In a recent interview with ESPN, former pro-bowl running back Chris Johnson talked about the drive-by shooting that almost ended his football career. He described the horrifying experience of being shot by someone who was aiming to kill him and how he still feels nervous when sitting in an open space at night.

Chris Johnson, a former Pro Bowl running back for the Tennessee Titans, was shot in an incident that nearly ended his career. In this article, he opens up about what happened and how it changed him. Read more in detail here: what is chris johnson doing now.

Former Pro Bowl RB Chris Johnson Opens up on Drive-by Shooting That Almost Ended His Career

Chris Johnson was once one of the top running backs in the NFL. He was a ten-year veteran of the NFL, most notably with the Tennessee Titans. In 130 games, he accumulated 9,651 running yards, 2,255 receiving yards, and 64 total touchdowns.

The East Carolina graduate had a remarkable six-year run that catapulted him to the top of the league. However, after a 2015 incident, his whole life came crumbling down. Johnson nearly lost his job and his life as a passenger in a vehicle.

The three-time Pro Bowler reflects on that life-changing experience and the lessons he learnt from it.

Chris Johnson remembers being shot in the face in 2015.

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Chris Johnson, a former All-Pro running back, will never forget the events of March 8, 2015. Johnson, who was most recently a member of the New York Jets, was a passenger in a vehicle when a shooter opened fire on it as it was leaving a performance in Orlando, Florida. The NFL player was shot in the shoulder, and his companion was murdered in the incident.

Johnson made it out alive, but he admits that things might have gone differently for him. He discussed the events of that night in a recent appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast.

Johnson said, “One of my closest buddies, my brother, was going to go away and do some time.” “He raps and was performing at a concert.” We’re going to the show, leaving, and then going out to dinner. We’ve arrived at a red light. It all occurred in a flash. The sound of windows cracking is all you can hear. My other buddy is driving, and one of my pals is in the rear seat.”

“I turn to my left and see one of my pals leaning on the horn. He’s no longer here. I dialed my homeboy’s number from the back seat, and he’s on the phone with me. We’re heading to the hospital. When I was shot, I broke my clavicle and shoulder bone. Three weeks after being shot, a nerve begins to bother me.”

Chris Johnson was worried that his injuries might put an end to his football career.

He said, “My hand goes out.” “I can’t use it because it hurts so much.” When I touch anything, it starts to burn. As a result, I am unable to use my hand. My dominant hand is my right. So I’m like, ‘Damn, I’m done with my career.’”

Former Titans running back Chris Johnson offers advise to rookie players.

Titans RB Chris Johnson reacts during game against the Texans

Titans RB Chris Johnson reacts during game against the Texans The Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson watches the game against the Houston Texans | Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Chris Johnson was fortunate in that he was able to recuperate from his injuries and return to football. During his recuperation, he credits Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer for assisting him in getting back into playing condition.

Aside from football, the former Titans All-Pro running back considered himself fortunate to be alive. Brandon Marshall, presenter of I Am Athlete, asked Johnson how the shooting and the loss of his buddy affected him and what he learnt from it.

“The entire story is that he became wealthy and famous and forgot about the ghetto,” Johnson added. “Man, I used to return home and spend a lot of time in the ghetto.” I wouldn’t be there if I went back and did it because the same thing that occurred in the automobile might have happened in the hood. Even now, I don’t go near that area.”

Johnson believes his experience should serve as a warning to the younger generation about the dangers they put themselves in.

He said, “I did all this effort for me to be able to make it out of the hood.” “What am I doing here in the hood?”

Chris Johnson has subsequently gone on to open his own coffee shop in Florida. He also offered some guidance to young folks.

“You have to be a leader, and you have to keep working hard.” It will fail if you do not continue to put in the effort, and that is true of whatever you accomplish.”

Johnson was never able to regain his Pro Bowl form.

It’s easy to overlook Chris Johnson’s talent, particularly considering his career’s conclusion. The Orlando, Florida native, on the other hand, blew up the league in his early days with the Tennessee Titans.

In each of his first six NFL seasons, the 2008 first-round selection surpassed the 1,000-yard mark. In 2009, he earned the running championship with 2,006 yards and 14 touchdowns. Johnson also had 50 receptions for 503 yards and two touchdowns. He presently owns the scrimmage yardage record for a single season (2,509).

Johnson was named NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2009, had three Pro Bowl appearances, and was named to the First Team All-Pro team once. When he departed Tennessee, though, he didn’t have the same level of success.

In 2014, the 5-foot-11, 195-pound running back was a member of the New York Jets. Then he spent the last three years of his career with the Arizona Cardinals. During that time, Johnson carried for 1,686 yards and five touchdowns.

While Chris Johnson’s peak did not endure as long as he had intended, he is content with the outcome.

“Returning from that experience and continuing to do what I did for three more years.” That’s why I claim to be in good shape. I’m OK with it; I’m stuffed.”

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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The “chris johnson stats” is a former professional football player. In 2008, he was shot in the drive-by shooting that almost ended his career. He has since become an NFL analyst for ESPN and CBS Sports Network.

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