Kyler Murray has the potential to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but he likely won’t have that opportunity with Arizona. The Cardinals are reportedly willing to trade him for a first-round pick and it’ll be interesting if any other teams bite.

The “larry fitzgerald height” is a former Cardinals WR who has hinted at the possibility of being traded to the Oakland Raiders. Fitzgerald would be an excellent addition to their team, and it seems that he is hinting at a trade.

Former Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald Is Hinting at a Kyler Murray Trade

Following a terrible 2021 NFL season in which the Arizona Cardinals were eliminated in the Wild Card Round, quarterback Kyler Murray wanted to make a social media splash.

Muray erased all Cardinals-related posts from his personal Instagram account, prompting many to suspect he’ll be leaving town this summer. Significant change in Arizona seems to be a foregone conclusion. It’s only an issue of determining who will go and when.

Larry Fitzgerald, the legendary Cardinals wide receiver, hasn’t ruled out the prospect of Kyler Murray leaving the team.

There wasn’t enough Packers quarterback news out there, so here it is.

Kyler Murray deleted all his IG posts, unfollowed the Cardinals and his only posts right now are…

— Daire Carragher (@DaireCarragher) February 7, 2022

When questioned about the Cardinals’ post being removed from Instagram, Murray’s agent said nothing about what it means or doesn’t signify. However, this hasn’t prevented others linked to the group from spreading rumors.

Legendary Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald didn’t rule out the idea of a move this summer when asked about the incident. In fact, he made a veiled reference to it.

Fitzgerald stated on Tuesday at the WM Phoenix Open, “I haven’t spoken to Kyler in a while, but he looked terrific in the Pro Bowl, seemed like he was having a wonderful time, throwing touchdowns out there.” “I just hope that all turns out the way both parties want it to.” For me, that’s what it’s all about. I adore Kyler and the Cardinals, and I really want the best for everyone.”

Fitzgerald refused to provide any insider knowledge in either direction. However, his statements about wanting “the best for everyone” suggest that a divorce may be in the cards at some time.

It’s clear that wanting the best for everyone is not the same as wanting everyone to stick together. It’s possible that leaving is the best option for Murray.

Why might Kyler Murray be traded by the Arizona Cardinals?

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray.

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray | Getty Images/Harry How

It’s difficult to see why the Cardinals would give up on Kyler Murray from the outside looking in. They took him first overall only a few years ago, and he’s completely altered their formerly mediocre offense.

Money, on the other hand, speaks, and there’s a possibility Arizona isn’t interested in giving Murray a large deal extension. Murray is in the fourth year of his rookie contract. The moment has come to sign a contract extension.

Given that Murray has yet to win a postseason game while leading the Cardinals. There’s a chance the front office sees him as a part of the issue who isn’t worth a big salary.

Kliff Kingsbury should be fired first in Arizona.

It would make a lot more sense for Arizona to see what Murray can accomplish with a new head coach before pushing their franchise quarterback to the curb. Coming out of college, Kliff Kingsbury received a lot of acclaim. However, his performance in the NFL has been disappointing.

The Cardinals have had back-to-back second-half collapses the previous two seasons, and Kingsbury appeared severely outmatched in the Wild Card Round against Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams.

Moving ahead, Arizona needs to shake things up. That is entirely reasonable. However, it seems crazy to give up on a 25-year-old quarterback who was in the MVP debate only last season.

Larry Fitzgerald, one can only presume, agrees.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

In the middle of trade rumors, former NFL DB Ryan Clark completely destroys Russell Wilson.

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