Giannis Antetokounmpo is probably the most unique player in NBA history. He can shoot, he can pass, and Wisconsin has him listed at 6-11 — which means that when you look up his height on Wikipedia, it lists a different number for each of Pippen’s five NBA seasons

The “scottie pippen height” is a unique individual in the NBA. He has been one of the most successful players in history, and that’s just on the court. His personality off the court is also very unique.

Sports fans, for better or worse, like hypotheticals. If you spend enough time watching sports, you’ll eventually come across a discussion about how a present athlete would do versus a historical legend. In this matchup, Giannis Antetokounmpo and his tremendous skill set face up against Scottie Pippen, who, despite not winning the Defensive Player of the Year award, has the ability to shut down just about anybody.

While longtime NBA fans may support Pip, the former Chicago Bull has his own opinion. The Greek Freak, in his opinion, is just too much for Pippen to handle.

Scottie Pippen believes he would be unable to defend Giannis Antetokounmpo alone.

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While Scottie Pippen is most known for being Michael Jordan’s sidekick, he was a strong player in his own right, particularly on defense. Having saying that, the retiring forward is well aware of his limitations. In this situation, it implies negotiating with the Greek Freak.

Pip was asked how he would defend a unicorn like Giannis during his interview with TrashTalkProduction. Unsurprisingly, the six-time NBA champion went for Antetokounmpo’s closest vulnerability.

“I believe you should attempt to push him out on the floor,” Pippen remarked. “You have to pull him out of the paint when I say out on the floor.” That is your first position. By no means is this a simple process. He is unquestionably a dominating player. It reminds me of Shaq. But I’d argue he has a little more range than even Shaq. … I believe you should physically attempt to lift Giannis. You’ve got to get him out of there.”

But, as Pippen pointed out, it’s easier said than done. In fact, he went on to imply that containing the Greek Freak would be too difficult for him.

“I don’t believe I’m the man who can defend Giannis because he’s too big for me,” the NBA veteran stated. “I’d definitely say I’d be more of a supporter, more of a double [team].” With Giannis, I’d think you’d have to throw a massive body on him… Dennis Rodman, someone like Horace [Grant]…. Giannis is a difficult task. You’d have to put in a lot of effort on defense to stop him because he’s such a powerhouse.”

Pippen also said that his defensive game plan was based on the Bucks’ rest of the squad missing shots. “You ain’t done nothing” if you force Giannis to pass and someone else hits an open three.

Pip’s view on Giannis is supported by both the eye test and current measurements.

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It’s surprising to hear Pippen confess that he probably couldn’t defend Giannis Antetokounmpo on his own, given the confidence we generally associate with professional sportsmen. Having said that, his viewpoint is very reasonable.

Anyone who has seen the Greek Freak can attest to the accuracy of his moniker. The Bucks’ star is 6-foot-11, yet he can sprint the court like a guard. In transition or on the low block, his amazing combination of size, power, and quickness makes him almost unstoppable. Antetokounmpo can outrun smaller players, outrun big guys, and has improved his free throw shooting after his significant problems in last year’s playoffs. Your best strategy, as Pip said, is to push him out of the paint and hope that he takes an unneeded jumper rather than sending a skip pass across the court to an open shooter.

If you’d prefer some hard data to back up those assertions, Giannis shines there, too. As documented in a recent Tim Cranjis tweet, Antetokounmpo ranks above the 90th percentile in most situations; the only exceptions are in transition (61st percentile), as the ball-handler in a pick-and-roll (87th percentile), on spot-up shots (70th percentile), and on hand-offs (19th percentile). Keep in mind that those are his worst metrics. Plenty of other players would be thrilled if they could be in the 87th percentile of offensive efficiency in any situation.

Giannis also scored an A- for screener mobile defense and screener rim defense, as well as an A+ for rim protector and defensive rebounder. While those ratings don’t speak to the difficulties he faces on the offensive end of the court, they do highlight how special of a player the Greek Freak is.

All of this is to imply that, whichever criteria you choose, Giannis Antetokounmpo is a fairly excellent basketball player. Even if you’re a purist who believes Scottie Pippen’s era was the pinnacle of basketball, you’ll want to embrace the Milwaukee Bucks legend before it’s too late. provided the statistics.

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