The Knicks and Celtics were both left with a 2-1 series deficit in Game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Saturday night. With the game tied at 103, LeBron James failed to score a single point after pulling up for a 3-pointer in the final seconds of regulation. Later on, Dwyane Wade missed a potential game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer in the fourth, which meant the game would have ended in overtime. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, who was renowned for his strict discipline on the sidelines, was seen cursing out his players during the game.

The New York Yankees sent old friend Jason Giambi to the Cleveland Indians in exchange for Carlos Beltran. The Yankees have lusted after Beltran for years and were finally able to nab him with a single trade. So far, the trade has been a success: Beltran hit a walk-off homerun to win Game 5 of the ALCS, and the Indians are now just one win away from their first World Series title.

These days, most basketball fans know Scott Brooks as a skilled NBA head coach. However, his basketball career was not always suspended. The defender played 10 seasons in the Association, and while he wasn’t a star, he had some memorable performances on the floor. Take, for example, his first meeting with Michael Jordan. While His Majesty was known as a ruthless opponent who spared no punches, Brooks had a different experience with the NBA legend. In their first meeting on the field, Jordan showed mercy to the 76ers’ rookie.

Scott Brooks and Michael Jordan are at opposite ends of the basketball spectrum

. Whether you think he’s a regular or a top player, almost every basketball fan has a great appreciation for Jordan. With all due respect to Brooks, he’s a little lower in the rankings. Without reviewing MJ’s entire career, the Chicago Bulls star has dominated opponents at nearly every level. He won the NCAA title at the University of North Carolina, then turned pro and, after making the playoffs for the Detroit Pistons, won six NBA titles. Over time, Jordan has won just about every individual award imaginable, made a lot of money, and become one of the most famous people on earth. Brooks, on the other hand, was more of a companion than anything else. During his student years, he moved from one school to another, and he followed this trend in his professional career as well. He has played ten seasons in the Association, for six different clubs. The guard never started more than six games in a season, but he did win the 1994 NBA title with the Houston Rockets. After his career ended, Brooks retreated to the sidelines. He got his first head coaching job in 2008 as bench boss of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was the Coach of the Year in 2010, and his record was 521-414 at the end of his tenure at Washington.

Mercy meets Michael Jordan

word-image-10094 word-image-10095 Scott Brooks during his tenure as head coach of the Washington Wizards. | Tony L. Sandys/ The Washington Post Given what we know about his Air, it’s easy to imagine that he saw Brooks as a weak target and wanted to crush him on the field. In their first encounter, however, Jordan showed no mercy. During his debut, Brooks switched to defense and started playing one-on-one with MJ. Even in the heat of battle, the young guard was overwhelmed. I remember it happening almost in slow motion. I said: I can’t believe I’m keeping Michael Jordan. I literally said that to myself when I was guarding him, Brooks told NBC Sports Washington. Although it was not certain that His Majesty could see that Brooks was moved, he decided to show mercy to the newcomer. What’s great is that he knew he could do whatever he wanted, but he just made an easy pass to the guy behind him. He didn’t even try to score points with me. That’s my claim to fame, Brooks said. While that pass could have been a simple fluke – Phil Jackson could have initiated the move from the sideline – Brooks gave another example of Jordan taking the lead. He never said anything bad to me, but I don’t think I ever bothered him, the guard recalls. I don’t think I could ever be in his shoes. Why would he want to intimidate me in the first place? He must have felt sorry for me.

Scott Brooks also praised the MJ skills on theset.

. Brooks’ memories of Jordan are not limited to these humorous anecdotes, however. The defender-coach was also impressed with HHH’s efforts on both sides of the ball. I just remember how intimidating he was defensively. Everyone is talking about his attack, and rightly so. This guy was probably the best player in the offense. But his defense was intimidating for a point guard, Brooks said. Very often your pass rush was in the offense for two, on the fake guard. It was nerve-wracking to make that pass because you knew he would hide in the grass, jump up and get the ball. He’s contesting the passport. It’s hard to challenge guys, but he challenged them. He was so good. During his time in the Association, Jordan left a lasting impression on many players. Brooks, however, came up with a unique perspective. As he watched his majesty battle, he also saw how the star of the Chicago Bulls knew he was better than his young opponent and refused to grab him by the throat. COMPARED TO: Michael Jordan’s birthday card of President Bill Clinton had to be substantially edited

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