To get a critical hit, you need to land 3 arrows on the target. The Lucky Shot skill reduces this number by 1 arrow. What happens if you land 2 arrows but only one is a critical hit?

The “gunfire reborn lucky shot vs crit” is a question that has been asked by many players. In this blog, I will explain the difference between the two.

Gunfire Reborn: What's the Difference Between Lucky Shot and Critical Hit?



In Gunfire Reborn, what’s the difference between a Lucky Shot and a Critical Hit? If you’ve been playing Duoyi Games’ FPS, you’ve probably encountered both damage modifiers, but it’s not always apparent how you got them.

On the surface, Lucky Shot and Critical Hit seem to be identical in that they both do additional damage to your adversaries, but they are really very different in terms of how they are activated and how much damage they deal. We’ll go over those changes in detail in our Gunfire Reborn tutorial.

In Gunfire Reborn, what are Lucky Shots and Critical Hits?

In Gunfire Reborn, a Lucky Shot is a totally random event that does varied degrees of damage to your adversaries. There is no way to ensure that a Lucky Shot will be triggered (as the name implies). It is solely dependent on chance. Enhance your Lucky Shot Chance to increase the pace of these attacks, which will ultimately become guaranteed once that chance is high enough.

Critical Hits are triggered when you hit your adversaries’ weak places, and the magnitude of the damage increase is determined by the weapon’s CritX factor. Lucky Shot damage enhancements, on the other hand, are completely random and may result in far bigger damage boosts than Critical Hits.

Lucky Shots come in three distinct colors: red, orange, and purple.

  • 2x damage enhancements in red
  • 3x damage boosts in orange
  • Purple: Increases damage by 4 times

If you couple a Critical Hit with a Lucky Shot by chance, the Critical Hit’s 2x multiplier will stack with Lucky Shot, resulting in damage enhancements of up to 8x.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Lucky Shot

The initial Lucky Shot Chance rate is 0%, making it impossible to ever land one by default, but it may be raised using Ascensions, Scrolls, Inscriptions, and Talents to enhance your chances. The next most powerful degree of the assault becomes assured for every 100 percent you raise to your initial Lucky Shot Chance. As you increase your chance, the likelihood of getting the next biggest damage boost shifts.

Here’s an illustration:

If you have a 100 percent Lucky Shot Chance, every shot you fire will result in a 2x damage increase. If you increase that likelihood by another 40%, you’ll have a 60 percent chance of 2x damage boost and a 40 percent chance of 3x damage boost. Once you hit 200 percent, you’ll automatically get a 3x boost, and further percentage points will result in 4x boosts.

So, how do you achieve these spikes in percentages? There are several options.

Ascensions with Characteristics

Character-specific Ascensions, such as Lei Luo’s Thunderbolt Converter and Qing Yan’s Hail of Bullets, may provide significant chance increases. By default, these Ascensions provide bonuses, and they may be leveled up during your run. 

Scrolls of the occult

Occult Scrolls may also grant significant chance enhancements, however each run starts with a zero. They may be discovered in Vaults, bought from Peddlers, looted from Elite or Boss bosses, or won in Challenge Events. You may obtain a variety of Occult Scrolls, including 12 that impact your Lucky Shot Chance:

  • Berserk Soul: +0.5% for every 1% of HP lost.
  • Bullet Light: +25%, but consumes more ammunition when Lucky Shots aren’t available.
  • Casual Gunsmanship: +20 percent, however when Lucky Shots aren’t used, damage is reduced by 20%.
  • Coin Shot: +30%, but when Lucky Shots aren’t available, it consumes Copper.
  • Elemental Torment gives you a 20% bonus against foes that have elemental effects.
  • Fast-Loader: Gains 30% each time you switch weapons, then drops over 3 seconds.
  • If you don’t have a cursed scroll, you get a 15% bonus to Good and Evil.
  • When far away from adversaries, Lone Ranger gets a 25% bonus.
  • On a critical hit, Merciless Strike gives you +50%, but on a routine hit, it gives you -50%.
  • Ninja’s Discipline: +5% per second, up to 50%, but the odds reset every time you hit a Lucky Shot.
  • Reasonable Luck: +80%, but does not allow your overall Lucky Shot Chance to reach 150 percent.
  • After you sprint, you get a bonus of 50% for a brief time.


Inscriptions are chance-boosting weapon mods that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Inscriptions are divided into four levels:

  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Exclusive
  • Gemini

The higher the level, the greater the modifiers get. Exclusive and Gemini modifiers provide the largest chance increases; however, these sorts of Inscriptions need the Exclusive Inscription and Gemini Inscription Talents, respectively. You won’t be sorry if you save up enough Soul Essence to get them.


Finally, Soul Essence may be used to acquire Talents, which will boost your luck. When utilizing Injectors, the Assaulter Talent increases your Lucky Shot probability by 40%, while the Unexpected Luck Talent increases it by 25% in general.

That’s all you need to know about Lucky Shots in Gunfire Reborn, including how to boost your odds of getting them, the difference between them and critical hits, and how to improve your chances of getting them. If you want to learn more about Gunfire Reborn, have a look at our other articles in the guides section!

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The “gunfire reborn wiki” is a website that provides information on the game. The article will help you get up to speed with what’s going on in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lucky shot a crit gunfire reborn?

A: No, lucky shot is an entirely different item. Its a golden hand cannon that gives the player one shotgun shell and does zero damage to enemies.

How does crit work in gunfire reborn?

A: Crits are a special type of damage that is applied only when the player runs over enemies. They deal more damage and hit multiple times, but also increase their own chance to be critically hit by an enemy attack as well.

What does RoF mean in gunfire reborn?

A: RoF stands for rate of fire, which is the speed at which a firearm fires.

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