Far Cry 6 is set in the fictional Hope County, Montana. The game’s story begins with players assuming the role of an unnamed protagonist who is part of a resistance group fighting against a despotic cult led by Joseph Seed.

The far cry 6 gameplay is a video that shows how to open the Du or Die locked door in Fort Quito.

If you go off the main path in Far Cry 6, you’ll find plenty of mysteries and hidden places to explore – and some even if you don’t! One such location is the hidden entrance under Fort Quito on Isla Santuario. If you’ve come across the fenced-in region during Du or Die, you’ll know that it seems to need the Fort Quito key. You may also be aware that there is a contraband case inside that conceals the Autocrat Unique Pistol. 

You may not have realized it since you haven’t yet entered the closed door. That is why you have come. But did you know that the key to Fort Quito doesn’t exist? It’s a red herring, to be sure. Here’s how to sneak inside during Du or Die and acquire the Autocrat Pistol. 

Without the Fort Quito Key, How to Get the Autocrat Pistol

How to Enter the Restricted Area

You’ll find a key dropped by an officer when playing the task Du or Die, which Juan offers you early in the game. This key opens the armory door under the camera in the fort’s central section. You’ll find the depleted uranium you’re looking for within. 

Two cages are to the right of that entrance, with another door in between them. After passing through the entrance, descend the ladder in the gated area ahead of you. Then down another ladder and a short flight of steps. The enclosed area is behind you. 

How to Gain Access to the Fort Quito Locked Area

Fort Quito fenced-area side entrance.

So, how can you get access? Proceed to the right side of the space and under the stairwell on that side. You’ll see a piece of plywood if you turn left. To get access to the enclosed section, shoot the plywood to expose a doorway. 

You can acquire some fuel and a few other crafting materials here, but the Autocrat Pistol from the contraband case on the metal shelf is the primary reason you’re here. Because of its tremendous damage, maxed-out velocity, and reasonably good accuracy, this is one of the strongest weapons in the early game. 

It also features armor-piercing bullets, trigger discipline, which increases targeted weapon damage, and gut-wrencher, which improves weapon damage from body shots.

Autocrat unique pistol.

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That’s the end of it. Except for the armory, which contains a depleted uranium chest, the Fort Quito key unlocks nothing. You don’t need the key to acquire the Autocrat Pistol from the entrance under the fort, which is probably one of the finest early-game weapons available. For additional information about Far Cry 6, see the links above or visit our Far Cry 6 guide page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do or die locked door far cry 6?

Yes, it is possible to do or die with a locked door.

Where is the key for Fort Quito?

The key for Fort Quito is in the treasure chest in the back of the fort.

How to get Yaran Contraband Fort Quito?

Yaran Contraband Fort Quito is a rare item that can only be found in the world of Beat Saber. It is not available for purchase with real money.

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