This article’s main focus is on the new New York Mets’ ace pitcher Noah Syndergaard, but it also looks ahead to the upcoming season, and analyzes each team’s chances at the Fall Classic.

Richard Rocha is a highly-motivated soccer player who made it to the U.S. national team and was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. While he made a name for himself on the professional level, he felt he could’ve been even more successful had he been given more playing time. While some have called him selfish, others have claimed that his refusal to play hurt the team. Regardless of his hirings and firings, Rocha has always maintained his stance on playing time and has just recently decided to play for a team in the United Soccer League, which features younger (but still pretty good) players.

It’s no secret that playing with some of the best players in the world is great, but what about the guy who is on the bench? Well, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has a philosophy of putting his players on the bench and making them play, and you can see some of the results on the court. The Spurs have set several NBA records since the start of the 2011-2012 season, finally catching the Oklahoma City Thunder and becoming the #1 team in the league.

Michael Strahan is one of the all-time best defensive ends in football history. The 6-foot-5 lineman spent his entire 15-year career with the New York Giants, where he established himself as one of the league’s most fearsome pass-rushers.

During his Giants career, the Houston native racked up 141.5 sacks and helped lead the club to a Super Bowl win against the New England Patriots in 2007. Strahan was not there for the team’s second Super Bowl victory against New England a few years later, but he was a key member of the 2007 squad.

While Strahan was most known throughout his NFL career for his ability to wreck havoc on opposing quarterbacks, it was his good demeanor and fun-loving nature that many remembered after he retired.

The remainder of the New York Giants locker room was inspired by Michael Strahan’s upbeat attitude.

Michael Strahan playing for the New York Giants.

Michael Strahan playing for the New York Giants. Getty Images/George Gojkovich/Michael Strahan

HOF voter John Clayton had the following to say about Strahan during a Pro Football Hall of Fame writeup about his career:

“Strahan’s actions go beyond the statistics. Clayton said, “He helped everyone around him play better.” “His attitude kept the locker room relaxed and his defense colleagues’ thoughts focused on the game.”

Strahan’s ability to step up as a leader for the Giants was just as crucial as his physical performance on Sundays when it came time for New York to contend for a Super Bowl in 2007. Against the Patriots, in particular, strong leadership and a good attitude are required, since they are a squad with a high degree of intimidation.

The 2017 Philadelphia Eagles are yet another excellent example of optimism permeating all levels of an organization. They were huge underdogs in Super Bowl 52 against New England, but they rose to the situation and won.

There are many parallels between a squad like that and Strahan’s leadership of the Giants during their respective championship seasons.

The Hall of Famer’s charisma has opened the way for a television career.

Strahan’s elite-level charm has grown even more evident since his retirement.

Following his retirement from football in 2008, Strahan pursued a career in broadcasting. Strahan is a natural on camera, having been on shows like “Fox NFL,” “Live,” “Good Morning America,” and others.

Clayton must be talking to this kind of confidence and public speaking skills when he describes how Strahan helped his teammates improve.

Michael Strahan’s numbers continue to astound.

Strahan’s leadership was crucial to the Giants, but it shouldn’t overshadow what he accomplished on the field.

Strahan twice led the NFL in sacks, three times in TFLs, and once in forced fumbles. He’s a seven-time Pro Bowler, four-time All-Pro, former Defensive Player of the Year (2001), and member of the All-Decades Team of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On the field, in the locker room, and now on TV, he had a Hall of Fame career.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

Jerry Rice never padded his stats throughout his 16-year career with the San Francisco 49ers: ‘That’s something we don’t do. Every touchdown Jerry has scored has been earned.’

The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series title in five seasons Monday night—and 2016 is already being labeled the Year of the Giants. With twice as many wins as losses and a lineup that features four future Hall of Famers, the Giants are back where they belong. And the Giants are not the only ones who are hoping for a banner year. Here is a look, by position, of how each team fared up through the end of the regular season.. Read more about simon sinek find your why and let us know what you think.

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