Held items have been a staple of the Pokémon world since the first generation, but why are they so important? If you’ve ever picked up an item in the games, you’ll know that using it will cause it to be held by your Pokémon. This makes you the only one who can use that specific item, because no one else can have the same Pokémon who can use it. As a player, you can use this to your advantage by preventing other players from attacking your Pokémon by throwing items into a wild Pokémon’s way.

When I was a kid, I would sneak through the back door of my house to my brothers room to play my favorite game: held. Held is a game that you would play with two dice that have the same symbols on them. If you roll the 2, 3, 4, and 5, you get a certain number of points. You then roll the 6 and 7 by themselves and get another point. You then roll the 1 and the 8 and get another point. If you have points you continue to roll the points until you roll the 8 and the 1 and then you subtract all the points you can get from the number of points you rolled. You continue until you have all the points you can get.

In my mind, the best part of the new Battle item is its name. It’s a clever play on words, which is always a plus in my book. Held is as close to held back as you can get. The Battle item is an action that is best described as “held”, or “defeated”, with a hint: “it’s a battle”.

While many of the gaming elements in Pokemon Unite are taken from the MOBA genre, the game’s distinctive stylings are tailored to the popular brand. This includes the ability to use Items that are currently being held and Battle Equipment to strengthen a character.

It’s critical to understand how to properly equip your Pokemon. But first, you’ll need to figure out what Pokemon Unite’s goods are. Our guide explains how to utilize them, as well as how to improve some of them.  

Battle Items vs. Items Held

The Item Box menu with the Held Items submenu highlighted, showing seven items.

Pokemon Unite enables users to use a wide variety of goods. However, there are two major kinds of equitable items: Held Items and Battle Items.

Held Items

A Held Item is a piece of equipment that changes a Pokemon’s stats or grants them additional passive abilities. For example, Wise Glasses enhances the damage of special attacks. When a Pokemon is not in battle, though, Leftovers restores a portion of its HP invisibly.

At Trainer Level 1, players are assigned their first slot. At Levels 7 and 10, they’ll be able to access the second and third slots, respectively.  

Held Items may be equipped from the start screen or immediately before a fight in the Battle Prep menu.

Battle Items

Battle Items are linked to your trainer level – the first, Potion, is unlocked at Level 4 – and can’t be bought in-game. They all have active powers, but only one may be donned at a time, and they all have cooldown periods.

One may restore a little amount of HP, while another may produce a smoke cloud that slows down opponents. They’re activated by pressing “Y,” and they offer each Pokemon an additional skill to utilize during battles.

Only immediately before a fight may you equip Battle Items.

Upgrading Pending Purchases

The All Held Items submenus showing the Leftovers (apple core) item.

After achieving Trainer Level 9, you may use Item Enhancer tokens to improve your Held Items in Pokemon Unite.

This is done by pressing “X” on the main menu screen and selecting “Battle Prep.” After clicking on Held Items, you’ll be sent to a screen containing the most recent Pokemon you’ve played with.

To see your list of unlocked/purchased goods, go to the left-hand side and choose All Held Items. You’ll be able to improve them here using Item Enhancer tokens.

Each Held item may be improved several times, raising its stats and token cost gradually until it reaches Level 10, when it receives a significant boost and has all of its stats maxed out.

Enhancers for Items

Item Enhancers may be acquired in a number of different ways. You can get some by raising your Trainer level, leveling up the Battle Pass, or completing events. The Engery Reward system may be used to reward certain people. You may also buy them using Aeos tickets from the Aeos Emporium (one of the in-game stores).

The Held and Battle Items in Pokemon Unite are now complete. Want to learn more about additional game elements or techniques to help you have a better time in-game? Please return to this page for additional Pokemon Unite instructions.  

If you’ve played Pokemon Go in the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that some people get all the items in the game. This is because they are “Hacked.” We’re not going to get into what a “Hack” is, because that’s something that can be found on every message board, every forum, and every Facebook group out there. The point is that you can get the items you want in Pokémon Go by doing things that a lot of people would consider to be against the rules of the game.. Read more about wild pokemon held items sword and shield and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a Pokemon holds an item?

When a Pokemon holds an item, it will be able to use the items power.

What are battle items?

Battle items are items that can be used during a battle. They can be found in the games shop and purchased with gems.

Can Pokemon lose Held items?

Pokemon cannot lose their held items.

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