The game’s director and executive producer, Tommy Wirkola, explains the secret to beating Mission 1 in Evil Dead: The Game.

The “evil dead the game walkthrough” is a walkthrough that will help players beat mission 1 in Evil Dead: The Game. This guide will also include tips and tricks to help players get through the level.

The first mission of Evil Dead: The Game, titled “If you love someone, let them free…with a chainsaw,” features Ash from Evil Dead II and is challenging and time-consuming. Hold on tight because if you die throughout the single-player campaign, you must restart the adventure from the beginning.

This might be aggravating, but finishing the tasks is necessary to unlock all of the survivors in Evil Dead: The Game. Because you must complete them in sequence, with the first unlocking the second and so on, most players will at least try this assignment. Completing Mission 1 will provide you access to Mission 2, as well as the ability to play multiplayer as Ash vs. The Evil Dead Ash. 

How to Complete Evil Dead: The Game’s First Mission

You take control of Ash inside the Knowby Cabin with a double barrel and a chainsaw as Mission 1 starts. Before heading to Bronson Cave, look about the cabin for ammunition and healing materials. 

You’re searching the cave for your deceased girlfriend Linda’s jewelry, but first you must defeat a formidable foe. After you’ve defeated him, get the necklace, a stronger shotgun, some ammunition, and a Shemps. 


After that, you’ll journey to the Demonic Treehouse to find Linda’s still-talking head. To acquire a shovel, you must first walk through a deadite-infested stretch of Cursed Ground.

A cabin near the Circus Cages will house the shovel. Make your way to the treehouse area, but be wary of stray opponents that may assault you. After you’ve finished with what’s left of Linda, you’ll have to face a wave of six deadites. 

To continue Mission 1, go to the Payne Manor section of the map and replenish your supplies. There will be supplies here, such as ammunition, Shemps, and amulets, but don’t be fooled into thinking you’re safe.

This estate is filled with deadites, so be cautious while filling up, particularly around the mansion’s entrances. Above all, do not leave Payne Manor without obtaining the legendary tier chainsaw and shotgun. They’ll be invaluable in the upcoming battle. 

The last assignment in Mission 1 will lead you back to the Knowby Cabin, where the story started. Bring Linda’s to the shed outside the cabin that you couldn’t get to before. This will start the ultimate battle. 

Only two adversaries exist, but both are highly strong and have the ability to clone themselves. To guarantee they don’t, use your devastating chainsaw melee strike to combo them. When they come back to attack, duck out of the path and use your pistol to knock them unconscious. You may easily dispatch the two strong deadites in this manner.

Once you complete the final one, Mission 1 will conclude with the phrase “If you love someone, set them free… with a chainsaw.” Check out our other Evil Dead: The Game guides for additional single-player and multiplayer tips and tricks. 

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