The Patriots had a rough start to the season, with Julian Edelman claiming that rookie Mac Jones was playing on “the rookie wall.” This may have been too much pressure for him, considering he is just 19 years old.

The “mac jones height weight” is a football player for the New England Patriots. He has been playing well so far this season, but he may have hit his “rookie wall” at the worst possible time.

Former Patriots Star Julian Edelman Claims Mac Jones May Have Hit ‘Rookie Wall’ at the Worst Possible Time

The New England Patriots have dropped their previous two games, wasting their AFC East lead. Some individuals are concerned about Mac Jones’ struggles at that time. Julian Edelman, a three-time Super Bowl winner and former Patriots wide receiver, does not seem optimistic that the rookie quarterback will recover quickly.

Mac Jones may have struck the ‘rookie wall,’ according to Julian Edelman.

Julian Edelman looks on during a game; Patriots QB Mac Jones leaves field after a loss

Julian Edelman looks on during a game; Patriots QB Mac Jones leaves field after a loss Former NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman reacts before the game against the Seahawks | Abbie Parr/Getty Images; New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones reacts after the team’s defeat to the Bills | Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Mac Jones has been the finest offensive rookie in 2021, apart from Cincinnati Bengals wide out Ja’Marr Chase. During New England’s losing skid, he has struggled.

Over the last two games, the Alabama product has thrown for 444 yards, two touchdowns, and four interceptions. During that time, he’s only completed 50.7 percent of his passes.

On a recent edition of Inside the NFL, former Patriots wideout Julian Edelman commented on Jones’ problems.

Jones’ efforts earned Edelman a B+, according to Edelman. “If he’d kept playing like that for the past two weeks, he could’ve gotten an A.” We’ve seen him perform well as a quarterback. He may be seen leading a squad down the field. But it seems that the rookie wall has been breached in the previous two weeks.”

Most rookies, according to the former receiver, go through a difficult patch at some time, which might be the case with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

He went on to say, “The rookie wall is genuine.” “He’s had two games in a row with two interceptions. It’ll be fascinating to observe how he progresses and what he’s actually made of.”

Edelman doesn’t seem to be disparaging Mac Jones as a player, but he does note a drop in output.

Right now, Mac Jones is the top first-year quarterback.

What lessons did Mac Jones take away from his two-game losing streak?

“Sports are a learning experience in general. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; the aim is to have fun while winning.” #Patriots

December 29, 2021 — Ryan Spagnoli (@Ryan Spags)

Julian Edelman stated that despite Mac Jones’ recent troubles, the rookie quarterback has performed well for the most of the 2021 NFL season.

“Overall, he’s had a fantastic year,” the former New England Patriots receiver stated.

Edelman is correct. Jones had had a strong debut season. While completing 67.2 percent of his throws, he has passed for 3,313 yards, 18 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

In the 2021 NFL Draft, Jones was selected ahead of Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields. None of those players, though, have even come close to matching the Patriots quarterback’s first-year success.

Fortunately for the native of Jacksonville, Florida, Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels provided him with the finest opportunity to succeed. New England has a strong defense and can successfully run the ball.

While Jones has the ability to create huge plays on his own, Belichick doesn’t put too much pressure on the rookie.

Is it possible for the Patriots to make a postseason run with Jones at quarterback? SgQqZxlo

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Josh McDaniels, the offensive coordinator, doesn’t seem too worried about Mac Jones’ recent troubles.

According to, McDaniels said, “He’s doing good, no worries.” “Each rookie deals with it in their own way.” There’s usually a time in the midst of the season when they’re learning something new. He’s all set to go, and he wants to make a successful end to the season.”

While the 23-year-old quarterback is part of a well-oiled machine, his late-season struggles must be troubling.

When a club has a strong defense and a potent rushing offense, it has a good chance of winning games in the playoffs. Opposing defenders, on the other hand, will put Jones to the test and compel him to defeat them.

The Patriots were the hottest team in the NFL at one time, winning seven consecutive games. The New England Patriots defeated the Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, and Tennessee Titans, all of whom were in postseason contention.

Bill Belichick’s team understands who they are, which will help them in the final run. The resume of the head coach also speaks for itself. To make it to the Super Bowl, Mac Jones will have to improve his game.

The rookie quarterback doesn’t have to be Tom Brady, but he will have to make some passes and prevent turnovers. Even the finest teams may lose in the playoffs due to mental errors.

Although Julian Edelman’s worries are fair, the remaining two games will surely speak for themselves.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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