rights to the official broadcast, no live look-ins, and no highlights were shown.

The broadcast currently has over a million views.

The media world is rapidly evolving.

April 30, 2021 — Tyson Hutchins (@tysonhutchins_)

Rodgers’ frequent appearances, including his memorable one when he tested positive for COVID-19, boosted things even further.

Regardless, McAfee’s program has finally taken off, and this eye-popping arrangement is additional confirmation of how wise it was for him to leave his old job and start a new one.

The Pat McAfee program seems to be just getting started, and it will be fascinating to watch how it evolves and expands over the next several years.

While $15 million is a lot of money, $120 million is a lot more, and McAfee will keep running the show in his name.

What Motivated Pat McAfee to Retire Early and Join Barstool Sports?

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Pat McAfee is an American football player who has been playing in the National Football League since 2009. He currently plays for the Indianapolis Colts. In his career, he has made a salary of $19 million. Reference: pat mcafee salary 2021.

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