The Ghostwire Tokyo nightlife holds a few secrets to the city’s most fashionable and the hottest outfits. Check out its hidden fashion hotspots below!

The “ghostwire: tokyo release date” is a new game that will be released on October 12, 2018. The game is set in Tokyo and allows players to explore the city’s nightlife.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Where to Find All Outfits

Because Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person shooter, the fact that there are hundreds of costumes to discover around larger Shibuya may seem unusual at first. In cutscenes, you can see Akito’s digs, and theoretically, you can see his arms when weaving and firing your bow and arrow. These places and objectives are also linked to the gold Trendsetter trophy and accomplishment for obtaining all items from the Outfit menu. 

This Ghostwire: Tokyo walkthrough will show you where to discover all of the game’s clothes as well as the chores required to get them. Bonus material/pre-order content outfits do not count toward Trendsetter, as stated in the trophy description.

How to Get All of Ghostwire’s Outfits in Tokyo


In Ghostwire, there are four methods to get new outfits: Tokyo:

  • Complete all of the narrative missions.
  • Side missions must be completed.
  • Nekomata inquiries for relic hunting are complete.
  • Relic-Hunting Nekomata is a vendor who sells relics.

Relic-Hunting Nekomata requests, as the name implies, demand you to track down different Relics that the Nekomata are looking for. You’ll earn a prize in Meika for hunting down each Relic site, in addition to some new wardrobe items for your collection. 

The following is a list of all 50 Outfits, as well as the conditions for unlocking them: 

  1. Complete three requests for the Doll Fanatic Nekomata in Riot Division Shorts. 
  2. Riot Division Tech Pants are available for 9,800 Meika from Doll Fanatic Nekomata.
  3. Doll Fanatic Nekomata sells leather shoes with a plain toe for 7,800 Meika.
  4. Playful Nekomata sells the Riot Division Tech Jacket for 12,800 Meika.
  5. Complete four requests for the Weapon Nerd Nekomata to get the Safari Hat.
  6. Complete all requests for the Weapon Nerd Nekomata, including the Riot Division Logo T-Shirt.
  7. Glasses (Half-Rim): Purchase for 12,800 Meika from Weapon Nerd Nekomata.
  8. Formal Suit may be purchased for 20,600 Mekia from Weapon Nerd Nekomata.
  9. Towel: Complete three Archeology Nekomata requests.
  10. Complete five requests for the Archeology Nekomata to get the Safety Helmet. 
  11. Knit Cap: 8,000 Meika from the Archeology Nekomata.
  12. Glasses (Rimmed): 12,000 Meika from the Archeology Nekomata.
  13. Purchase a Convenience Store Uniform for 11,000 Meika from the Archeology Nekomata.
  14. Sunglasses (Black) are available for 9,800 Meika from Japanophile Nekomata. 
  15. Zori: For 2,300 Meika, purchase from Japanophile Nekomata. 
  16. For 12,000 Meika, purchase a modern coat from the Musical Nekomata. 
  17. Suit Pants may be purchased for 8,800 Meika at the Musical Nekomata. 
  18. Sunglasses (Khaki): Get the Nostalgic Nekomata by completing five requests.
  19. Complete all requests for the Nostalgic Nekomata to get a Riot Division Art T-Shirt.
  20. Glasses (Silver): 9,800 Meika from the Nostalgic Nekomata.
  21. Tinfoil Hat: Complete all of the Occult Nekomata’s demands.
  22. Glasses (Square): 8,600 Meika from the Occult Nekomata.
  23. Long Coat: 18,000 Meika from the Occult Nekomata. 
  24. Complete all requests for the Antique Nekomata with the Fox Mask. 
  25. T-shirt: 1,000 Meika from the Antique Nekomata.
  26. Shorts may be purchased for 1,800 Meika at the Antique Nekomata. 
  27. Loafers are available for 3,400 Meika from the Antique Nekomata. 
  28. Complete four requests for the Netsuke Collector Nekomata with the glasses (round). 
  29. Complete eight requests for the Netsuke Collector Nekomata in Riot Division Tech Shoes. 
  30. Complete two requests for the Luster-Loving Nekomata with fingerless gloves.
  31. Cargo Shorts are available for 6,800 Meika from the Luster-Loving Nekomata. 
  32. Canvas Sneakers are available for 6,000 Meika from the Luster-Loving Nekomata. 
  33. Glasses (Boston): 8,900 Meika from the Artsy Nekomata. 
  34. Buy a three-quarter-sleeve shirt for 1,200 Meika from the Artsy Nekomata.
  35. Completing six requests for the Handicraft Nekomata is the cap. 
  36. Jersey: To get the Handicraft Nekomata, complete nine requests.
  37. Jersey Pants: Complete all Handicraft Nekomata demands.
  38. Cool Biz: 7,000 Meika from the Handicraft Nekomata.
  39. Skinny Jeans are available for 18,000 Meika from Handicraft Nekomata.
  40. Female Mask: Finish the side mission The Masks.
  41. Male Mask: Finish the side mission The Masks.
  42. Complete the side quest “And Then There Were None.”
  43. Skinny Pants: Finish the side quest And Then There Were None.
  44. Complete the And Then There Were None side quest using Leather Shoes (Cap Toe).
  45. Complete the side mission The Crimson Moon.
  46. Complete the side mission The Crimson Moon in Fallout 4.
  47. Officer: Finish the side mission “Little Girl Lost.”
  48. Complete the After the End III side quest as a Taiko Drummer (you may need to fast travel around some for this to appear). 
  49. Complete Chapter 5 of the tale as a Biker (No Helmet).
  50. Tanuki: After discovering all Tanuki sites, complete the Boss Tanuki sidequest. 

That’s how you earn all of the clothes for the Trendsetter trophy or accomplishment in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Visit our guides center for additional information. 

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