With one last chance to win, the Miami Marlins put up a valiant effort against their rivals from Washington. Unfortunately for them, it was not enough as they ultimately fell short of winning their final game of the season by just two runs. Despite this heartbreaking loss, there are still positive takeaways and bright spots that can be taken away from such an unexpected result.

“He Knew It Was Over” is a sad movie based on true story about the life of professional tennis player James Blake. The movie was released in 2016 and stars Josh Wiggins, who plays the lead role.

'He Knew It Was Over'

There was a growing impression leading up to the trade deadline that James Harden was the one who wanted to leave the Brooklyn Nets. His ex-teammates, it turned out, also wanted him to go.

The Nets are pleased to start a fresh chapter as Harden settles into his new quarters with the Philadelphia 76ers. For some, letting go of the former MVP was a simple choice. Few, though, suffered as much as Kevin Durant with the move.

Last season, KD was a driving factor behind Brooklyn’s acquisition of Harden from the Houston Rockets, believing that the two of them, along with Kyrie Irving, could lead the Nets to a championship. However, as the clock ticked down to the deadline, even Durant realized Harden’s time in New York was coming to an end.

James Harden got his desire and was traded to the 76ers.

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No one can deny the Nets’ championship chances in 2021-22 after they came within a whisker of eliminating the Milwaukee Bucks last playoffs. Even with Irving only playing on a part-time basis, Brooklyn was always going to be a playoff contender.

But it wasn’t enough to convince Harden to stay.

The 32-year-old has made it obvious how unhappy he is in Brooklyn over the previous several weeks. It all began with rumors that he wanted to try free agency for the first time in his professional career. Then there was the issue of Irving’s immunization status. All of this culminated in a trade demand that compelled Brooklyn to act.

The Nets gave in to his demands and transferred the unhappy star to a division rival only hours before the deadline. In exchange for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first-round selections, Harden and veteran Paul Millsap were traded to Philadelphia.

The Nets envisioned a great trifecta for numerous seasons after dealing for Harden last January. The three only played 16 games together until the Beard was forced to leave.

Kevin Durant agreed to trade Harden to the Nets.

Kevin Durant’s acceptance of the deal meant more than anything to Nets staff as they confronted their increasing James Harden reality.

“KD didn’t want to let James go, but he realized he had no choice.”

Details of the “cold war” between Brooklyn’s former trio, @BR_NBA: https://t.co/JU8mx2yvYA

— Jake Fischer is a character in the film Jake Fischer (@JakeLFischer) February 15, 2022

Harden’s list of enemies became larger as he pressed for a deal. By the end, it’s safe to conclude that the 10-time All-Star had lost all support from his teammates and his own organization.

Even Durant saw that a trade was the best option.

On Tuesday, Bleacher Report’s Jake Fisher published an article describing Durant’s participation in the Harden transaction. KD was originally in favor of mending fences with his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, according to Fisher. When it became evident that Harden had withdrawn, Durant contacted general manager Sean Marks to explore a contract.

“KD didn’t want to lose James,” a source close to the two superstars stated. “However, he was aware that it was over.”

“Kevin said, ‘F*** it.’ Another source familiar with Brooklyn said, “James isn’t bringing s***.” “I don’t believe it would have occurred if Kevin hadn’t made that choice.”

Jake Fischer is a character in the film Jake Fischer

Another insider informed Fisher, “Kevin is the one who pulled the gun on this.” “It was Kevin who said, ‘Do this deal.’” There was increasing anxiety that the team might lose the whole season and then lose James for nothing.”

The possibility of a Harden-Durant playoff series exists.

In Brooklyn, there’s a new big three, with Simmons joining Durant and Irving as an All-Star running companion. Harden and Joel Embiid, on the other hand, are one of the most outstanding duos in recent NBA history.

Given the ridiculousness of this deal and all that led up to it, it’s only fair that these two legends face off in a classic playoff series.

The Nets have a lot of concerns about Simmons, who hasn’t played for the whole season due to personal circumstances. The three-time All-Star is a very different player than Harden, so getting used to him will take some time. His playmaking and defense, on the other hand, should be significant assets to a 30-27 team clinging to the eighth spot.

Meanwhile, Embiid’s MVP performance has helped the Sixers overcome Simmons’ absence. But, as a ball-dominant scorer, how will Harden get along with the center? With a 34-22 record, Philadelphia has plenty of time for its stars to develop synergy. And if it succeeds, it will be a popular in the East.

Despite the uncertainty that surrounds these clubs, one thing is clear. If Harden’s 76ers and Durant’s Nets meet in a historic playoff duel, we as basketball fans will be very fortunate.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

Kevin Durant Admits He Was Duped by James Harden Before Blockbuster Trade

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